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Mercado de pescado de tsukiji / Corte de atún

The first thing you have to see in the fish which has color and has fat and is fresh that is basic the tail is already cut like this I look at this and it does not have fat, but it has good color today I bought this because it is very fresh and has good color this has little fat If the tail has fat here the tenderloin comes out, very good and besides that you have to see the stomach if it is very clean If I look here I can see if the meat is rusty or not In Spain and Italy this part is used for tinned preserves, but in Japan this part is expensive This part of here is called sickle, like the one used to cut grass, has a sickle shape this fish has a slightly clear color, is of low quality this is wild Japanese and this is from Indonesia. this is Japanese fish farming for steak with butter and soy sauce is good no tomato sauce, soy sauce A word? I hope this recording is successful thank you


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