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Marcus Samuelsson’s Catfish Tacos: Let’s Get Fat

(acoustic music) – So, what are you gonna
be making for us today to start out with? – I’m gonna do what I
call a taco, which really we call them tack tacks,
but it’s a fish taco that is inspired by these guys right here. So it’s almost like a pancake. – Mmhmm. – And then, we’re just
gonna sear the fish, put some good lime, some
avocado on top of it, and it’s gonna be delicious. – What is kinda the inspiration
of this particular dish that you’re cooking
now over at Streetbird. – Yeah, so– – Your latest restaurant. – So, the whole idea is really
having some great flavors, right, and we all like fish tacos. – Yeah. – They’re delicious, they’re easy to make, but I love food that you
eat with your hand, right? Think about all the great meals
that you eat with your hand, whether it’s pizza or hot dog or tacos, so, you know, really being
inspired by fish tacos, this is a dough that we make. It’s mixed between flour
and a whole wheat flour, whole grain flour’s called Teff. So we’re making specific tortillas, and then we’re searing our fish, gonna put some avocado and
some lime on top of it, and it’s gonna be delicious. When you sear fish, you wanna start with oil and
then you wanna add in butter. Alright? – That’s the chef’s secret, butter. – Yeah, it is! – Lot of butter, ha ha! – The mix between oil and butter, they do two completely
different things, right? Oil is really there to take the heat, and the butter is really
there to add flavor. See that? – Yeah, that looks amazing. – And you can flip. You wanna use a fish spatula like this. Look at that, perfect. – And what fish did we have
here again, it was the– – It’s a catfish. – Okay, catfish. And you see, like, you kinda,
you know with the chicken, and with the tacos that
you’re making here, it’s like, do you feel
like there’s people wanting a little bit more casual food, but like not giving up on quality, is that what you’re seeing a lot more? – For me, casual food high on flavor is really where it’s at right now, right? We’ve all gone to great restaurants, but people want to have
yummy delicious flavors, you know, and affordability,
but also with, there’s gotta be something unique, there’s gotta be a real why, why am I going to this restaurant, why am I taking time out with my friends to come into this specific place? So, if you can combine sort
of really yum and delicious with a good sense of why, then I think you have a
successful restaurant. – That smells amazing. It’s got a little bit of, like what is the seasoning
that you had on there? – Yeah, a little secret spices on top, a little bit of, you know, salt, pepper, but a little bit of paprika and chilies. So you want that balance
between, look at that You’ve got the citrus in there, you got the butter, you got the salt, all of that stuff is gonna
make this taste amazing. – And what does tack tack actually mean? – Tack tack is a Swedish
word, and I, you know I grew up in Sweden, so it
actually means thank you. Well, I always try to bring
sort of Ethiopian-Sweden with me wherever I go, right,
in terms of spirit and flavors so you with a name like this,
clearly inspired from tacos, but always, food is always about character and personality so you wanna, you know, put our own twist on everything. That’s what we do here at Rooster, that’s what we try to do
at Streetbird as well. You know, I love this dish because when you have a fish taco you think about sort of sitting on the beach, you know, very humble eating, right? Like it’s not expensive, it’s something that everyone can relate to, right? It’s almost like vacation time, right? – When it comes to done-ness of the fish, what were you looking for in terms of just making sure that it was– – No, I want it to be,
I don’t want it to be well done and overcooked, but so just like, you can feel, you want the fish to bounce
back a little bit, right? – Yeah, you mind if I– – Yeah, touch it! – Okay, yeah that’s still a
little bit spongy for sure. – Exactly. Then, what happens is when
you sear the lime, right, is that you’re getting
a little bit of that really delicious, you’re getting a little more juice out of it, right? Caramelized onions on top. Nicely, easy. And you my friend, you’re
about to have your first tack tack. – Now, the good part? – Now, the good part. – Okay. – Now you gotta eat it! – Oh man, you’re gonna make me fat. – No, this fish, you’ll be alright. – Ha ha, I saw the amount
of butter you put on there. Like I said, it’s the chef’s secret. Super good, the lime is
really good in there. – Yeah. – Got a little bit of heat
startin’ to come in, super good. – At the next party, at the mansion, I think this should be the dish. – Yeah. – You gotta let me in! – I’m lettin’ you in! – I’m gonna drop your name! – I swear I’m gonna let you in, I know people, I know people. – Okay, good!


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