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Love for Lennie ft. Tallulah Willis | Catfish: The TV Show | MTV

Is this a Lyft? They’re stopping. Oh, wait.
Is that him? Yeah. That’s some … Hey, Chelsea. I’m real. Hey.
Nev. Lennie. Hello.
Hi. Well, welcome.
We’re all a little surprised. Yeah. Why? I mean there were
some things that … Yeah.
…might’ve seemed like maybe it wasn’t gonna be you
coming outta the car. Like what? Never FaceTimed … Yeah, I mean, just kinda hard
with my schedule. You know, I have like,
two different jobs, and … I know, but a five minute
FaceTime … Yeah. I think you’re communicating
something more … Right. By not doing it then just by,
“Okay, hey, what’s up? I’m a real person.” Mm-hmm (affirmative). I guess, yeah.
I have a busy schedule too. Like, I do like, two jobs
plus my apprenticeship. Yeah. You made a sort of allusion
to there being something that you were concerned, or maybe like, insecure,
or uncertain about. Is there something
that Chelsea doesn’t know? No, it’s just, I mean,
she’s seen me on TV. You know, like, she has
that understanding of me. Yeah, but like, I never had
this idea of you, or that you had to meet
this expectation or anything. I’m just kinda concerned
with you know, how you picture me
in your head versus reality. Yeah. We talked to your friend,
Pierce. He said you might have
someone else administrating your Facebook
page. Kinda had somebody that was
in control of that whenever I was on the TV show. Is someone still actively
administrating- Yeah. Like, that never even crossed
my mind. It’s just kind of … Because obviously, if you’re
giving them your login, it’s you know, kinda- They’ll see our messages. Yeah.
Yeah. Is there kinda some rules
with that? Yeah, they’re not supposed
to like, snoop too much. Okay but, we also asked Pierce
if the number Chelsea had is the same number he had. Oh yeah, no.
He said, “No.” Yeah, he might have
my older one. So you have a really old number
that you don’t use anymore? I have a work phone. Okay, we found some weird names associated with
your phone number. Brooman? Oh, that’s my sister
and my brother-in-law. Your sister’s Facebook page
has your phone number on it. That’s weird,
I didn’t know that. We have a family plan
together, so … Right, but yeah,
still a little weird. I mean, it’s almost crazier
that it’s you, and that there was all
this mystery around you not FaceTiming, and
that could’ve been easily … Explained by a few things. Maybe that could’ve been
communicated to her. Okay, that just brings me
to the big question for us, where are you with
your feelings toward Chelsea? You guys have obviously
talked about being together, and maybe starting a family,
and you’re an adult. Like, moving to Utah, and … Right, and visiting- Having kids,
and getting married. They’re some big words. I’ve never said that
to somebody. Like, it’s just kind of …
that’s major, you know? You don’t just say those things. I mean, you know, it’s kinda
like a long distance thing. Flights are kind of expensive. I wanted to save up, that’s kind
of what I’m doing right now, I’m working like,
two jobs, you know, so I could possibly see her. But you knew plane tickets
were expensive when you said, “I wanna come see you.” I can’t tell if you really
wanna make it work, or if you kinda like
that it can’t work, and it’s sort of nice that
it’s far enough away that like, you can have it,
but not have to do too much. If it were possible for us
to have a relationship, I would totally be down.
It’s just you know, the struggle of living
so far away from each other. But I think you’re jumping
to the end of the game. Like, why didn’t you
even draw her back? You know?
She did one for you. Yeah. Well, I actually made one
about six months ago, for her, but I brought
my wrong notebook today. Cool? Why don’t we just take two
seconds, just to check in? Okay. We can chat a little bit,
you guys can chat a little bit. Yeah. It’s all a bit of this I wanted to, but I didn’t,
you know? Yeah. Seems like she’s upset. Yeah. I think that even if there
were obstacles, that’s a … excuse. Yeah. I’m here, he’s here. He needs to be showing up here,
wowing you. Yeah, he has to …
talk, please. Like, say something.


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