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MY BOAT SANK!!! Boating Accident SHOCKING – Storm Sinks Inshore Saltwater Fishing Boat

Oh God
Oh Gosh it’s going is there any
ohhhh can we get another boat
go inside to help
welcome to the Chew On This Saltwater Fishing Show
Fishing Television with Intensity Yeahhhh
Alright you guys have just saw the previews That’s right my boat sank on the lift
Of all places of all places
i was sitting there i was not even on the water
I looked out and a storm started coming through i wanted to make sure everything was ok
I then looked back out and noticed the boat was floating
you know when you have your boat on the lift you always take the plug out
so it will not fill up with water i saw it i was like oh no
2 minutes to save it so went in there to get the plug back in
the lift started lifting up and raising the front of the boat up in the front and the
back had longer cables so the front lifted up first
the storm was coming over the back and it sunk my boat right here
terrible terrible but you know what even though bad things happen
you have to overcome them and i think the boat turned out pretty good
i mean this is what it looks like afterwards and we have some great sea dek on here
we changed it all up so if you see the sunken boat with all the
white and everything we have a lot of color in this one with a
new motor on this one great to go now
that was a tough day so Oh no my boat sank but we overcame it and
hey sometimes bad things happen who can i call
call jon that’s the only person I can call ohh shoot
the lift won’t do anything it’s only lowering in the back and raising
in the front oh shoot
put the cable right there i can put it under the porta bracket
yep we don’t want to push the boat any lower
this is not Chew On This style here can this help
you can maybe pull it up a little bit
are you going up or down it is getting worse what?
are you going up or down we are going up
you want me to stand on the edge what?
did the back break no
this is the way you get the job done im getting the big bucket out the storm is
coming i was about to say
rush against the storm faster faster
that’s 20 you can skip the gym
come on baby keep going good job Jon
that’s the last this is the way we rock the boat
it popped up see how i am doing this
huh see how it pushes it
let go of it now i think it’s
it’s floating now just get off for now
get off get off I’m videoing
can’t you lower it more so it will even out so even though it sank I got to change the
complete color of the boat as i showed you we wrapped it in carbon fiber
blue looks pretty awesome
and you know what with these wraps it protects my boat from the sun protects my boats from
the elements and if it gets scratched up or something just rip it off and replace it
it’s really less expensive then having to get the boat detailed every year
so I am pretty pumped up about it alright we are back in action
we’ve got the boat all ready we’ve got us a new yamaha 200hp outboard with
25 inch shaft a new talon on the boat
the minn kota ulterra trolling motor with 112 pound thrust
push a button and the trolling motor drops in the water
the i pilot spot lock anchoring feature the new humminbird onix
we’ve go sea dek and all new brown interior
so it’s actually better than it was before it sunk
you know in a tough situation and the boat goes down
you guys see it was a little stressful we made it though it and we are ready for
this years fishing show season and hopefully no more calamities
thanks a lot for watching be sure to check out the salt life channel
and thanks for watching Chew On This Godspeed and we will see you next episode


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