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Massive Chicken Alfredo Specialty Pizza Challenge in Tennessee!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel,
“Atlas” and i am very very excited tonight because I love pizza! I’m going
for overall win number 803 and I’m still in the great state of Tennessee. Tonight
I’m on team “Da Garbage Disposal” because I’m here with this man, Mr. Brandon Clark
introduce yourself!
[Brandon] Hi my name is Brandon Clark “Da Garbage Disposal.”
He’s got social media, all the links are down in the description! We just did a
team pizza challenge two nights ago in Linden, Tennessee! Well
tonight, we are in Arlington, Tennessee which is to the northeast of Memphis, so
great to be over on this side of the state. We are at Rizzi’s Pizza. We’re
taking on their Big 28-inch Pizza Challenge. Now we’ve got 45 minutes to
finish everything here. It is a 28-inch pizza. It’s got 4.5 pounds of dough and
then we had to go with two toppings, in addition to their mozzarella cheese. We
actually went with a specialty pizza and then added more. We were both craving
some alfredo chicken, so we got their chicken alfredo specialty pizza, and then
for some healthy vegetables, we’ve got some onions. He loves black olives, and then we got some yellow peppers too – 45 minutes, if we fail it’s going to be 50 dollars but if we win, we are going to get sweet
t-shirts. We’re going to get our pizza for free. We are going to get a $100
check and we’ll be one of the few elite teams with our photo and names up on the wall of fame. You ready? Alright let’s get this challenge started! Alright, a few of our friends are on the
wall of fame here. I know Brett Haley and his teammate Big Eater Mike, they’ve
beaten this thing but our friends Ethan Teske and Magic Mitch, they’ve got the time record which is 12 minutes and 58 seconds. We’re gonna try to beat that but we’ve got 45. Let’s shut up and eat! You ready? Alright, 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Alright we’re in squares this time, so they’ll be a little bit
more manageable than two days ago. This alfredo sauce base is amazing! This pizza has four and a half pounds of dough – not three like that last one, so don’t expect seven minutes! Brandon’s going into machine mode over here! (Crowd cheering!) We’re at seven minutes and ten seconds,
almost there! (crowd) Come on Randy and Brandon! 12:56 is the record, it’s going to be rough!
[Crowd] Brandon is going in! (crowd cheering!) We added too many toppings I guess. We didn’t break the record but still a very great time! 13 minutes and 39 seconds! Lots of grilled chicken on there, but it was good! Big thanks to this guy (Brandon) for the hoodie and being a great partner tonight! Thanks of course to everybody here at Rizzi’s Pizza in Arlington, Tennessee It was win #803! All the links for his social media are down in the description. Thank you guys for all watching, much appreciated!! And thank you guys for watching too!!


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