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hi everybody this is Rhys barber from
audiology associates we have another earwax removal video for you today this
was an elderly gentleman that came to the clinic with some very dry earwax
indeed and lots of hearing issues here as well and now it’s going to be
difficult to remove this earwax using a suction because of the hardness of the
earwax so what I’m going to do first you just standard-size zoellner tube which you
can see here and then just constantly loosen the earwax using the suction from
the ear canal so just loosen the pieces of earwax around the edges just to stop it
from it here into the ear canal wall as much you’re just lifting here on the sides
working our way down the earwax to the base here we’re just gonna lift this base up
there we are so we just lifted this long flap of earwax away from the bottom of the
ear canal just lifting it into the center the ear canal box we’re going to use the
crocodile forceps to go in and remove this in a second here we go just going
in there with the crocodile forceps we’re gonna get a grip on the base here
and we’re just going to pull because it seems to be holding together quite
nicely so it looks like it’s all gonna come out in one long piece here we are
so you can see how long that piece of earwax is there I’ll be looking back in the
ear canal now we’ll see there’s lots of dead skin and things just hanging on to
the ear canal wall but a little bit more dry earwax in there so we’re going to use their
standard size zoellner just to go in and just suction this away just take just to
clear it up a little bit was this been in there for quite a while
so there’s a lot of debris to clean the way they yeah just isn’t safe you do
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bottom right hand corner you know I just lifting this ear wax away from the ear canal
walls it’s a little bit of dry skin in there as well so we’re just gonna use
the crocodile forceps to go in and pick that out maybe I got a good grip on it
there I’m just pulling it towards the camera
and there we go that’s the last piece of ear wax already there well we look back in
here now you’re going to see there’s a little bit of a little bit of dry earwax
just hanging on site your drum it would be quite difficult to remove that quite
quite painful for the client and what you can see here this is the piece of
wax the large piece we took out so it’s almost 2 and a bit cm long as
we’re quite a healthy piece of earwax yeah well thank you very much for watching
our video today if you liked it there and like I said please subscribe and
take care


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