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Les meilleurs leurres pour la pêche à l’Achigan à Grande Bouche

André Gervais: Max, today we’re fishing for Largemouth Bass. André: And I know you will be fishing for them throughout the season. André: I’d like you to talk about the lures you will be using from the beginning until the end of the season. Max La Gaipa: Off course André. Max: The #1 lure I use during the spring is the Knuckle Bait from Yo-Zuri. Max: The knuckle bait is easy to cast and it doesn’t requires any special technic. Max : Easy to cast, simply cast and retrieve and it works very well. Max : What I am doing? I add a small Z-Man paddle tail on the hook. Max: It gives the lure an even better action. Max : When you cast, you have a lure with a lot of action. Max : As you know André, it is a very durable lure it just won’t break. André : Right, this is the peculiarity of the Z-Man lures. Max : Exactly! So this was my lure number 1. Max: For the spring, I also use, as you have seen today. Max : The success we had with the Largemouth Bass. Max : The Yo-Zuri Wake Bait 2 3/4″ Max: The Yo-Zuri Wake Bait swims 1 to 2 inches under the surface. Max: It is a great lure, it moves a lot of water, it makes a lot of noise Max: This model is a 3DR and it’s new on the market today. Max: We call him the “Realistic” Max: The paint is inside, therefore it will remain intact even after catching many fishes. André: Good! Max: Let’s keep going. Max: Middle of the summer, I use the Z-Man, the big Shad. Max: Another swim bait. but much bigger, more aggresive. Max : It is, once again, a lure very difficult to break, it just won’t break. Max: Even a pike André: As you have seen today. Max: Exactly! Great lure. Max: Once the grass has grown, middle summer. Max: I use a surface frog Max: Today the frog worked very well. André: Exactly! I missed on multiple strikes, but they were not very aggressive ones André: No big deal, we had a lot of fun. Max: And a lot of Action Max: Then we arrive, more or less, at the end of the summer, almost early Fall. Max: I have some lures, I am still using the Yo-Zuri on the weed line. Max: Right where it becomes deeper. Max: I use the Crank bait, 2 3/4″ Max: It swims about 4 to 5 feet deep Max: This model is a model of the 3DR series. The “Realistic” Max: Once again, look at the paint, the paint is inside the lure Max: It feels so real. Max: The belly is full of stripes that produce a lot of vibrations. Max: The fish doesn’t like it and it generates very impressive strikes. André: We have different models, different models and different colors. Max: Exactly, the painted ones and the “Realistic”. Max: Then, when the fish refuses to eat and you have to entice him a bit more Max: We are talking about the flipping. Max: We have here the Z-Man Turbo Craw. Max: Its fins generate a huge amount of action with the slightest movement Max: It is an excellent flipping lure! Great lure! Max: When we are fishing areas with a lot of cover such as rocks and tree stumps Max: as seen in the football head rig video Max: We are talking about this crayfish, the crawdads Max: It is, in my opinion, one of the most realistic lure Max: The big advantage with Z-Man is that. Max: When you mount this lure on a football head rig with swivel Max: The lure will have the tendency to float Max: The crayfish move to defensive mode Max: Like all crayfish trying not to get eaten. Max: He place himself with his legs at the front, trying to defend himself. André: So that’s the panoply of your favorite lures André: The lures with which you have a lot of success Max: Exactly, those lures cover most of my fishing season André: Thank you Max!


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