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Magnet Fishing – Finally Found A Safe With Its Contents

so Im here in London with a Scott Ross
vineeth and we met John nice canal boat coming past so my local blacksmith made this for me
nice heavy-duty grappling hook because the cheap ones off eBay in that just the
arms Bend and they come flying out the makes you wonder what’s on it this sort
of interesting arrow maybe off a sign and then just use usual scrap metal pipes and Vinny and Scott got a trolley full
paint paint brushes like a purse and was like Scott’s found a CCTV hard Drive make sure where that’s come from
interesting yeah we might go for a few beers afterwards that’s that tripod I
might the camera might be in there I got a I’ve got two of them, nice oh yes Wow looks a tiny little engine if anyone knows what it is yeah maybe on
the end of this one oh never will come really old cash box, really old so
old it’s all corroded at the bottom there we go mobile charger for iPhone hahahaha nanother wheel clamp I know yeah, it’s got H on it Wheel clamp number three Thats wierd and something is inside it,
dont open it or smell it Its important to wear sharps gloves as sometimes there are razor blades on the magnet all ways look at your magnet before you grab stuff off it I think ive found a tool set i think they’re something metal in the bag we’re
just gonna open up and see what it is like Christmas, its double wrapped
Oh cashbox in it y eah yeah that’s a cashbox black till seeds? This is on by the skin of its teeth the pendant This is the first time ive found something inside a safe magnet fishing A watch so is worth going through the mud RING! I was gonna give up as well that
was my last cast the safe just popped open I think its from a railway? designed to clamp in there yeah
hopefully somebody can let us know in the comments yeah so I found a another CCTV video recorder
it says still get the hard drive inside and he doesn’t look that old either
who knows we might be able to recover the data find a tape measure with a lazor light on it doesnt work anymore though here with Scott I’m gonna put a link to his channel in
the description


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