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Miso Honey Chicken – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm rib me so honey chicken that’s right for decades chefs have avoided
putting these two ingredients together because of a certain notorious and
highly controversial rap song from the ladings
but because they combine to make such an incredible marinade and enough time has
gone by the lots of our younger viewers have no idea what i’m talking about
i’ve decided to put miso and honey together and feature them in this easy
and incredibly delicious grilled chicken recipe so with that let’s go ahead get
started by adding a big old spoon of white miso to this mixing bowl and if
you’re not familiar mesa was basically a fermented paste made from rice barley
soy beans among other things and if you’re wondering why something called
white miso is gold I will be explaining that on the blog post not very well but
I’ll give you something and then to that we’ll add the co-star of this marinade
which will be some honey and as usual we always want to use local honey although
I can never remember why I think you have something to do with allergies and
then we’ll go ahead and finish this mixture off with a splash of rice
vinegar as well as whatever you think is the right amount of hot sauce and this
time I’m using sriracha but literally any hot pepper or hot sauce would work
and then after the hot sauce we’ll finish up with a spoon of salt and
that’s it we’ll take a whisk and give this a mix and fair warning because it’s
kind of grainy miso is not the easiest thing to whisk in which is why some
people would heat this and or do it in a blender but I’m gonna skip those extra
steps because for a marinade this does not have to be perfectly smooth all
right what you see here is just fine and then to that we’ll add whatever pieces
of chicken we’re gonna grill which for me are these two half chickens and one
thing I’m going to do before I start tossing these in the marinade is do that
trick where we take a knife and make like three or four slashes into the leg
and thigh so that that cooks a little faster and our breast meat does not get
overcooked while we’re waiting for that to cook through Plus once it’s cooked I
think those slashes make this look a little cooler visually but I can’t prove
that but anyway let’s continue on with the second part of the old slash and
sloshed as we toss that chicken in the marinade until it’s thoroughly coated
and we’ve gotten that mixture into every nook and cranny
oh and one other small tip I like to remove those wing flats
cook those separately I think it makes a chicken easier to work with plus
provides the chef with a tasty snack about halfway through and then once that
said all we have to do is decide how long we’re gonna let this marinate my
official recommendation is overnight but in the spirit of full disclosure I only
pop mine in the fridge for a couple hours which I’m gonna say is the bare
minimum all right longer is better but
regardless of how long you go once you pull that either fridge what we want to
do is flip it over and not wipe or brush off any of the marinade right just leave
it on there since we’re gonna basically grill this as is although I do like to
give the skin a generous sprinkling of kosher salt for we hit the grill and if
you want to and I really think you do I’d reserve any of that excess marinade
and that way we can baste our chicken with that as it grills but anyway I’m
going to go ahead and generously salt this surface at which point we’ll grab
our tongs and head outside where we’re gonna cook this covered over indirect
heat and that foil thing you see is just a wrap ceramic heat diffuser which come
with these type of grills but if you’re just using a regular grill you can
accomplish the same thing by having your coals on one side and then your chicken
on the other and that’s another thing we’ll go over in the blog post but
anyway I’m gonna go ahead and start mine skin side up and I’ll go ahead and cover
that and let it go for about 20 minutes maintaining a temperature of about 350
give or take and then all we’re gonna do after 20 minutes is give those a flip it
sure does look a little disturbing at this point but don’t worry it gets much
better and while I think the smokiness of grilling absolutely works perfectly
with this marinade it will also totally work with other cooking methods okay if
you wanted to brush that chicken with a little bit of butter and pan-roasted a
la French bistro that would also be fantastic but of course if you did use a
French approach you’d have to call it Poulet on me so honey but it would work
as would broiling but anyway like I said we’ll give that side a flip and give it
another 20 minutes at which point we’ll take a look and I can show you exactly
why indirect heat is so important all right because of the honey in the
marinade if your heat is too direct it’s gonna turn black like this wing which
apparently was too close to the edge so unfortunately I’m gonna have to eat that
but before I do I’ll go ahead and flip these over one last time
and since it looks like that back position is getting a little more heat
I’m gonna go ahead and rotate my halves and then what we’ll do before we cover
this is give it a nice brushing with any reserved marinade which at this stage
you can do as many times as you want and we will cover that back up and continue
cooking until it’s done which for me is when the inside the thigh is about 160
to 165 and normally at this point you get a final close-up shot of me pulling
this stuff off the grill but that is now what’s gonna happen since it started to
rain which it never does in San Francisco so I was totally caught off
guard and the chicken needs to come off immediately so I move my camera inside
and I went with a long distance shot of me taking it off the grill and by the
way if you’ve never seen me on camera before you’re probably thinking two
things chef john is bald and also probably chef john got that wagon but
anyway I just wanted to explain why you’re seeing me on camera and also show
why I’m usually not so I pulled that chicken off and headed back in where I
was extremely happy with the results sure I had a little bit uneven charring
but I think Erica’s is smelled amazing and I knew it was gonna taste amazing
which it did garnish with some lemon wedges that I sprinkled with some hot
pepper flakes although if you like lime I think that would be just as good if
not better both would work so that will be up to
you I mean you are after all the to Live Crew of your cockadoodledoo so I went
ahead and squeezed the little spicy citrus over that meats and went in for
the official taste and for a marinade that only has a couple ingredients that
I only let the chicken soak in for a couple hours this was incredibly
flavorful and delicious and if you’ve never worked with miso before it really
does provide a lot of umami flavor which is just a fancy foodie word for a stream
savoriness so while this is an extremely simple marinade the flavors it produces
are anything but and above and beyond the great taste it provided it also kept
this chicken very moist and tender although a lot of that is just out
overcooking it but whether we’re talking to juicy middle of the thigh or the
driest tip of the breasts I find this marinade very very effective
in fact I was enjoying this so much I didn’t even bother with side dishes I
basically just did there and ate a half chicken all by itself and I had zero
regrets but anyway that’s it’s what we’re
calling me so honey chicken no matter which chicken parts you use this out or
how you cook it or how nice the weather is if you get this marinade into your
recipe rotation I think it’s something you’re gonna love long time so I really
do hope you give this a try soon head over to food wishes comm for all the
ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you


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