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MANILA: Madrid Fusion Manila & Dampa Seaside Fishmarket! Philippinen VLOG

At this food market here in Manila you can choose the seafood you’d like and the you go to the restaurant right there and they cook it for you! there’s wather! If you wonder why this fair is called Madrid Fusion Manila, the Philippines used to be a colony of Spain and Spain and the Philippines still have a close relationship and thats how the fair came here How was the Tequila? Yes! 🙂 And what would you like to try now? FOOD! 🙂 Would you like to introduce your blog? No thanks.. 🙂 Okay, I have a blog which is called Somewhere and I write about food and sometimes also travel I’m trying this lemon ice cream with spicy sauce now Hot!! I’m trying it too now Hm, I think its really cool! it’s really good! we just found out, that in the bus behind us, someone is singing karaoke! really cool 🙂 in the back you can see the second biggest mall in the world, the Mall of Asia! with live music! we are on the way now to a party of Madrid Fusion Manila and we are soooo hungry! and really looking forward to try lots of good food! Our Highlight in Manila: The smiles of the kids


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