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New Molix Spinnerbaits | Bass Fishing

Hey, BassResource fans. Mike Iaconelli, ICAST
2013. I’m here at the Molix booth. I want to talk to you about some of the new, cool
stuff that I’m excited about. The first one is a line of brand new Molix
colors that I helped develop. You know from the past how much I love the Molix spinnerbaits:
The FS series, the Water Slash, all of them. But now, I’ve come up with Molix, and we’ve
come up with six custom Ike colors. These are colors that, over the years, have
really helped me dial into the forage and win a lot of tournaments over the years. So,
let’s look down here and take a look at some of these things. Every one of these colors
is something special that I’ve worked on. From the top one here, which is really a color
to me, that’s a muddy water color. It’s a combination with an orange blade and a copper
blade, something you don’t see in a lot of spinnerbaits. Over here to the double white. A lot of places
we fish, you see White Perch, or the Shad, have a very white coloration, so pure white
blades. Right below it, if you look, a black and blue spinnerbait, with black blades. You
know, black and blue for me, in jigs, and the Lovr, have been great for years, and now
I have it in the spinnerbait for low light conditions. Next to it, we’ve got, what I call, a true
minnow imitation. A lot of spinnerbaits look like Shad, but I wanted something that was
going to imitate a minnow, or a smelt, and we’ve got that with that color. Below it,
man, to me, that’s what I call the smallmouth killer. If you fish any places that have the
brown ones, for some reason, small mouthlove a double chartreuse blade. So, we’ve got the
smallmouth killer. Finally, color number six, a bluegill pattern.
If you look at it, it’s got the blue gillbars. A lot of orange in the throat, and then, of
course, the bluegill colored skirt. The neat thing about being able to design
these colors is not only do we have them on amazing spinnerbaits, but now we’ve got color
patterns, so you can match the forage, and match water conditions. So now, I can match
blades, sizes, and color patterns to the right situation. Mike Iaconelli for BassResource at ICAST 2013.


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