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McDonald’s® | SPICY BBQ Chicken Sandwich Review 🌶️♨️🐔 | Peep THIS Out! 😋

welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty summer may be ending the McDonald’s looks to be keeping the
dream alive with its latest barbecue themed chicken sandwich and things could
be a little heated with this one so let’s go in on the spicy barbecue
chicken sandwich and already we’re greeted with that familiar sesame seed
bun let’s take a look on the inside and see what this one is working with looks
like we have a decent amount of this new barbecue sauce which is supposed to be a
Southwestern type of sauce with a hint of jalapeno we’ve got some slivered
onions we’ve got a couple of pickles on here as well and then a 100% white meat
buttermilk chicken filet crispy golden-brown fried up very nicely there
let’s take a look underneath it and it looks like we’ve got just a little bit
more of the barbecue sauce there but a very simple build on this one but I have
to admit very aromatic it really smells like a very rich barbecue sauce on this
one here so let’s see if the flavor’s gonna deliver on it it’s the all-new
spicy barbecue chicken sandwich here at McDonald’s let’s peep out this flavor not a
bad-looking chicken sandwich I mean it does check off the boxes and what I
think a chicken sandwich should have that’s barbecue themed I mean the patty
itself being crispy is one thing not having crispy onions I guess you can
take it or leave it with that but the slivered onions and the pickles you got
to have that on top of the barbecue sauce all right let’s get into this one
right now but like always before I take that first bite if you guys are fans of
high-quality delicious looking food reviews make sure to hit that subscribe
button down below and don’t forget to tap the Bell icon so you can be notified
as soon as new content drops every week here we go it’s the spicy barbecue
chicken sandwich here McDonald’s let’s do it sweet very sweet but I’m not getting
very much heat from this maybe just a little bit of a sizzle but it’s just an
overabundance of sweetness so far a nice crispiness coming from a chicken patty
with plenty of barbecue sauce dripping out the bottom of this right now and of
course the snap of the pickle let’s keep going in on it and I’ll give you that
close-up well there’s a lot of barbecue sauce
coming out the back of this one so there’s definitely lots of moisture to
be had but where it’s lacking just a little bit for me right now is the
chicken itself is not super moist I know it’s a fried chicken patty naturally but
it’s not super juicy but everything else very flavorful very sweet the snap and
crunch of the pickles and the onions are definitely adding a nice little
dimension to this one but overall it’s just an OK tasting barbecue chicken
sandwich with just a little bit of sizzle nothing too crazy though you know
I think this one could have benefited from like an artisan style bun or maybe
even a potato bun something toasted of that variety that would have been a
lovely situation but as it stands there’s a lot of barbecue sauce it
didn’t really look like it when I opened up the lid on this one initially but
guys there’s a lot of it here and on the bottom especially it is just dripping
out the bottom a decent quality although it does feel just a little thrown
together it’s really just the sauce a little bit of the pickles and the
slivered onions you kind of know what to expect but don’t expect a lot of heat
from this one it’s just okay all right so let’s do a little 360 on this action
and hopefully not drop any barbecue sauce off the back of it here guys not a
bad chicken patty itself the buttermilk crispiness is definitely there I wish it
was just a little bit juicier but plenty of barbecue sauce and the onions and the
pickles go very nicely as well overall it’s just an OK chicken sandwich but
nothing to write home about guys I’m really diggin the sauce but the
sweetness is just a little up there for me decent though yeah I can’t say I’m
gonna be getting that one again but it was definitely fun to check out at least
one time and I am a fan of a chicken sandwiches here at McDonald’s in general
so I was looking forward to it anyway but overall I got to say the sweetness
was just a little bit too much for me and the heat really didn’t deliver like
I was expecting it to it’s not really super spicy at all so with that said I’m
gonna have to give the spicy barbecue chicken sandwich here at McDonald’s just
an OK 7 out of 10 if the chicken patty itself was maybe just a little bit
juicier and the overall spiciness of the sauce was up there just a little bit
this would have easily been in the eight and a half nine category but as it
stands it’s just a pretty basic barbecue chicken sandwich with onions and pickles
and a barbecue sauce itself that’s just a little bit up there in terms of
sweetness but still pretty tasty now the question is are you going to
this one is shot drop those comments down below and let me know if you’re
gonna be swinging on by Mickey D’s to give this one a go and if you’re a fan
of spice what’s the level of heat that you can handle drop those comments down
below and definitely let me know and with that this is Ian K closing out
another episode of peep this out bringing you brand-new content every
single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for that next review
coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty yeah this one is definitely at
least a 2 on the heat scale at least in my opinion anyway if only they would
have added some heat to the patty itself that would have been a beautiful
situation alright guys until next time I’ll talk to you soon but hey real quick
before you go and just in case you haven’t already take a look at the last
review that I put out right up over here along with what I think YouTube’s gonna
recommend for you to check out as well as always I think you’ll find something
to like in both of them and I’ll definitely catch you in the next one see

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  • Love your videos as always. But I just have to say I really hate McDonald's. I'll take anything McDonald's has from literally any other fast food restaurant EXCEPT foe the fries and even then fresh Steak and Shake fries are on par as far as plain fries go. I appreciate every review you do but I'd be ok if you never went to McDonald's ever again.

  • Before you lifted off the top when saw the BBQ sauce drip in the box. I said myself McRib no BBQ chicken ugh man everybody doing chicken. I had a Pennsylvania Po Boy sandwich for my lunch today 9.5 out of 10 anyhow hope all is well with you and your family. Til next time TTYL

  • Yes looks like it's ok chicken thrown together for the chicken sandwich wars and getting prepped for the spicy tenders coming out nice job

  • Great review as always, Ian. This one's a coin flip, but I'm probably leaning towards taking a pass on this latest offering from McDonald's. 'Till next time, take care 👍👍

  • As a matter of fact I really don't like jalapenos in my chicken sandwich. But anyways a nice one Ian for giving the heads up👍

  • I didn’t even hear about this one. Going to have to try it for myself but after your review I’m not going to rush. 👍🏻

  • Wendy's and BK came out new chicken sandwiches and now Mcd. Everyone is on that chicken game now? After that popeye's hype lol

  • Good review, I’d like to try it sometime soon. The hottest I like is Jalapeño peppers. Hotter than that is just a bit too much. Stay frosty friend

  • Great review Ian I know they released the tenders in this new sauce too wonder how its different from last years sweet n spicy sauce.

  • You always bring us great food reviews!! Thank you for that!! I sure like to try different chicken sandwiches and see how they compare to my favorite, Chic Fil A.

  • You're not telling the people out here that I've got to do is hold the barbecue sauce off of it and put it put the exact amount they want on their sandwich

  • They don't have to have that sandwich serve so Saucy you simply tell McDonald's no sir leave the sauce off and then you put it on yourself however much you want

  • One of the best food review channels out there. Always fully loaded content, done in a more professional manner compared to other food reviewers. Hopefully your channel blows up soon and you gain more followers. 👍

  • Sounds like they hoped that sauce would offset the dryness of the chicken. Maybe if they added a bit of Carolina reaper extract to all that sauce it might be a bit more spicy.

  • Too bad this sandwich didn't have more kick, love spicy food!! Great review, Ian and have a good one!! 😃😎

  • My McDonalds hadn't heard of this and has no plans for it.. You get so lucky with this stuff!! WAAAAAAY too expensive though..

  • Sandwhich looks like the sauce would taste like their glaze bbq…. and their chicken sandwiches are always dry but I’m guilty of buying them occasionally!

  • Whats up with the popularity of chicken sandwiches right now in September 2019 🍟🍔😌😍😇 first it was Burger King Casear chicken sandwiches, then it was Jack In The box chicken 4 X 4 sandwiches and now Mcdonalds? Seems chicken meat is at an all time high in market sales. When are hamburgers , beef burgers. steakburgers or roast beef sandwiches gonna be popular again too?

  • Chicken sandwich wars with all the restaurants …….this one is ok McDonald's was on something BBQ summer but yes Ian I agree with you , you said it right

  • NOWHERE near Popeye's 🤣 I've eaten 4 of the Spicy Chicken sandwiches in the past week and nothing compares to it. The juiciness combined with the thickness of the chicken and flavor … going back tomorrow 🤤

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