Mustard Chicken Curry | सरसों चिकन करी | Popular Recipe of Eastern India | Ravi Sisodiya

if you like my videos, please subscribe, press the bell icon like, comment and share Good Evening Friends Today I have got a recipe from the eastern region of India a very popular one made using mustard seeds and oil chicken curry masala Since the dominance is of Mustard and is from east, so is very tasty and nice To marinate the ingredients I have taken are as follows First is 1 Kg Chicken then Mustard Paste – 50 gm or 3 tbsp add it in the chicken Later we have Curd 50 gm 2 tbsp we have clarified butter Using all these we will do proper marination add 2 tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste Next is Kachri Powder which is used for tendering the chicken and giving sourness to the dish Since I have 1 Kg Chicken after cleaning it so I am adding 2 tbsp of Kachri Powder I am adding 2 tbsp Salt, you can take according to the taste 2 tbsp Red Chilli Powder you can take according to the taste This is also a special ingredient 1 tbsp Cloves Flower it adds to the flavor in this recipe 1 tsp Turmeric now mix all these ingredients wash hands properly before use using soap Marinate is this way and keep it for 1-2 hours for marination marination is done and the chicken has been kept for 2 hours now Now take 4 tbsp Mustard Oil Let is heat for 2 mins Oil is now heated. Now switch off the gas and cook it after 3-4 minutes so that the smell and bitterness is evaporated To end the bitterness of the oil I am adding 1 tbsp Sugar I am also adding 4 chopped onions here Now cook them for some time and make them light brown Switch on the gas and keep it on medium heat and make them golden brown As you can see the onions are now well brown Now the marinated chicken is to be added and let is cook for some time As you can see the chicken is now in the vessel and now let us cook it cook on high flame now the next ingredient is green chillies which will be 9 add them too this will tender well we will stir in between As you can see the chicken is well cooked now and the oil can be seen on sides reduce the flame of the gas Next switch on the next gas We have clarified butter 1 tbsp now add over it 1 pinch of Alkanet Root (Ratanjot) Heat it for a while This ratanjot which will give color to the gravy is ready now now switch off the gas and add it to the chicken in this way Now we will mix it gas is on low heat This will give good color to the dish Add 1 pinch not more Now to make the gravy we are adding 300 ml of water Let us mix it for a while When it becomes cold this will give a wonderful color to it Now we will cover the lid for 5-8 mins It is not necessary to cover the lid but it gives a good color if we cover it by lid Adding 10 grams of coriander leaves on the chicken This is a good and quick recipe Now after 7-8 mins this mustard chicken curry will be ready 7-8 mins have elapsed This gravy is so well cooked now now switch off the gas Now I will take it in a separate bowl As you can see the mustard chicken curry is well ready now The color looks so good and now I will taste the recipe I have taken 1 piece Let me check the tenderness this is well tender now This is spicy with a little bit of sourness of Kachri and taste looks so good You must also try if you like it please like, share and subscribe Thank You!

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