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[Mukbang] 살아있는 문어 6마리! 🐙 매콤한 불닭문어+숙회🔥 ASMR Eatingshow Eatingsound Realsound Ssoyoung

Hello, It’s Ssoyoung! Toda, on Ssoyoung’s channel, Hoony is here to say thank you! Hello, folks! This is Hoony! So many viewers from Ssoyoung visited my channel. It led to my channel exploding with subscribers. I was so grateful, which is why I’m here to thank you all. I really appreciate you. Isn’t that sweet, Hoony’s here just to say thank you!
(Go and subscribe, like Hoony’s channel❤) Right, at the comments below, many of you guys thought we were actual siblings. Are we that close? He’s not my younger brother. He’s ‘like’ a younger brother. So don’t have an argue down there! By the way, Hoony. You’re here to say thanks, but are you here empty-handed? Of course I’m not~ I brought some octopuses! I love octopuses!! We’ll first bring them outside! Here’s one.. It’s fresh, isn’t it? Shut up and take ’em out! Did I bring too many? It’s getting away… Grab this octopus, Hoony! It’s so strong! First, there’s one! And two! Three Four Five! Huh? (One of them) Got away! It fell down here! I got it! And six! See guys, Hoony here recklessly bought six octopuses for us. We’ll start with purging and de-gritting them. You do it! It got away again.. Tear it up! Hey, Hoony, this is so wacky. Guys, this octopus has yellow eyes. Can you see it? Where did the eyes go..? Its eyes are yellow. I brought the salt, sister. Okay, let’s start the purging process! Let’s do it quick! Why did you buy so many! We need to rub the suction cups clean. The octopus got stiff… I’m scared… It really did get stiff! Why did you buy so many octopuses.. Look at this goo! The octopus is making noise..? With the salt.. It’s squeaking.. Fast! I’m terrified… Done! I’m exhausted.. My arms sore. Sis, I’m thirsty. Have some cola? Why you little.. We have some. Cola. Nice catch! The cola flew too hard. What’s with all the Coke in the middle of purging the octopus? Now we’re pretty much done with de-gritting the octopuses. So we’ll wash ’em clean and cook it up! You ready? I am ready! The food is all prepared. The lower octopuses are seasoned with Buldak sauce, and the top ones are slightly blanched. Thanks for the meal~ It looks so tasty, let’s dig in. Pepper paste vinaigrette. I’m cutting one of the legs. Cheddar sauce. Toast! Let’s wrap these in seaweed. It’s so delicious, isn’t it? I’ll try the one with Buldak sauce. Let me cut it for you. And here’s mine~ Done! It’s about time! Cola! Why are you drinking for so long~ It’s not tearing apart!! Let’s also have this one. Let’s rip it up~ Are you full? I am stuffed! Today, Ssoyoung and Hoony had octopus together. It was very chewy and yummy. I would rather call them rubbery. That’s because you have soft teeth~ We had such a good meal. Guys, Hoony is such a nice friend of mine, so go show him some love. Go to Hoony’s channel and Subscribe and like! I have gotten so many support, likes, subscribes, and cheering comments from all of you guys. I am so thankful. Thank you! Don’t forget to subscribe and like on Ssoyoung’s channel~ Bye~


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