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Montgomery Lake (drone) Record Largemouth Bass of George Perry on the Ocmulgee River Inspiring Kids

There’s Adrian, right there. We’ve hiked in to this spot on the Ocmulgee River. With Adrian’s lucky rod and reel right there. Been catching the big ones. TO Montgomery Lake which is very low right now. but is the spot of the largest largemouth bass ever caught. The world record was caught right here. Right here. Right here! That’s where the world record was caught. It probably looks a little bit different than it was when the world record was caught, but nonetheless… We are reproducing that day from 1932 … or something like that is when it was. when the world record was caught All we have is one fishing rod and one lure. Just like George had. I believe that was his name, George. Who caught the world record bass. He was more worried about losing his lure than he was about how big the fish was! This is nuh-peer ad-venture at its finest, right here. … (muffled) It’s getting exciting. What’s that buddy? It’s getting exciting. It’s getting exciting. Yeah, we’re about to find some deeper water to try to fish in. We’re going to find it. So … I think probably the better part of the lake is down in this direction … so … to be continued. That’s a world record cast right there, now. In a world record lake. Down it that direction just a little ways (sic lol) is the Ocmulgee River. I’m going to show it to you on video in just a second. (Whiskey barrel slide guitar solo) (cigar box guitar solo) (cigar box guitar solo) (cigar box guitar solo) That’s a world record cast right there, now. in a world record lake. (cigar box guitar) (whiskey barrel slide guitar)

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