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McRubber – En Storfiskhistoria [The McRubber – A Big Fish Story] [ [ENG Subs] [GER Subs]

A film by Svartzonker Sweden A quick question Nicklas. You and me went to Rugen in Germany 2013. What happened there? This happened.. A damn fine pike! woo! I would like so say that 24 february 2013 I had one of my best days ever, fishing I was using a McRubber and in 3 casts I caught pike weighing in at 11,2 kg 12,1 kg Claes: And an overrun in between? and an overrun in between. Claes: So you could say 2 casts? Yes. And a couple of contacts It was brutal! According to me. McRubber is a lure that changed the fishing scene in Sweden the shallow water fishing for pike using rubber lures McRubber set the standards there Calling yourself a lure maker is about trying to create something that gives you a feeling and in a lure makers case that feeling is often about catching fish with what you created You can draw a line, comparing it to the affirmation of an artist the affirmation comes from the feeling of ability to affect things or induce a feeling for me that connecting thread is similar to this so for me, lure making is an art during a long period of time I was developing a lure called McTail the McTail.. uhmm got in the making around 2005 And I was satisfied with the results 2008 it caught a lot of big fish, won competitions it was a huge demand and I felt like damn fine having created a lure like that short after this I started to go to Rügen located in Germany. Big pike paradise! A large amount of big brackish water pike is getting caught there incredibly beautiful fish and when I started fishing there we fished deep, pelagic. you made long drifts using huge rubber baits and as a lure maker there is a an urge to only use what you´ve created yourself and I did actually not have any rubber baits in my arsenal I started experimenting with molds and casting back in 2004 2008 I made a few hard lures I remember I bought a swimbait mold from the states a classic bass bait, I actually have it here this rascal here. I modified it a bit by cutting the paddle to make it move wider And I actually caught a 10kg pike on this copy that in turn had me seriously trying to create one of my own the first ones I made was not as good as I wanted but by coincidence i had made a paddle tail for the McTail and the first one I made was damn ugly and my good friend Magnus Lindgren A.K.A Mangeboy79 he called me and said “that paddle you made is the ugliest creation I have ever seen” “can I please make one for you?” I just said, go ahead! make one go for it! So he got started and he made two variations I gave him feedback on one of them and he went and finished it up the paddle tail looks like this Thank you Mange! I’ve thanked him multiple times but you can never have enough of thank you’s anyways this is what it looks like a really nice paddle with a hard erratic swimming movement for the McTail prior to one of the trips to Rügen I just out of the blue I took a McTail with the paddle glued the copy upside down inside a milk crate I bought a kilo of RTV silicone and just poured it over the bait but one thing happened I didn’t have enough silicone so it did not cover the whole paddle sure, I had a mold and here I have the absolutely first copy coming out of that mold If you look closely you can see it is an absolute replica of this one with one difference the paddle had a straight tip I went to Östhammar with Micke “snoken” we went to one of our favorite mares on the bank of one side of the mare some guys where course fishing for pike Me and “snoken” placed us there but swore over them taking the best spot but never mind, I rigged this rascal. This one exactly with an offset hook and a treble hook I cast down one side of the bank and started reel it in smack.. Immediately I can tell that it is a good fish I gently fight it to make sure the guys on the bank won’t notice that we have caught a nice fish the first fish on the first test of McRubber produced a fish measuring exactly 100 cm. I was on to something right now we are in Blekinge archipelago and.. It is cold as hell and we had to break some ice with the boat this morning and we are fishing old school style today old fashioned handmade McRubber in the color brown motoroil But that doesn’t help. we don’t catch anything As usual when you are out with Philip, he ensures that the weather is crappy and that you just feel angst ugh! that don’t matter. we will struggle, and we will fight all the way to the end. We will catch them! the pike scoundrels will stand in line waiting for us to play tetris with them. All sizes and shapes. take that to the bank! You know what? Let’s try the spinning-around-cast and you will get a professional over-run if you try A new technique I am trying out #@?€## [email protected] #@?€ inaudible speech. Sounds just like the swedish chef from the muppets.. börk, börk, börk the spinning-around-cast! It takes a lot of practice oooh.. that one I told you guys some medition, some messing around will catch you a nice pike super nice! solid and beautiful yup! fourth cast after the bow, spinning-around-cast and a professional overrun yes, what is there more to ask for Claes: Mio, what are you holding there? a McRubber Claes: Do you remember when we fished with that one? mm, yes I do Claes: anything special you remember? I remember it was quite heavy to cast and that it looked like a fish in the water Claes: did you catch any pike on it? Yes I caught 2 of them Claes: one of them was really nice I remember they were quite heavy to lift too Claes: you were really brave handling them.. exciting! Claes: If we look back at that time, we made that lure in the kitchen at our country house before we went out Claes: and think about how the situation is today yes, it is sick! Claes: it is a bit crazy right? Yes it is Claes: from the countertop in the kitchen to the world yeah, I know. It’s sick! We started in the kitchen yeah! ok lets go! My story about how McRubber entered my life or my fishing to be precise it’s a fun story I have been close to Claes for many many years and I have used his hard lures And one day I got a McRubber in the mail box It was a McTail with a paddle that Claes just made direct rubber copy of just to see if it worked I immediately ran down to the lake to try it and I catch 4 pike right there and then and I loose the paddle I was thinking, shit, I can’t use it anymore So I went in and got it from the bottom, glued it together I have not used it since I think it is about 8 years ago. Or in that ball park And the trend with rubber lures, thanks to McRubber a lot of other lures got on the market and it is all thanks to Claes “Svartzonker” a year later, a real McRubber came out. handmade it was sold a few stores. It got hysteric big pike everywhere The Claes decided to mass produce it The first samples we got, I was one of the first members of Team Svartzonker, that’s why I say “WE” We got a couple of these each It didn’t look that good. It was taken out of the machine way to early and that makes them a bit flat the producer didn’t do a good job and when Claes spoke to the producer about the first version V1. We got to know that the facility didnt even have a roof. so it wasn’t strange that they weren’t able to deliver any baits If Claes had found the right producer from the top. It would have been a different ball game today My fishing using McRubber have changed the way I fish, I have caught a lot of big fish on it when we used the McRubber in the beginning, I used an offset hook that I glued on to it cause there weren’t any shallow screws It worked fine, but the lures broke due to the hook being pulled out all the time so you had to glue it back in, and water and glue is not a great combo so they quickly got really damaged Then one day I invited Claes to me To Skåne ( a region in southern Sweden) the plan was for us to go wading in shallow water and hunt big pike then Claes let me in on an idea that he had thought about in Stockholm that we made reality of in my kitchen. We created a shallow screw I guess everyone know what comes due to the shallow screw, and due to the McRubber It is historic on our first session with a hand made big McRubber rigged with shallow screw Claes catches a 10,7 kilo pike if I remember it right. 10,3 or 10,7kilo and I catch a 9+ pike the first couple of pike ever caught on a McRubber and a shallow screw Yes, my story using the McRubber we were on our way to Rügen and stopped by Söder Sportfiske where we were persuaded into buying a couple of strange looking lures called McRubber they looked quite nice and where highly praised by the guys in the store so we bought a couple of them Claes: Wait, it must have been earlier Claes: Don’t mind the year. Not even I remember it I might be wrong about the year. But it is a few years ago as I said, that winter we had the first series of lures that we bought and we had a group of anglers coming down here to Rügen in february we passed them out and I think everyone used it 100% They did not use a lot of other lures, maybe just a few so we used McRubber and big McRubber that february and we caught a lot of fish handmade big McRubber in “Papegoj” color It was during one winter in Finland when the lakes did not freeze over. We fished in december. and everytime we went out we brought the “papegoj” colored McRubber mid-winter and in cold water is not when I use that color so frequent but it caught a 8-9kilo pike every time. it vacumed that lake every trip. the same thing. We went out fishing in january and there was still no sign of ice I was thinking to myself that I had to use other colors. I can’t use that one all the time I caught nothing! The guys who where with me in the boat was cathing pike all over the place I caught nothing! So I gave in and used the “papegoj” color again, and at the first cast I caught a 10,2 kilo pike 10,8 kilo! Lets not get stuck on weight. it’s not that big of a difference. It was a 10+ kilo anyway and during a time span of just under 2 hours, we also caught a 11,8 kilo pike I love “Papegojan” ! In some finicky kind of way, these awesome guys from finland feel like family to me Kalle and Antti pure magical characters Holy ground – Schaprode The harbour this place has produced a lot of unforgettable memories I am standing next to Mathias Fuhrman one of the owners of team Bodden-Angeln and one of the pioneer anglers targeting big pike in Germany Let’s see what we can do with a couple of McRubber chilling?, Bodden-Angeln and stories about fishing. Balkow and his crew was on fire. The food was terrific, we laughed and had an awesome night I cant wait to hit the water now. the first cast the waiting it’s just like christmas eve. Rügen let’s go! I don´t really know how many fish we caught that day but we´ve just found a good spot. We were fishing with this crazy Swede with his hand made lures. It was in the beginning of his lure making and I was thinking “ok…” It looked like a cigarr And had a wiggling paddle I was thinking “Alright! Let´s give it a try” Anyhow, we started to cast and emidiately found a spot with big followers! How ever they didn´t want to take our regular lures so we moved on to the next spot. When we arrived to the new spot a window had open when the fish were biting That´s when we decided to yet again return to the earlier spot were we had seen the bigger fish. It was now time to try out this new fellow in the boat One after the other started to bit on this lure! And all on the McRubber! This was in fact a lure made for big fish! And still is present day The “Shads” and the McRubbers are still the number one choices in Bodden This one is still my favorite! We have been fishing with big lures for a long time The first big lures we were fishing with in Germany was the 30 cm “Action plastic” from the states. We were using colors as “Black Pearl”, “Blue Pearl” and”Yellow/black” Suddenly Claes showed up in Germany The Swedsih anglers had begun to notice the big pike we have in Germany Claes came to me and gave me the first Swedish “BIG Bait”. And it was the “Big McRubber” We brought it along and emidiately started to catch fish! It was something different with these ones. They have a belly rolling action Something the pikes here had never seen before If you take care of your McRubber between the pikes it´ll hold up for a good 30-40 fish! The numbers of big pikes that are caught varies from season to season Sometimes we catch more big pikes and other seasons we catch less. It was during one day I managed to catch 2 pikes over 120cm+ on a McRubber! It might have been during 2015 Well! One of the best colors… McRubber – Blue Pearl! I just caught a really nice pike on a McRubber. 10 kilo and 70 gram 116cm long. Do you want to have a look? a fantastic post-spawn pike look at it! What a fish! we are going to let her rest for a bit, cause she put up a really hard fight so let her rest and we will take a couple of nice photos in a bit. And we’ll film when we release her There it was! what do you say? McRubber.. oooh! You get a bit shaky Shakin’ Steven. Every time you get to meet a lady like this Follow me, I wanna show you what has been going on this is our warehouse Everything you see here is McRubber in different variations, lets have a look this is from the real series it really caught a lot of fish in the last Pike Fight competition Here’s another one. Burbot and herring the photo-printed version McRubber tail Incredibly good This one with a 10/0 and a 10 gram jighead you know fish them down a steep.. superb Let’s see what we’ve got here Here’s one. Classic old school perch I got a sweet tooth for those old traditional american kind of patterns Here you got the classic McStrong This one was designed by Maximilian and Wincent fantasticly fine. Thank you guys Let’s move on to see if we can find anything from the flash series. I am really proud of those One thing that is really cool when you are walking around this warehouse that you, or that I quite easily forget and that is that I started casting these McRubbers by hand in a mold and back then this warehouse did not exist, and neither did the ambitions today we are a company with employees and that is mostly because of the McRubber and all of this. Is something we have created It is hard to grasp when you think about it I am really really proud though I actually get a bit taken by the situation and sentimental when I think about it let’s move on, come here here! This is the flash series These are fantastic! I came up with these ones, when I went to China it is not a new innovation. But what is new about them is that we made the “flash” in a more prominent clarity there are a lot of other companies that have used this technology long before us Berkley, Musky innovation just to name a few but we took it a step further and when you rig the McRubber for shallow fishing, the actual sole purpose of it’s shape, you get the best of both worlds a great spoon and the wide motion of a rubber lure Spot-on. I am really proud of these ones I mean.. look at the progress and the development what have we got here, we got a lot of rigs when we started out, everyone made their own stingers stingers is not a new thing for me or anyone else I think, I mean I made stingers back in the nineties, you know when we used regular shads back then you could not buy any pre-made rigs Today there are a lot of people manufacturing it by hand there are lure builders that concentrate on making stingers, you know super custom style. And so on and every producer have their own kind but what we have done is customized them solely for the whole McRubber family and that is also one thing we discovered early here you have the McRubber – Big Bass, you know 12,5 cm a perfect snack sized bait what makes McRubber so versatile is it fulfills a function for a lot of different species and a lot of different techniques but it all comes down to this. a quite sturdy body, a wide paddle that moves a lot of water and that is very visible in the water the french loves this one for targeting cat fish the fish for cat fish in downtown Paris you know this is a color that really strucks a chord with me the classic Rügen-Strömming (Rügen Herring) I wonder how many 10+ kilo pike has been caught on this color alone it’s in the hundreds, you know Sentimental and nice! I am feeling proud, let’s move on and have a look back here McRubber, gives you endless opportunities and ways to customize it One thing we noticed early is that it became popular.. back when I casted lures you often ended up with hash baits we did not care that much about different colors. We re-used old baits made molds out of plaster and so on most of lures got burned and lot of us started playing around with.. transparency or should we say, icognito jigs. Call it stealth if you may so we produced a series called Stealth here is a big McRubber. Black with some blue glitter really natural looking so here is a whole bunch of one-colored McRubber in different variations This one is rainbowish it is not that visible in water but what many out there does not think about is that pike actually see with the hearing organs so to say the pike has a long line of “ears” down the side and can pick up sounds or signals from many meters away McRubber moves a lot of water due to the big paddle so it can call for attention anyway and sometimes a lure that just appears out of nowhere that’s hardly visible, can appear more appealing or more natural so in waters that has a lot of fishing pressure, Stealth color can be the deal closer! ooh, here’s another favorite. Natural Motoroil. talking about brownish jigs It is a bit dark here but I don’t care. Come here. This is the smallest sized McRubber we’ve made. McRubber bass It’s a McRubber. A bit bigger paddle A great lure for targeting perch! The first time I tried the machine-made ones out, was in USA. I fished for bass with them in Minnesota That was so cool! That turned into… McRubber shad here they are. McRubber shad. A slim version yet bigger for perch- and zander fishing But that’s not all, the best feature of rubber lures is all the ways you can use them and all the accessories we have produced a bunch of different jig heads different colors, sizes that is attuned to what we like when it comes to the world of soft baits and further more we’ve got different sizes in shallow screws this one is bigger a here is a smaller one What have the McRubber meant to me? well.. the last 5 to 6 years it has been one of my absolute favorite lures a lure that you can trust at any given moment and that catches fish just about anywhere and most often big fish my favorite size or should I say model is big McRubber by some strange coincidence it always tend to trigger the really big fish just like Buster Jerk. A lure you never should leave home without. a lure that never let’s you down the first time I saw the McRubber was like 7 or 8 years ago when me and “Krille” went to northern Stockholm to visit Claes first we went fishing for pike in the archipelago as I remember we did not catch so much fish Claes caught the most fish.. later that night when we went to Claes cabin and we had eaten. Claes brought out a strange looking lure and showed it to us that was the first ever McRubber and he quite carefully asked our opinion of it. I know at my first glance of it that it was going to be a hit. And it came to show, that a few years later when we went to Rügen when we went pike fishing. Claes had brought some handmade McRubber and they totally dominated I remember he let me use two of them I think the color was blue-silver or something similar and a week later he had me give them back to him I couldn’t keep them, I guess there where others that wanted them Myself, I did not catch any really big pike that trip. Around 9 kilo, but many of my friends did. On McRubber But in sweden I have. Last year I caught one weighing in at 12,7 kilo. and one at 10,6 kilo and a few more big pikes the years prior so yes. It is one of my favorite lures! What a crazy fish we caught we did not expect that when we went to up north, really. we did think that the possibility of a long fish was good because we had seen a lot of long pike being caught earlier on but that we would catch a heavy fish, was beyond our beliefs And in the way it turned out. The first day, the last cast. we where getting ready to go home I just made a short cast, right next to a stone, and I felt a bite. Immediately! We got the fish to the boat really quick and we see that it is a really big one and.. it is actually hard to recapitulate the story about a fish like that. Because there is so much going on in your mind and body at the time you are pumped with adrenaline you get stressed out by everything that goes on in your head and the possibility of loosing the fish you want to fight the fish, but at the same time you want it safely landed in the net. Just by seeing the head of it So I guess it all went down really quick I think it made one run straight down below the boat before we had it in the net It was then we understood that it was a really big fish it’s hooked properly anyway so, we have fished for like 13 hours. 12 hours? our biggest one prior to this one was 98 cm and we where just about to head home We talked about it, but I just made a last cast And this one decided to bite, a better fish thats it! a fat and sturdy one we have not weighed it or measured it yet but I guess we’ll have to It’s a pb! 12,98 kilo I have to weigh it again. More properly yes, 12,98! just measure it quickly so we can see how long it is it is not short. 116 cm The musky is often called, “the nightmare of thousand casts” many people say that it takes tens
of thousands of casts, just to catch one musky and right there is we are now we just received a call about the fish of your dreams in a net right next to a boat Dan Altman, showing how its done Giant McRubber and a giant fish ok.. let’s call it McRubber power you know You guys don’t have to feel the pressure to just keep fishing the McRubber use whatever you like! there is nothing wrong with McRubber “Rille” is on fire today. Are you kidding? It just felt like a log when I set the hook ooh it´s a 10+ let me help you with that one mind the rope damn what a pike this is soo huge Damn Rille, so nice magic dude, magic what a fish! 45,25 we need the sling 11,08 kilo minus the sling damn Rille you guys are awesome. Us? you are! Like a machine! congratulations like a machine! I have been on this journey a couple of years now with my best friend or .. yeah for better or worse with a really good friend that friend is the McRubber you often talk about an emotional roller coaster, you know and.. The McRubber has given me an incredible amount of joy but at the same time a lot of grief that really thin line between taking something you look upon as art to going all the way with it mass producing it to be able to share it with others That journey is quite difficult But more than this. The McRubber has created work opportunities for a lot of other people it has shed a lot of joy by catching huge fish or wonderful fishing memories It’s with great pride and reverence I get sentimental standing here trying to summarize everything these last years I would like to sum it up like this The McRubber is really that one lure that I am by far most proud of and there are so many persons that has been involved in it, so that it could become the better me Can you say it like that? Yes you can. It’s been a concern that included my family, my friends and it has been a hell of a story


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