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  • if you've enjoyed this video. Check out our top 10 for a 10 gallon aquarium video:

  • hye cory was wanmdeing if i could have 6 neon tettras 6 cherry barbs a dwarf gourami and a rainbow shark with 4 clown loaches in a 20 gallon

  • If I go with a 20 gal tall tank with harlequin rasboras as top fish and cory's as bottom sigh what would be a good centerpiece fish?

  • Thanks so much! Now my aquarium room is done! Well, not really… but! I now have 4 aquarium! A 75 gal coral reef 20 gal Daneeos(hopefully i got the right spelling) the 55 galloon with a gulper catfish and A 30G female betta comunity tank! I don't even know why i even said all my Fish tanks lol… Sorry for my bad english… And for the person reading this have a nice day!

  • My 20gallon: dirted with sand, heavily planted. Guppies (four female one male, many fry), female betta, nerite snails, and ghost shrimp. Betta fish is too busy exploring to bother shrimp and fry, and fry and shrimp have plenty of hiding places.

  • i have a random 20 gallon and i have no idea what to do with it. i don’t wanna do a molly, platy, guppy community tank again i want to try something new. any suggestions?

  • What brand of frozen blood worms do you prefer? Currently I am using Omega one but a breeder told me that Omega one will give my fish parasites and that I should use Hikari. Thoughts?

  • Hi Cory, another great video! I am planning to add a couple of Ramirezis to my tank (40 gallons) but I have already cherry shrimps which are already sharing the tank with guppies, tetras, neons, ancitrus and corydoras. Will the ramirezis eat the shrimps? Many thanks for your answer!! 🙂

  • I bought a 20 long 2 months ago and so far I have 4 bronze Corys and a school of 10 neon tetras I was wondering if I’m able to add 10 rummynose tetras or is that to big of a load for my 20G?(I don’t really mind doing water changes often)

  • Can I keep any of these with my yellow bellies slider and colored turtle? If not, I won’t get them. I don’t want fish getting killed.

  • I live in Colorado and love trout fishing. I’ve been looking for a small trout looking fish and I think the leopard danio is great.

  • I cannot find Julie's or Multi's anywhere in my area…and petsmart lists a good majority of their cichlids as "assorted". Any advice on how to find these fish online? I'm out of luck here in Eastern NC…

  • The Panda Corydoras don't look right; the midwater hovering with the constant paddling of body and fins is a sign of illness/serious stress in Corydoras (comparable to the shimmying of sick/stressed/chilled poeciliids), as is their lack of responsiveness to disturbance as they atypically cluster in the middle and upper levels of the water column.

    Healthy C. panda respond to disturbance (i.e. recording with a camera) by staying near the bottom and schooling tightly.

  • I’ve been researching for a couple months now. Received a couple books for Christmas and I’ve taken notes on your top 10’s and top 20’s. Good things come to those who wait right? I just came across a 30 gallon with stand and decorations for a sweet price. The people upgraded to a 55. I’m going with Neons and Red Phantoms, Nanus Cory’s, Dalmatian Platy’s, Red Flame Gourami’s, Harlequin Razzies and later some shrimp.
    Love watching and your full of great info. Thanks from an old timer who is starting up again for the 4th time.

  • @aquariumco-op what is the blue cichlid in the first tank w/the julidochromis tank? It is a baby blue with stripes both vertical and horizontal w/some black & white in the fins? Is the Socolofi? Cheers

  • Hey Cory. I'm cycling a new 29 gallon tank and want it to be a Roseline Shark and Corydora species only. I want to start with 3 Roselines and 2 Cory's. What number of fish for each species should I stop at for the best results of my tank.

  • Love your videos. I have a 55 Gallon tank with a large variety of fish. Platies, Mollies, Bloodfin, Neon, and Serpae Tetras, 4 corydoras, 1 khuli loach with 3 tiger sand loaches, 1 pictus cat, a few killies, one blue gourami, one redtail shark, some zebra danios, and A male and female pineapple swordtail along with their off spring. Now I know this sounds like a lot, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, but everything in my tank is very happy and growing nicely. And I have had this tank since the later part of last July.

  • I had 5 large convicts given to me. 2 males. 3 females split into 2, 20 gallon tanks. 1 pair had babies but I had to remove the male after they hatched because the female kept beating him up . lol. Now I have a 55 gallon with all the adults in it. The fry are about half an inch long and still in the 20.

  • I have 1 red tail black shark he doesn't like any one else with him or he will kill it. Love him ❤️

  • I'd go with a school of 10 of the first fish I ever bought… the bloodfin tetra. No need for a heater and they school great! They also can be found quite low priced. There's no need to spend a fortune.

  • Yeah in my dorm room actually bred guppies in my 20 gallon and just sold 42 of the offspring to my local fish store.

  • I didn't know until awhile ago that Cory's could swim mid tank because their a bottom feeder bu it makes plenty sense that they can

  • My local pet store asks $7.49 each for leopard danios and $4.49 each for zebra danios. So at $4.49 each it would cost me $30.98 after taxes for a group of 6.

  • Ok so like help if anyone can.
    So did a little rescue and ive got this clown loach on its own in a 34 gallon tank.
    I will be saving up for a bigger one. But i do know that she lonely and i dont want her to die of loneliness. But buying more loaches isnt really an option because my tank is too small and we need 6 right?
    So im looking for maybe different species?? I dont know please someone help.

  • well….i was originally planning to get the commin goldfish but i found out that in a 20 gallon tank you can only really keep one goldfish and moreover they produce a lot of waste. Now I'm trying to find out if I should just get platies instead

  • Would 6 Panda cories do fine in a 20 gallon high? I was told to not get them because my tank is not a 20 gallon long. But they would be the only bottom dwellers. The other fish would stay in the other regions of the tank.

  • the last one was my fav!! the blu eyes, Gretruede(spelling??) i can't ever find them here in Ky.
    Those and celestial pearl danios are my two favorites, but hard to get in my location,..
    Good vid bruda,..

  • I have a pretty large tank and I have
    2 honey gourami
    2 pea puffers
    A small school of emperor tetras
    Some neon rainbow fish
    And some killifish as well as a dwarf sucker mouth

    But I’m looking to get a smaller tank at the moment for my downstairs

  • Cory. Can you put all these fish together in the same tank like one of each? Trying to do a diversified mixed tank..

  • I currently have 6 Cherry barbs 4 female. 2 male, 2 tiger barbs, 3 green tiger barbs, 2 octo catfish and 2 albino cory cats, one bronze cory cat in a twenty high with a hang on the back filter and a corner box filter. I keep it at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. My other twenty high has 1 albino back skirt tetra, 4 black skirt tetras two are long finned variety, 3 Buenos Aires tetras, 2 octo catfish, 1 albino cory cat, 1 bronze cory cat. Same filter set up I keep this particular tank at 78 " my Buenos Aires don't seem to like it hotter so I set my heater to 78 and every one is happy. I currently don't have live plants only plastic but I want to try some live plants any suggestions for easy to grow/care for low light mosses or plants?. My mantanice routine is I do a 25%water change every other Saturday or Sunday and do a little bit of gravel vacuuming every 4th Saturday or Sunday. If I have to medicate I do a 20% water change daily then a 40% change the day after I finish medications granted since I lowered the tank from 80 to 78 the Buenos Aires aren't getting stressed causing ick. I gotta thank Rachel O'Leary for that tip to try, has worked well. I also stopped getting fish from Walmart and petsmart…..I've got two local fish stores I shop at now for my supplies and fish. I may pay a little bit more but quality and factual advice is worth every single penny… your local pet stores because the little man/woman will take care of you because you are their income not some giant corporations!

  • Great channel I'm from England going for eletric blue rams or Amber rams what will go with guppies and corrys best got 100 letter tank keep up the amazing job your doing

  • i have a 20 gallon hex tank and i am searching for a centerpiece fish i have black skirted tetras 5 and 3 Dalmatian mollies as well as a cory catfish what would you recommend for a centerpiece for this tank. thanks for your help in advance.

  • Starting up a 20 gallon tank. I have a few fish in mind. A pair (M/F) dwarf gourmia, about 6 neon tetra, and 4 albino cory's? You think that would work??

  • I have a 20 high with a blue powder d. Gourami with 3 guppies. I may rehome the guppies.i have around a ph of 7 with temp at about 78.
    10 neon tetras with the Dwarf Gourami and about 6 Albino cories

    1 angelfish with the dwarf gourami and some cories

    Dwarf gourami with cories and tetras with some silver hatchetfish

    Dwarf Gourami with one betta and some cories

    1 angelfish with 1 or 2 dwarf cichlids like GBR or apistos or something like that, along with the D.Gourami.

    Dwarf gourami with a whole lot of guppies

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