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“NO MORE CHICKEN NUGGETS!” Best Rule Change Reactions | Wife Swap

– Oh wait, I’m not done. Let’s not forget, you’re
gonna do the cleaning and the cooking, with a
full face of makeup on. – No I won’t!
(man laughs) – Full beat.
– No I won’t! I’m drawin’ the line right there. – Jack, get your face made up. (upbeat rock music) – All right, since y’all are so extreme, I’m ’bout to be extreme! (thunderous music)
– [Kids] Uh oh! – While I’m here, there
will be no schedule. – Hm? What? (kids sigh and cheer) – Your kids have been dying for this! It’s time. Y’all are gonna focus on
something called free time. – It’s too much freedom,
just to give a kid a opportunity to kinda just feel themselves out and do what they like. – Free time is the freedom to explore your own creativity, to decide what you wanna do in your own home. (dramatic music) – New rule: Nuri, you and I will sit the kids down for some focus work time. Only after their work is completed, and they have sat still
for the allotted time, will they be allowed to play. – This is gonna be challenging for her, tryna sit ’em down, kinda futile. – Toughen up, and end the kids’
tantrums, once and for all. (Nuri laughs) – Ready for the next rule. – [Group] Yes. – Wave goodbye to your microwave. – [Kids] No! (Khalif grunts) – Khalif, if I can live 11
years without a microwave, I know you can do it! I gonna incorporate healthier
food that’s vegetarian. (dramatic orchestral music)
– It’s just extreme! Why would you take my microwave? She’s crazy! – It’s okay, dad. It’s okay. – I’m feeling that these
workouts are too structured. Too military-based in this home. Okay, it’s time for some fun! – I don’t know if we
are a militant family. I don’t know if we come off like that. – It’s time for me to remove the schedule. That calendar is coming off the wall. – Oh man! – It’s gonna be okay. (kids and dad yell) – No! – I don’t do rules. – Yeah, I don’t think that my wife would be down for that one. – I’m your wife right now, okay? (kids yell) – Like, that’s a no, no. That’s like Moses dropping the tablets. Like, you don’t do that! – I’ve been here for a couple of days abiding by your rules, and I
think it’s time for change. (Khalif grunts)
– That’s a strong change. – Khalif has got some down
time to look forward to and he doesn’t know what that means. It’s time to enjoy.
(dramatic orchestral music) (tinkling cymbals music)
– All right! Here is where we begin the new rules. So from now on, there’s going to be no devices at the table. (explosive music)
– Hold up, wait. – While eating dinner,
we’ll put the devices away, and we will just be a family,
and we’ll talk to each other. – Say no! – Degarmos, new rule; I’m getting
internet in this house! (boy laughs)
For everyone. (girl laughs)
– I’m actually very excited because I love having
the internet; amazing! – I like this new rule! – Oh no, I’m gonna lose
my kids to this wi-fi! They’re gonna become slaves
of online technology. (tinkling cymbals music) – I’ve got some fun new rules to make this family healthy. No more chicken nuggets or fast food! (dramatic music) – Not daddy speaking. You’re not our daddy. – No more junk food snacks. (kids moan)
– Sit down. (child screams)
Brant, come sit down. We gotta listen to the nice rules. – This family needs structured exercise. – I’m not doing that. – And we’re gonna exercise as a family! – And I’ll drink my own sweat. (tinkling cymbals music) – I want you to make sure that you have positive experiences together. – He’s mad or he’s sad. – Christy seems to be
receptive, on the surface. But I really hope she
uses this opportunity to figure our what she can change. And help her Boe to be better parents. – Okay, no tears. Why do we try, wait for a little while, and lets just see how it goes? (tinkling cymbals music) – Your momma and your wife, she’s a full-time job and full-time mom. – I really just wanna help her out. So I have got some new
rule for this house. Halani is like Jack. – Jack has a full-time job. Jason is more like me. I think Jason could be chipping
in more around the house for Halani when she comes home. For the next 48 hours, more family time. And no more cellphones. Everybody’s electronics go in here. – Woo, bad! (phones crashing) – Thank you! – I hate you! (boy grunts) – We’re no longer living in Jack’s world. So here’s what you’re gonna do. You’ll be cleaning this house. – What? – And cooking for everyone! – You’re kidding? – No I’m not. You’re no longer gonna have
your meals prepped for you. You’re gonna do that for yourself. – I don’t cook. – You’re gonna learn how to cook. (thunderous music) – This family needs to
work together and all. And I have a great system for that. Chore buckets. – Oh!
– Okay? I invented the chore
bucket, so I’m excited for this family to participate. Cleaning is family time too. You need to wipe the dishwasher down. And you need to wipe off the coffee table. (upbeat orchestral music) – I’m really not happy
about how the kids are kept the kids are kept in their rooms at night. So, I’m going to set them free. And instead of having
to pound their way out, we’re having a ice cream party! (tinkling cymbal music) So, when the girls are
having their ice cream party, you’re gonna be kept in your room. – What?
– And have to knock to get out. (girls laugh)
– What! – This family needs a home-cooked meal! But, it’s not gonna be me cookin’ it. It’s gonna be you cookin’ it, Jason. (slamming hand)
– No! No! No! (upbeat rock music)


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