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[Mukbang]살아있는 활 대하새우 먹방 The Most Crazy Raw Shrimp🦐 Ssoyoung Eatingsound Realsound

Get in! It’s so cold. You will be the first. Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I will be trying alive shrimp. Please click the go back button if you guys feel uncomfortable watching it. I will pour all the shrimps. Please click Subscribe and Like. I can’t start filming. Guys.. shrimps could… just pop out in the middle of wathcing video. I will take some water out. First of all, Shrimps are popping out way too much. I can’t continue. Wow it drives me crazy seriously. This is insane. I will try it now. Shrimps look like this. Looks like this. I will try it now. I prepared a red chilli sauce and soy sauce. I will try it now. Please understand me if you get surprised by popping shrimps. Taking off the skin. Red chilli sauce. I will put a cap on so they can’t avoid. Get in ! From now on, I will ignore even if they make sounds.. Get in. Let me start preparing seriously. A red chilli soy sauce and a soy sauce prepared. It’s so cold. I will take off all the skin. Wow it’s so delicious. What is this? Eating it alive makes me feel freshness. It’s so delicious. (Soy sauce) It’s so delicious. It’s still moving. I can’t do this. I can not concentrate! I will dress many shrimps first and start eating again. You are the first! I seperated all the heads and now I will start the body part. All the skins are taken off now. I will try it. I wish there is someone who takes off all the skin for me. I will make soy sauced shrimp with left over shrimps. I will start cooking! This is the soy sauce and I will pour everything here. Please stop moving!! Hey I just grabbed a soy sauce!! You guys also move like this when you get showered by soy sauce? Please save me… It’s completed! I will try it now. I will try it with some rice this time. Today I had a hard time with the shrimps. But it definitely worths eating it. You are so yummy! Please click Subscribe and Like!


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