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Monocoque Body Technology

(upbeat music) – G’day, Daiwa fans, Tom Slater here at the
2019 AFTA Trade Show. Wanna run you through some
of our key technologies in fishing reels, one of the most important being
our monocoque body design. So, monocoque body means
it’s a one piece body design. Where we traditionally
used to have a side plate on the side of the reel,
with screws holding it in, we now have a side plate eliminated and replaced that with what
we call our engine plate, which screws in to the
side of the reel directly. So it houses the main gear
and screws straight in. The benefit of monocoque, not only is the body a lot
stiffer and more rigid, but it actually maximizes
the internal space we can use because we don’t have to
accommodate screw holes. So what we can do, what the result of that is, we can make a much
bigger diameter main gear in the same size body. So this is the old 15 exist main gear and the new 18 exist main gear
of the same equivalent size. So you can see, much much bigger diameter and you can see that also duplicated here with 19 certate versus 16 certate. So you can see in the body design by eliminating the side plate screws we can increase the area we
can use for the main gear. So we can make a physically smaller body but pack inside it a much larger gear which overall produces
a much stronger reel. So not only is the monocoque
body itself a lot stronger, in that it’s more rigid, but to combine that with a bigger gear and it’s really the next evolution of spinning reel technology. (synthesized music)

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