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Mammoth Catfish tall 8,20 FEET VS little Boat – HD by Yuri Grisendi

PHILIPPE ATTACK CATFISH !! Yuri Strike a Catfish….is sure a big one the catfish take much line and swimming speed in the river current IS A BIG CATFISH !! Yuri is really a professional fisherman and experienced Yuri Grisendi is trying to win the battle from the shore, but it is really hard so we need to decide if continue from the shore or exit with the boat PHILIPPE GO TO THE VERTICA!! Yuri Grisendi e Philippe Careme with our cameraman are left in drifting in the river The catfish are about 300 meters from they, so Yuri reel speed untill to have the fish in vertical uder the boat… IS ENORMUS…..FUCK….IS A MONSTER …is not yet tired YOU TAKE A SHOWER…LOL CRAZY CATFISH !! THIS IS A SHOW… LOL do you have grab the catfish?? YESSSS… IS A BIG ONE…BE CAREFUL…ATTENTIOT TO THE HOOK….. WE PULL THE CATFISH ON BOARD…CAUTION CAMERAMAN… we must balance the boat Philippe is a monster…never seed a similar huge catfish…


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