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Mission Reach Paddling Trail – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

[lively music] – MIKE GRAMLEY: Everyone’s
very familiar with the River Walk in town,
and that’s very nice, has restaurants, and hotels,
very good for tourism. But this is also another
section of the river, it’s the very same river, but
a much much different setting, a much more natural setting. – LEON MCNEIL: We couldn’t
have asked for a better day to be on the river. Sun’s not shining,
a little overcast, not as hot, wonderful. – The Mission Reach Trail includes eight miles
of paddling trails as well as 15 miles of
hiking and biking trails. – It’s a pretty
interesting river that gives you a
lot of the city, but yet it gives
you an opportunity to experience kind
of a natural world. Because the grass
and the vegetation has grown up around the river,
it gives you the impression that you’re not
actually in the city, but you’re right in
the middle of the city. Whoo! We’re gonna keep
moving on down guys, we’re gonna keep moving. [water rushing] [screaming] – Whoo! – Let’s try to make it. This is the first time
I’ve been in a kayak. Oh, we’re gonna make it,
we’re gonna make it. Yes, this is the first
time I’ve kayaked. Whoa! Yeah, I’m always down
to do new things. It’s pretty fun. That was cool. – Come on. I have not paddled this, this is my first
time on this river. Whoo! Yeah! [screaming] It’s really fun actually, the
chutes that were going down. [kayak thuds]
[screams] You get stuck
every now and then. Make sure not to
try to hit the side. Oh! There we go, we moving again. And then when you get down,
it’s like whoo, we made it. [rushing water] – It’s pretty fun, like,
riding on the water, and going down the chutes. The chutes we’re the
best part I thought. We did it, whoo! Yeah, it was just a
really great experience, just going down the river. [birds chirping] – LEE CHARLES: I couldn’t even
tell that I was in the city because I see houses on the
side and things like that, but it was completely silent. You could hear the
birds chirping, the ducks quacking, and
everything like that. [water trickling] – PADDLER: Yeah, buddy. – Because I live in the city, and I just always see
how chaotic it is, and everything is just
so loud and noisy. [frogs croaking] And it’s just good to
connect with nature and just be peaceful and just
relax, and take everything in. [bird squealing] – LEE CHARLES: Whoo! Whoo! Oh, that was good, boy. That was the best one yet. – LEON: It’s vitally important. If we are ever gonna capture and rekindle our youth
with the natural world, we’ve got to be able
to make it accessible. – ERICA: Oh my God! – LEON: It’s a pure environment, and that’s what we’re
trying to get the kids to hopefully reconnect with. – LEE CHARLES: It’s just
floating. It just takes you to
a different place.

  • Nice video? Where do you put in? Is there parking for a kayak trailer? Police patrolling? Do you have to go down the chutes? I noticed some paddlers were in Hobies. Don't want to scrape the bottom of my kayak. Hobie rudder and Mirage Drive. I can take put them up. Thank you!

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