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Minecraft vs Real Life: How to Go Fishing! (Minecraft Animation)

Come on, Lily,
these fish ain’t going to catch themselves Uhhh.. But, grandps Fishing is for losers Losers?! Well, I’ll have you know that back in my day
I was one of the best fishermen in town Ah, I have that things
I could be doing right now Preposterous!
Hop aboard, Lily We’re going to have a grand old time! Yuppieee… Say, couldn’t we have taken a bigger boat? No, this is minecraft,
this is as big as it gets, deal with it Well, nevermind that let’s get fishing, Lilster Alright, let’s see what we’ve got in here *mumbles indistinctly* We got a.. looking for.. Ah, this looks mighty tasty for the fishies! *gasps* *gasps* *squeals* Get it off, get it off! My hearing aid is not working properly,
hang on *screams* That’s it, there we go *screams and grunts* Ah, strange, I though I heard something Oh well,
let’s get to it then, shall we, Lily? *grunts* Fine But forget the bait,
trust me, you don’t need it *snores* Ah, I’ve go.. I’ve got a.. Oh! I’ve got a tug! *grunts* She’s a big one! Lily, help me reel her in! Hold on! *Both are screaming* *laugh* Phew.. I’m glad that’s over yeah… *muffled*
Best firsherman in town, huh?


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