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MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Catfish (ft. Nev Schulman!)

– Boop. Boop. Boop.
Boopboopboopboopboop… (clinking)
– [both] Pew! – Da-doo! – Boop boop. Hello. – Yes! (laughing) (clinking) – Hooves. – Your mom, probably. – (chuckles) – N-no, I mean– You don’t have any, like… A little bit just like
(chuckles) landed on my lip. – Welcome to My Drunk Kitchen. Hey, guys! This week on My Drunk Kitchen, I am joined by the one,
the only Nev Schulman! – Hi, guys. – Now as some of you man know, Nev is the host and creator
of the show Catfish. – I was the first public
victim of a catfish, and, and subsequently coined the phrase and now host the show. – Yes, correct. And I actually would like to say that you are the first public
survivor of a catfish, okay? Like words …
– [Nev] Sure, you’re right, thank you. – … Words have power. – (glasses clinking) Ding ding! Nev, what do you think we’re
going to be making today on My Drunk Kitchen? – Well I love pizza. – (groans) I wasn’t thinking
about your interests, so much as your SEO. So we’re making catfish! – I’m super excited to
make catfish because I never feel comfortable ordering it, because I feel like it’s a, it’s almost I’m making a joke of myself, to say like, “I’ll have the catfish!” – I’ll have the zoiks!
– [Nev] Right. – I can’t even imagine how many different types of
people you’ve gotten to know. – I think there’s mostly
just one kind of person. – The human race? – We’re all pretty much the same. I think. I mean we all want
basically the same things. – Fried food. – Fried food. Step 1: In a large re-sealable bag, (chuckles) combine the
first nine ingredients. – What the f–? Ayy! One quarter cup flour. – Okay. – One quarter cup cornmeal. – Onion powder. – One, two? That looks about right. One teaspoon, so… – Half a teaspoon garlic salt. – Half a teaspoon, okay, great. – Woo-hoo-hoo! How much cayenne powder?
– [Nev] I don’t know, but something. – (singing) He’s doin’ the pepper today. I very rarely say this, but this bag smells great. – You know what they say, that a catfish has nine lives. – Ooh! (laughs) – Wait, don’t give away all your secrets, then you’ll be letting the… Catfish out of the bag! Catfish… – I think it’s time to let the catfish out
of the bag, actually. – Hhhank you. Ginger beer. – So now we’re going
to add our catflish… – We just took the catfish out of the bag, and now we’re actually putting
it back in a different bag. – Is that what you do with
the people on your show? – Trying to take them into a new life, a life where they could be… – Yeah, it’s like when
you go to the pet store, and you’re like– (Hannah shouting) – ‘Cuz I want it to look like this. – You know what, I can’t promise it’s gonna
look like your expectations. – Are you telling me that this
catfish might not actually end up looking like it
does in the pictures? (quiet chuckle) – Catfish! Put your catfish slop into your bag slop. Well like, we could seal it. (coughing) Now that you’ve seen your
catfish for what it is, do what Taylor Swift would
do and just Shake it Off. – Woop! Now we’re cookin’. – So we’ll put the butter on here. – Oop! Quarter cup of butter. – While we wait for the butter to melt, let me ask you some personal questions. – Great. – If I was doing a show like yours, by the way, I’ve been
a fan, I like Catfish. Not the food but the programming. I mean I don’t know you yet, I might like you for what you are. Let’s talk about that later. Anyway, if I were the host
of a show like Catfish, I would have a really hard time detaching, and I would feel so drained
by every experience. How do you create a situation
that’s perforated enough that you can bond to experiences but enough of a barrier for you, that you can walk away not
carrying this with you? – (sighing) It’s tough. – Cheers to you Nev, because you I think are
doing a very difficult job. – And by the way, I will
be the first to tell you that I need fixing also. – That’s probably why
you’re able to do the job. – Yeah. – Now that I’ve grilled you, let’s grill this Catfish!
– [Nev] Ohh! Oh! Nice!
– [Hannah] Nailed it! – It’s got a good weight to it, a good heft. – Good heft! (shouting)
– [Nev] Whoa, sorry! It kind of smells like French toast. – Oh my god, he’s right. Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo! A-diddly boop boop! – A-boop! – Good boop-booping! – Ooh! – [Hannah] Wow! – Oh my God, do you guys
see how good this looks? – Holy shit, we did it again. Now that you put your cat
fish on a (mumbling) pan, (blowing air) – [Both] Ooohh! – Great sound effects. Hey, guys, look we made catfish! – We sure did. – Om! Mm! – That’s actually really, that’s actually really good. – That tastes exactly like how it should. Sometimes the thing you’re going for might not be what you get. But you should always hope for the best. Unless you’re living in a world of denial and repression. Think about that. – Check, please. (laughing) – Think you so much for
watching this week’s episode of My Drunk Kitchen. Be sure to check out Nev’s show on MTV, but also be sure to check out Nev on all his social media
platforms listed below. And thank you for coming! How was it? – It was everything I dreamed and more. – Well, that’s what we like to
do here on My Drunk Kitchen. You have to say, “Have a great day!” – Have a great day.


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