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Lori Greiner Calls an Entrepreneur a Chauvinist – Shark Tank

  • Mark is such a prick. If anyone comes onto the show with a product that has anything to do with health, he's going to go super-Saiyan-douchebag mode and call them out for being a fraud even if he's 100% wrong. I have been through several anatomy & physiology classes, microbiology classes, genetics classes, nursing school, etc, and everything this Dr. says is 10,000% correct. As smart as Mark believes himself to be, he will never be smart enough to realize his hatred completely clouds his judgment and prevents him from knowing when he's incorrect.

  • Lori, please inform whichever dumbass is telling you to be more like brie larson that her movie bombed and no one likes her.

  • The producers are pressing them to inject drama into the show but the sharks are bad actors with bad timing.

    Mark just looks like an idiot here and Lori seems like she's drunk.

  • at least in the beginning of the clip (and obviously editing can have a lot to do with it) but the doctor is giving the impression that he wants her to stop talking.

  • Mark does not know what his talking about ! Healthcare in a way has become that. Yes it helps to know more about medicine but sometimes it makes people freak out for no reason and demand something when is not needed.

    I love mark but he really pist me off. His out shut up. There is actual research on what his talking about.

  • I think Lori was right about him. At the same time, I think she's the most intimidating/powerful shark and I would imagine I might avoid eye contact, too. She's also so gorgeous.

  • God, the sharks are retarded in this. He was not being disrespectful, she was being dumb as fuck. And the way that Cuban disagrees with the doctor shows that he has no knowledge on bacteria and ailment or the way that antibiotics work. Dipshits man

  • This poor guy, I felt so bad for him he is a nice dude and not at all a chauvinist, lost some respect for Lori here and Mark too. Right from the beginning Mark attacked his scientific product, this guy is a doctor come on! He was off his game after and Lori should’ve seen that, Mr. Wonderful actually handled it perfectly and made a great business decision with the Doctor. Love that moment

  • As a doctor, this product does not work or at the least has not undergone trials. I would not trust a surgeon's untrained perspective on antibiotic use. With that said, the problem is real and Mark's responses were not fact based either.

  • Nice move by Lori. Attempting to devalue the person's product since she has no intent to invest, but is obviously interested in this space. That shit happens all the time on Shark Tank, and it's not due to anyone being a chauvinist. It's due to the guys being more gregarious and being willing to talk over other people.

  • This video was missing a lot of context but he still was acting like an idiot. Boy, why does Mark Cuban have the pull of a fucking celestial star, to the point where if someone's trying to discuss your product with you you're just like "HEY MARK I LIKE YOU"

  • I wish I could slap Lori through the screen. She gets so butt hurt so easily and is such a feminist. She can’t call him that.

  • 99% of comments: Right-wing neck beards raging because Lori dared to say how she felt in a very nice way

    1% of comments: Barbara was out too

  • Nervous, sweaty and possibly mildly autistic guy bouncing his head up and down not making eye contact with anyone and she starts calling sexism.

  • While she is talking to this dude he just wonders around, as if he is not even listening to her. Like I mean if someone i don’t like is talking, I would just look past them and my eyes would wonder around the room because I don’t care what they have to say. This guy does exactly that.

  • 🙂 a women knows when she is being dismissed. He probably had intentions of who he would like to do business with from the onset.

  • Keep in mind, this is a clip, even if you watch the full episode, we are only watching an edited version of the full discussion. Some of these pitches can go on for hours, I'm not sure why Laurie thinks this person is a Chauvinist, maybe we missed something, maybe she was overreacting, can't say for sure.

  • Lost respect for Mark after this episode with his irrelevant comment to a growing healthcare issue (his rude pointless and frankly dumb attempt to insult the surgeon was said immediately before Lori’s rant- not shown in this clip ofcourse). He is speaking of patient driven healthcare which is an absolute problem seeding the antibiotic resistance. Inpatient and outpatient physicians are now more so catering for ‘patient satisfaction’ surveys at the end of their care than actually what one should be doing- standing ground when you know an antibiotic/treatment is not needed. Several patients come in and state ‘I would like amoxicillin/zpak” and they are not refused, why? Because of patient satisfaction scores. I’m not familiar with telemedicine but urgent cares also have been under this pressure and known to write scripts for antibiotics when bacterial infection is not confirmed.
    Marks idiotic dismissal and comment has nothing to do with this issue. Lori, I kind of understand her reaction. She didn’t understand he was so distraught and upset from mark, it wasn’t her being a woman. It could’ve been a man really and he would have had the same uninterested behavior. I don’t understand how Lori didn’t catch that? Btw I’m a female physician and from Dallas Texas. Lost respect for my fav dallas tx shark today but I do see Lori’s perspective on how being a woman in a male dominated field can hinder your value with some patients/people, however, this was not the problem here and was mistaken to be the issue which is what this clip starts with.

    Watching this episode, I think more people are compassionate and supportive of the surgeon here. This negative pointless response from Mark may have just boosted your sales.

  • He is probably extremely intimidated by Lori and very nervous in that situation in the first place. She’s very attractive and he seems like he doesn’t have much experience with women so I believe his behavior was a defense mechanism stemming from his own insecurity and inexperience. He was definitely being rude to Lori and good for her for calling him out but I strongly believe he was trying to act disinterested so as to not come off as a huge creep. He doesn’t know how to interact with women

  • lol people be pulling out the race card too quick (Ah, Indians). I love Lori but I was shocked with the "male chauvinist" comment. This guy was just clearly offended with Mark's remark and couldn't get his mind off it. But his "positive" comment did sound sarcastic xD It's okay for Lori to be upset that he wasn't paying attention to what she was saying. He was just too triggered by Mark. Some people can't just do that state of mind switch that immediate. He probably assumed that they all would just criticize his work and was smirking. 😉

  • She secretly wants to date him! It is an attention grabber thing! He can look wherever he want to look! This is not chauvinism! Race and sex are two cards used always by incompetent people!

  • She just needs to snap at the others saying she's talking, in order to take control of the situation other than making a scene of giving up.

  • Lori pulling out that gender card like she has struggled more than others in the room bitch GTFO. You were bought up and raised in a developed country and had equal opportunities as a man. It would've been understand to ask for respect if you was a women from a third world country but in that room, every other shark besides you have worked as hard or even more. Marks net worth is 60 times more than you

  • I’m just going to throw my hat in and say he’s a fucking chauvinist. This is the internet in 2020. It’s time to ruin lives for minor mistakes.

  • Everyone reacted wrongly in some way. After watching the full episode , I’m just surprised how shaken the doctor seemed after Mark argued with him. Considering the fact that he was a general surgeon who treated patients affected by antibiotic resistance, I thought he would have already explained it and maybe even received harsher reactions. Everyone is flawed I guess.

  • Women matter. But the fact is the shark tank doesnt work like scheduled speakers. Any shark is able to interrupt at any time. No one can hog the floor. Better be quick and to the point. Lori talking too slow here. Didnt see the episode maybe shes right. Barbara just told me she doesnt like my shirt so im out.

  • dude doesn’t know how to play his cards right “lori truth be told… i get nervous around beautiful women”. do you know how many times i’ve pulled that absolute bullshit line?? they eat that shit up and then have sex with you

  • Mark Cuban has zero experience in medicine and he was dead wrong. But if Trump can be a president, Cuban can be a medical doctor. White men rule!!

  • I'm with Lori on this one. This guy comes across as really arrogant like Lori isn't worth his time when it should be the opposite and I'd be pissed as well. The comment section is just full of incels.

  • He was listening to her. But she perhaps so much success has gotten to her head. Rob is so modest because he never forgets where came from, mark is so successful that he looks shark tank as an opportunity to make others successful. Barbra has the least net worth. So, she is picky. Kevin has always been arrogant but he admits it and after 10 years people have gotten used to it.

  • Wow. That was really not the way to handle the situation. I've dealt with racism many times, but I talked to people. I didn't just accuse them and say, "That's it." Clearly, a woman can go on a power trip – just like a man!

  • Shows how women come up with stupid shit out of nothing. Everyone is too offended. She essentially called him a chauvinist he should sue for slander and defamation

  • I think she's mad because he's a doctor therefore she can patronize him. She's use to dogs mouths watering for a bone

  • "Mark I'm from Pittsburg" chuckle where are people getting that he's upset with Mark? I thought he was being dismissive. And believe me, I am a brown woman working with a bunch of brown men and I think I recognise chauvinism when I see it…

  • Can we please get over this I'm black or I'm a women excuse. Its 2020 maybe the doctor just didnt want to do a deal with you in the first place Lori.

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