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Mancing Strike Ikan Patin Pakai Umpan Experimen!!

Hi friends! Im at “Delta Fishing” Fishing Pond Delta Fishing is in Sidoarjo East Java Perhaps this pool is well known enough this pool is good enough for family fishing vacation but fishes here are difficult to fish, especially the Shark Catfish [Patin fish] I want to try experimenting what baits that good enough fishes’s favourites and are there other factors to lure the fish to eat the bait? so I want to experimenting some baits now Im going to prepare my fishing tools and the bait Let’s the fun begin !!! my fishing rod is bad really bad taped never used for a long time cheap buying price a hundred thousand rupiahs from my friend this is Delta Fishing original dough it smells like…?? Hmm… I dont have any idea and this is my own “fish food” just a few remaining anglers already know this product I hope it is still useable still smells good this is for later I want to show you these are many kind of baits beef bacon boiled beef bacon and then this is raw beef bacon and then this is chicken jeroan jeroan in english version is visceral organs but this is a raw version and then, this is a boiled version so I have prepared two bait categories raw and boiled and then one is beef, the other is chicken now, lets try the easiest one that doesnt make our palm dirty is boiled beef bacon but this beef bacon has been frozen for a long time I froze it since “Idul Adha” it smells good let’s set the bait this is three barbs thread Patin fish is bottomfeeder fish but I see them swim i see them in the pond or aquarium they sink and float smoking a cigarette time I forget to step on my fishing rod it will be carried away if I dont step on it [background voice] how if you plug it there ? It can’t be plugged there this pipe hole is broken yeah, got it! it’s a Patin baby fish It doesnt matter, it’s first sustenance it’s OK, we still got Patin but a baby fish it’s OK we must accept any kind of sustenance Patin is a fish that has whiskers this is …, what’s the name?? I forget it means… the bait is working nicely [background voice] strike! [background voice] go! go! pull it! [background voices] [backgound voice] not bad! [background voice] than the fish before Patin has sharp spines on the pectoral fins I am afraid of that sharp spines so I use this this scissors is my tool when I was at college study veterinary medical Wuancok…jampooottt… [F**k…Holys**t..] Stupid! Super stupid! Why so stupid ? the fish should be put here then take the fish net here why did you deliver the fish there? did you intend to send it back to the pond? what so generous you are? Amazingly stupidity what stupidity will happen next ? I am amateur retaliation time You [fish] will see it saw that tragedy the other persons near me so happy and said “alhamdulillah” Assuuu… let’s try again in my experience the bait is the key factor to get “strike” but if we fish Patin in my experience the bait must be big big in size the chunk we implant the hook this chunk is too big this size is enough nah.., like this we make it flattened like this why? because the mouth of Shark Catfish is flat I am curious the bait the dough of Delta Fishing is made of what ingredients? I want to do a research of it in my experience, I fished Patin using shrimp meat as bait fried, raw shrimp meats or boiled it did not work it was no “strike” n when I used chicken visceral organs, it didn’t work too he again.. he again.. he again.. he again.. dont lose it again!!! u were sour man!!! put it savely lost again and our struggle will be useless what a sour man!! the fish is trying to speak up speak! speak! we got again want to cook it? or we bring it home then the bait we used is worked it’s over this fishing session we actually get 3 fishes one is small fish this is the small one Patin baby fish But these result are obtained from using Delta Fishing’s dough conclusion is ….. boiled meat raw meat, and then boiled and raw chicken visceral organs didnt work OK… thanks for watching my video see u again on my next video dont forget to “LIKE” and follow SUBSCRIBE


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