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Making a Catfish Court bouillon Recipe : Seasoning & Shrimp for Creole Style Catfish Court Bouillon

Hi! My name is Karl James and on behalf of, we are going to continue on with our catfish Courtbouillon recipe.
Anyway, we’ve had our stew mixture cooking here simmering on the stove for about 20 minutes.
As you can see, it’s getting a nice consistency. It’s not to thin for a stew like and at this
point, we are going to add a little seasoning. We are going to go back to our Creole seasoning
that we made. You can make your own or you can buy it at the store already made. We’ll
put a little seasoning into that, stir that around a little bit. Once we get that in,
then we are going to add our bonus ingredient for this one and that is our shrimp that we
cut up a little bit earlier. So we are going to add the shrimp, mix that up in here, we
added some seasonings and we are going to let this go. We are going to also then put
the top back on it and we are going to let it simmer just for a little bit longer and
then we will add our catfish.

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