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Matthew & Chance Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

(intense music) (knocking) (intense music) (knocking) – What’s up? – What’s up? – How you doin?
– What’s going on? – How are you?
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – This is Matthew as you know. – What’s up Matt. – Hey what’s goin on. – So I know this
is not easy for you and I appreciate you being here, but clearly we are here for, the main reason which is you
guys been talking for awhile and in an effort to
clear up any loose ends, your dad did pass away right? – Yes. – Okay I’m really sorry
– Yes. – I can understand, not wanting to deal
with all this right now. – I’m doin all right. – That’s good. – So we have some questions.
– Yeah. – He had been in
Atlanta a few times, yeah.
– Yeah I was, in Atlanta for a few times
visiting my girlfriend. (intense music) – Shiranda, you guys are
– You guys are together. – Exclusive.
– Yes we are. – Which came as a
bit of a surprise, to Matthew cause
you never mentioned, having a girlfriend. – I mean, you should’ve like kind of, figured it out. – Figured it out? – Is it crazy that, Matthew was under the impression
that there was attraction and potential for something, to happen between you guys? – Well through text
and stuff like, it like, everyday
we’ll send like, little stuff here and there. You know I do that
with everybody. – In my mind I’m like, oh when he get to Atlanta maybe, it could be something more, or we could get to know
each other more you know, who knows what can transpire
once he gets to Atlanta. – Well I mean you should’ve
like kind of got the hint when, you would send me
like messages like and I wouldn’t
really respond to it. – But you did neglect to say
that you had a girlfriend. – True. – It just feels weird
to me cause like, if you live in New York and you’re talking to
someone who lives in Atlanta and you’re talking pretty often and then you tell him you’re
going to come down to Atlanta and you want to see him. To me that sounds like you are giving very clear signals
that you like that person. – No you’re saying like, I want to see him, I’d be like
you know we should meet up. – Sure.
– You know don’t say it like, don’t say it like that. – Okay well why don’t
we go inside and sit. – [Chance] Yeah please. – And yeah let’s, let’s do that. Okay well yeah Matt I’m gonna
hold us wait one second. Kimiko you go in and
settle in for second. – [Kimiko] Okay. (intense music) – I just don’t feel like he’s, being fair. – Mhm – And like kinda making
it almost feel like, I gave you signals like
what does that mean, that’s bull (beep). I just don’t want to
see you let him like, – Run over. – Yeah just sort of like
disregard all the (beep). – Yeah.
– That you felt and that he said and that like, happened because like, he doesn’t want to admit
that he had feelings for you. – Yeah. – You weren’t romantically
involved with Matt at all? – Uh no. – I mean we saw
some text messages and it seemed pretty
flirty back and forth. – I wasn’t, it wasn’t like that at all
– Mhm. – You know I don’t
want to date a dude. – So you don’t date men at all? Oh okay. – No.
– We were under the impression that you were bisexual. – That’s not true he lied, that’s not true. – Okay. – You know now I’m mad
about that because that’s. – I didn’t mean to make you mad. – That’s not like.
– Yeah. – Wow. – I just don’t feel
like we’re getting, the whole story. – Yeah there’s
something going on. But it’s just,
– Right. – How do we get that, like how do I get
that out of him? – Right. All right let’s see this way. (intense music) – All right, much
better in here. – Mhm. – So you tellin these people
that I’m bisexual Matthew? – Well I know in the past, you’ve dated men and women. – I mean if, Matthew I’m just, really upset about you
giving these people, having them think that I’m, bisexual is kinda
coming off confusing. – You would do
like the hard eyes. – Right the hard eyes well. – Yeah and all that
and that was like, kinda drawing me in even more. – Listen, I’m never
going to date you. – Why then were you
talking to him at all? (intense music) – Is this the first time
it’s been clear to you that he likes you? – Yes this is the first time.
– Really? – Yep.
– Wow. It seems there’s a
couple issues here, that amazingly hadn’t
been brought up until now. One is that, you’re not bisexual, but you were having a very
flirtatious relationship. Your intentionally
not mentioning, a girlfriend when
you could easy, because you’re trying to, kind of maintain a possible,
– No. – Romantic relationship. – No, yo I blocked
you on Instagram B. And it’s like. – That was only recently. – Whatever but. – You seem upset. I’m not getting
that because like, if the worst thing
that this guy has done has been really liked you and liked hoped to be in
a relationship with you then like can you be a
little nicer to him and like. – I am being nice to him. – I feel like you’re
not being nice to him, which is weird because like, what’s the big deal, so he has a crush on you. – He’s a catfish himself. You are. – And how am I a catfish? – You know how you’re a catfish. (intense music) – How? (intense music) – You’re not a catfish at all? – No.
– So what is this? What is it? – Oh my god! – (beep)
– Oh wow. Wow.
– (beep) – Hey (beep) that. – [Producer] You know what,
just take him outside. – I never told I dated men, but that’s nobody’s
(beep) business. (intense music) – What the (beep).


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