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Mississippi Beef Short Ribs – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
calm with mississippi beef short ribs that’s right i’m adapting this forma
recipe I’ve never tried called Mississippi pot roast which went viral a
few years ago and believe it or not featured beef cooked with a package of
dry azu gravy mix and a package of dry powdered ranch dressing mix which sounds
bizarre but people were raving about how good it was so I decided I would try it
with some boneless short ribs and for a little extra challenge I decided to try
to do it without the artificially flavored powder packets and what we’ll
do to get started is go ahead and season our boneless beef short ribs which are
one of the most beautiful cuts on the cow I mean come on
check out that marbling and these were pretty much fully trimmed except for
this one piece which still had a little bit of fat in membrane on one side which
I’m gonna leave I’m gonna make one little cut right there so it doesn’t
curl up when it cooks and then we’ll go ahead and season these very generously
with a mixture of salts freshly ground black pepper and a little touch of
cayenne and in case you’re wondering no these aren’t actually beef short ribs
but they’re cut from a muscle very close and are just absolutely perfect for
braised dishes like this and while there are a little more expensive than actual
beef short ribs you pretty much get to eat a hundred percent of what you bought
so I still think they’re a pretty good value and then what we’ll do once those
our seasoned let’s go ahead and brown those in a little bit of oil over high
heat on all four sides and don’t be in a hurry we want it really nice sear here
Owen for the record while this searing does add more flavor it makes for a
better appearance what it does not do is seal in the juices which I still hear
some chefs saying okay that sizzling you’re gonna hear in the pan is
literally from the juices coming out so the next time you hear a chef say that
please correct them and then what we’ll do once we have that be thoroughly
seared on all sides is transfer that into our baking pan or dish at which
point we’re going to use that same deliciously dirty pan to saute some
mushrooms and onions along with a little pinch of salt and we’ll do that over
medium-high heat until our onions soften and turn translucent as well as our
mushrooms start to get a little bit golden brown and what we’ll do while
those are sauteing is go ahead and mix up our seasoning blend which is going to
include some kosher salt some granulated garlic
also known as garlic powder as well as some onion powder also known as
granulated onion we will also want some freshly ground black pepper as well as
some dried dill some dry rosemary and some dried thyme and then we’ll finish
up with believe it or not a couple tablespoons of Parmesan cheese and
that’s it we’ll take a spoon and give that a mix and hopefully that along with
the other things we’re gonna add will simulate our package as you gravy mix
and ranch dressing mix and then once that’s done we’ll go ahead and sprinkle
that evenly over our meat and even though I’ve never had the original
recipe I really think I got extremely close to the flavor profile all right so
that’s looking good or at least interesting and we’ll let that sit there
while we head back to the stove to finish our braising liquid and once our
onions and mushrooms are looking a little something like this
we’ll go ahead and sprinkle in a tablespoon of flour and we’ll stir that
in and just cook it for two minutes and what that little bit of starch is going
to do is not necessarily thicken up our sauce but it will give it a little bit
of body and it won’t be quite as watery and then what we’ll do after that’s
cooked for about two minutes is pour in some chicken broth or beef broth as well
as a little bit of soy sauce and a little touch of Worcestershire sauce and
again these ingredients along with our secret seasoning blend is going to help
us mimic that msg Lai’s package mix and we will give that a stir and basically
as soon as that starts to boil we can go ahead and pull it off the stove and pour
that over our beef short ribs and we’ll take our spoon Nilla and try to spread
that over evenly and then besides the packaged gravy and ranch dressing mix
the other signature ingredients in the Mississippi pot roast are some
pepperoncini which are those tangy briny sort of spicy peppers you get on subs
and in the original recipe those are used whole so if you wanted to use the
whole ones go ahead I mean you are after all the chief of your Mississippi beef
but I had a jar sliced in the fridge so that’s what I used and then we’ll go
ahead and finish this with the last signature ingredient a lot of butter is
in like half a stick and since I have three hunks of meat I slice that into
six pieces and that’s it once those are placed on top we’ll go ahead and wrap
this in foil and we will transfer that into the center of a 350 degree oven for
about two and a half hours or until our meat is fork tender and
after brazen in the oven for about two and a half hours if everything’s gotten
according to plan we should have something that looks a little something
like this and of course we’re gonna want to test that for doneness with a fork
and it should go in with almost no effort and the meat should very easily
pull apart so that is looking just about perfect and then I think before we serve
these we should give them a very thorough basting with our braising
liquid speaking of which we’re gonna have a
very generous layer of fat floating on top of that which we could skim off and
I did a little bit but don’t forget that’s not just beef fat that’s also
melted butter so you’re gonna have to decide how much to include or not
include but I think leaving a little bits not a bad idea and that’s it I went
ahead and serve some up on some mashed potatoes and of course we’re gonna want
to spoon over plenty of those onions mushrooms and peppers and I finished up
with some freshly chopped Italian parsley and man this really did smell
incredible so I was pretty excited to grab a fork and dig in and that ended up
being one of the most flavorful braised beef dishes I’ve had in a long time in
fact it was almost too flavorful and as I was eating this I realized why they
probably used the whole pepper genie in the original recipe okay because those
have such a sharp tangy briny flavor since I’d used the sliced ones and a
large quantity of them it really sort of amplified the saltiness of the dish and
it was almost but not quite too much so I’ll probably recommend using the whole
peppers in the blog post or if you’re gonna use the slice maybe do a little
less but above and beyond that this really was fantastic just extremely
beefy and intensely savory and even though like I said I’ve never tasted the
original I can totally understand why it went viral and above and beyond the
ingredients we used here I hope this video serves as a reminder that the next
time you’re gonna braise beef go find yourself some beautifully marbled
boneless beef short ribs so you can see for yourself why I think it’s one of the
best cuts on the entire animal but anyway that’s it what we’re calling
Mississippi boneless beef short ribs maybe one of these days I’ll pull out
the slow cooker and put on a disguise and go to the store and buy some
packaged eyes-u gravy mix and powdered ranch dressing mix and I’ll give the
original one a try so I can taste the but in the meantime whether you’ve had
the original Mississippi pot roast or not I really do hope you give this a try
soon so head over to food whooshes calm for all the ingredient amounts of Morpho
as usual and as always enjoy you

  • Yes, in case you're wondering, I was little under the weather, which may explain the even worse than usual voice-over. But, as we say in the business, the show must go on!

  • Hey Chef John — No awkward disguises! No embarrassing questions! You too can learn to be a lousy cook, just like normal people! Send me your address and I will ship you FREE some packaged au jus gravy mix and powdered ranch dressing mix in a discreet brown wrapper. Only your wife will ever know.

  • Doesn't ranch dressing normally include powdered buttermilk? That might get you a little closer to the flavor of the original.

  • Made this with bone in Beef Ribs, Not happy about my selection but i made do with it. This was one of those things i should've been more salt minded with, All in All I loved it. And YES, I used whole peppers. Thanks Chef John. I love these types of meals, Esp. in the winter.

  • Good and easy recipe. Thank you, chef John!

    I am glad that you pronounced "Worcestershire sauce" absolutely correctly ( 3:24 ) so that your subscribers could learn. It really bothers me when "celebrity" chefs on television fake the difficulty in saying the word. Worse still is that some of them even say "wurs'-ter-shyer" (rhymes with "tire"). After all, we don't say "new hamp-shyer" for the State of New Hampshire, do we? To pronounce old English names, just forget that the final "e" is there.

  • Delicious looking dish! I'm so glad you don't encourage us to use the various seasoning packages. XX

  • Chef John, I've made a number of your recipes over the past couple of years and each something in common: Success the very first try! I will be making these Short Ribs soon and I know they will come out wonderfully!! Thank you!

  • “You can eat 100% of what you bought” <—— dumbest fucking thing I’ve heard on a cooking video.

  • Kinda sad (though not in this particular case, just in general) MSG gets such a weirdly bad rap in the west, considering it would take approximately 900 grams (think almost 2 lbs) of MSG to be lethal with normal doses having no negative side effects besides making a dish taste richer (Tarasoff and Kelly 1993), while even 30 grams of straight salt have the potential to be deadly (Campbell and Train, 2017).
    We love the glutamate in dried tomatoes, mushrooms, seaweed (where it was originally isolated from) and parmeggiano – why not add a quarter teaspoon every now and then to further improve what is probably already a great dish (particularly stir fries).

  • For those that actually have a butcher shop in area should be the disclaimer before every cut of beef. I don't think most people have ever seen meat in butcher paper, let alone a actual butcher shop. lol For example lots of the cuts of beef in these videos just don't exist outside butcher shops in grocery chain stores.

  • I made it yesterday, followed your recipe to a T. Amazing dish, my husband and I love it. It is our new favorite short ribs recipe.

  • What's with the random inflections lol…I used to watch this channel a while back and never remember Chef John doing that

  • Chef John, your videos are the only ones that I hear all the video instead of jump to the ingredients/preparation/results, Its so gratifying hear your narration.
    xoxo from Chile 🙂

  • I like how John always introduces parmesan cheese as "believe it or not parmesan cheese."

    I believe it, John.

  • Yeah, I get irritated when supposedly 'professional' chefs say crap like "searing seals in the juices." One of the biggest annoyances, though, is when they say "vinegarette" instead of "vinaigrette." Makes me question their culinary knowledge.

  • Thank you Chef John for sparking my interest in cooking! Thanks to you, my family thinks I'm a natural. This recipe in particular was really well flavored and paired very nicely with your butter laden mashed potatoes. I left the bone in and will probably do that next time as I received a 10/10 from my harshest critic (my 20 year old son)……………Thanks again and again

  • you mentioned these really aren't short ribs – what would I tell the butcher what cut I want to get these? recipe looks delicious – I want to try!

  • I'm a college student and I've been watching Chef John's videos since highschool. Proud to say he taught me to cook and I've never had to resort to Mr.Noodles!

  • I tried this out tonight with a couple of friends over to watch some some sporting events, and I know I know, don't serve any dish you haven't made before, but I honest to goodness had just enough short rib that it was begging to be made. Extremely well received all around, especially served with your garlic mashed potatoes. Thanks as always, Chef John!

  • I've got mad respect for you for sticking with the classic chef john style for more than 10 years and not going Full Youtube. Your recipes are always a real comfort.

  • i like the channel, but i wish that the voice over wasn't so 'sing song' in the way it is narrated now.

  • to whom this may concern… trading stocks is the best thing to ever happen to me…if you need any assistance..

    i will be very glad to help out

  • Thank you for a recipe that doesn't include packets and cans of questionable ingredients. Do you have one for King Ranch Chicken?

  • Being in Mississippi I felt like I had to cook this, so I did! It is one of the best things I've eaten this year. The year is still young Chef John, and I am looking forward to more fabulous recipes!

  • I have made this twice so far….without the pepperoncini ……AMAZING… wife ask me to make this at least once a week now.

  • Marmite is good added to braised beef dishes for flavor depth. (You know that nasty stuff the Brits spread on their toast) Thanks for the “searing seals in the juices” clarification. As a chef myself I always though it was dumb to say that. Great videos. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Made this last week and was fantastic. Thank you Chef!

    I could not find the short ribs without the bone though so I had to try something to keep the meet intact.

  • The start of you sentence starts low and at the end u get high then u start low and then u get high you start loW THEN GET HIGH

  • Chef John, I have cooked this twice since you made the video. Thank you. It is incredibly savory and delicious. That seasoning mixture you concocted is a secret weapon. I even filmed the experience. (what if he actually commented on the vid?)

  • Glad to hear you had the same experience with the sliced pepperoncini. I made the original version you talked about and thought the sliced peppers would be good. But it ended up tasting to salty. Defiantly giving you version a try with whole pepperoncini.

  • I've made this four times since I first watched this video two months ago. It's my new favorite meal.

  • Chef John, I made this meal the other night after watching the video – I did not have all the ingredients but most and it blew my mind how delicious it was. I must say your selections are always wonderful. Keep up the great work, my friend.

  • Just made this tonight for dinner and it turned out incredible! We didn't use the peppers but followed the rest of the recipe to the T and it still turned out amazing!! Thank you Chef John! Can't wait to try more of your recipes!

  • I make the Mississippi roast as well I leave out the flavor packets and whatnot though just season the beef accordingly a half or a whole stick of butter and 12 peppercinis does the trick every time

  • bought a half of a half from a butcher recently and 2 packages of short ribs came in it
    i did this recipe, regardless of cut, and it came out absolutely phenomenal

  • I make Mississippi Pot Roast at least once a month. It's one of my favorite dishes to serve my family. I really like your take on it and will try it sometime.


    1) Since fond is needed in this recipe to enhance the flavor and color the sauce, you should AVOID using nonstick pans, because they suck at developing adequate fond. Use a good multilayer STEEL PAN instead.

    2) At 2:32 the parm is clearly microplaned. Microplanes are great, but not the best for cheese because the resulting threads tend to clump and tangle, whereas a star point grater yeilds a result that sprinkles/mixes/disperses far better.

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