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Mancing Fishing 1000 Hairy Crab Bait = How Many Elf Fish – Utopia Origin Indonesia Android #67

hi guys, how are you? I wish you all good health always in this video I want to share with you about fishing experiments using 1000 hairy crabs certainly not me who tried the test crazy, so much he collected his hairy crab, up to 1000 guys 1000 pcs he seems to want to take the gold bar next time huh in preparation for him fishing if you are lazy to make the hairy crab bait you can buy at the trading house in the Ammo Biat section you can buy the hairy crab at a price of 60 silver per piece if 1000 hairy crabs, that means 600 gold coins you have to collect using hairy crab, he prefers fishing at Shadenow Mountain, he wants to catch elf fish using 1000 hairy crabs crazy, even though he already has a unicorn, but he still wants to catch an elf fish, not satisfied with the unicorn now wow he can stand on the water, oh apparently not I think the water is freezing this is the preparation of his ration, food then fishing rod to the second level and 1000 hairy crabs he finished fishing and got just 14 elf fish and 191 geoduck while the hairy crab he only gets 156, the rest are bullfrog and other standard fish crazy 1000 hairy crabs only get 14 elf fish He bought it for 600 gold where are you more worth it, fishing like this or just buying the elf fish right away in trading house write your comments below if you like this video , please like subscribe if you haven’t subscribed, don’t forget to always be grateful


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