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Mackerel Sashimi Made From Whole Fish

Welcome back, today I’m going to show you
guys how to make a simple Mackerel Sashimi using a whole fish, breaking it down to sashimi.
Mackerel is an extremely fatty fish and it goes old very fast, so it’s important to know
what to look for when you buy a Mackerel. The first thing you want to do when buying
a fresh fish is you want to look at the eyes, you want to see a nice dark, deep black pupil
right there. You want it to be a little plump, so you just look at the side, it’s going to
pop out a little bit from the fish. You don’t want it to be retracting into the body much.
Then you want to look for a nice glossy shiny skin, not dull and faded. Then you just want
to press the fish, if the skin bounces back up that’s a great sign. If it stays with the
fingerprint then don’t buy it. Next you just want to take a smell of the
fish, so just don’t be shy, and if it smells like sea breeze that’s great, if it smells
fishy drop it go to the next one, look for some other fish. There is no point buying
it if it smells fishy. The last thing you want to check is the gills
of the fish, you just lift it up and you want to see nice bright red gills, you don’t want
it to be a faded brown brick color, that’s a bad idea. The more bright red it is the
fresher the fish is regardless of what type of fish it is.
Preparing your Mackerel — the first thing you want to do is just lift up a little wing
and you want to do a slice until you feel the spine, when you feel the spine you just
kick through, okay — there we go. Now you just slice down and then on the other side
lift up the wing and you just cut through to unite the two cuts, okay — perfect.
Now you just slice down again, and now what you do is a very quick cut just to finish
that off there. Okay, so just slice through the fish — now the head is basically separated
at this point. And now you take your tip of the knife, don’t cut into the intestines,
you want to just drag it through and open the inside, you don’t want to let any of the
bile or anything out, so I have not damaged any of the intestines doing that cut and it’s
ready to go. Now all you do is just separate the head off
and in one move now you can take the intestines out with the head — look at that, that’s
the cleanest way to do it. You have all the intestines, you have nothing left there. Now
you just clean this with some water, a running tap, and you throw the head away with the
intestines. Alright so now what I’ve done is just washed
out all the blood and whatever was left over underneath the tap and now what you do is
just put your knife here and just glide above pressing down — okay. You just release, you
just feel the bones, this is a very shallow cut. Then you turn it around, where this little
fin is you want to be just on top of the fin and you just want to cut in and then press
down with the blade, and what you’re going up against is a spine, you just want to keep
it above the spine and you want to take as much flesh off the spine as possible. You
see you have little spines here, now just make another cut until you get to the bones
that run up, and you just want to feel them ticking across the tip of your blade. Okay,
beautiful, so I didn’t cut them, I was just pressing it up so it’s completely loose. Now
that you’ve loosened up the top part, you just simply cut the tail and just hold down
your fish while you just slice through those bones — there we go, and that separates your
fillets. There is nearly no flesh left there on here, you want to have the minimum wasted,
you want to have the most amount of flesh on your fillets, because Mackerel is a small
fish and sashimi needs a lot of fish. Okay so now you turn your fish around, put
your fillet on the side, and now you do the same as you did with the belly but now on
the other side, so you just want to, at the same point, you cut just above pressing down
and then you just lift up the flesh to see where you’re cutting — perfect. A little
cut that way, okay and now you simply press down again
and you just glide the knife through.
It’s very important to have a sharp knife, little fishmongers use flexible knives but
it’s not strictly necessary. So you just feel through, and once you’ve
separated all the flesh from the spine, and you can feel the little bones with the tip
of your blade as you run through, it’s just like click-click-click-click. Now you just
take it from the back and you just glide through until you feel resistance and just through
— there we go, beautiful. That is two fillets, and a completely stripped
down spine, so there is no waste of fish here. Remove Rib Cage
To remove the rib cage, here are the ribs and you just have to put your knife in between
the ribs and the flesh and you cut through and you push up. Now, the ribs should protect
you from your knife blade and you want to cut the least amount of flesh off and just
the ribs, so as thin as possible and then the last bit here down at the bottom cut that
off. So we have no flesh being taken off really, it’s very thin and just has the ribs.
Okay, now do that to the other one. Debone Mackerel
To remove the bones you simply just take some nail clippers and you just pull them out,
okay. It’s very important to do the least amount of damage and you want to do it in
a continuous line, so just start at one end and if you’re not sure where they are you
just feel with your finger and you should be able to feel them. There’s quite a lot
in Mackerel, they get smaller as you go down but you really don’t want to leave one in
when you make sashimi, because trust me people will not be happy about that.
You want to make sure you get the right angle and you damage the flesh as least as possible.
Remove Skin You grab onto the outer layer of the skin
and you just pull it off with confidence, okay — beautiful. There we go, alright so
now what I’m going to do before I make the sashimi, I’m going to marinate the fish and
the first process of it is just to add some salt over the fish just to cure it quickly.
Just leave that like that for 30 minutes, put a cloth over it.
So right now the Mackerel is being cured for about a half hour to an hour and then I rinsed
it in some cold water and patted it dry. Now what you want to do is mix half a liter of
rice wine vinegar, that’s about 16-fluid ounce, and you add about two tablespoons of Mirin.
Then three tablespoons of sugar, and then two teaspoons of salt. This will make up your
marinade — okay, beautiful. So now you just mix it up until the sugar dissolves and then
you chuck your Mackerel inside. Just throw it in there and now you just leave it to marinate.
Welcome back, it’s been about 24 hours, I left the Mackerel in the fridge overnight
to soak up the mixture and let the vinegar cook the fish slightly so it gets a different
texture. It’s got a nice sweet and salty taste from the marinade. That basically explains
why I’ve got different clothes on because it’s been 24 hours.
Okay, so what I am going to do now is I’m going to make sashimi out of the Mackerel,
so I’m going to start by taking a piece of Mackerel. You just take your sharp knife and
you put your hand against it, and you just drag through, like so.
I’m going to let the cutting do the talking! Okay, beautiful, so just need a couple cuts
and just you put your palm of your fingers up against this and just make sure that you
have a very sharp knife and you drag through in a single swooping movement. The key here
is a very sharp knife. If you need to know how to sharpen your knife I have made a video,
and a link has just appeared on the top left corner and that will teach you how to sharpen
your knife properly. Okay, now to plate the sashimi. Just simply
take your knife and slide it underneath your precut sashimi and place it onto the plate.
I like to have one set of sashimi facing one way and the other facing the other way, gives
a bit of diversity to the plate. So this one is upside down and that one is shiny side
up. Then you add a little cucumber garnish, you
can learn how to make this by clicking on the link which has just appeared on the top
left corner. Then you add some cucumber fans. There we go, beautiful. Now you add a little
bit of pickled ginger, and a little piece of wasabi — perfect. Don’t forget your soy
sauce to dip and some chopsticks. Okay, enjoy!
That concludes how to make this beautiful plate of Mackerel sashimi, now if you enjoyed
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