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Oceanpedia Critter finder Fish Grouper Giant grouper

Weighing in at up to 400 kilos and
growing to nearly 3 meters in length a size that rivals a cow the giant grouper
wins the prize for the largest of all Coral Reef bony fishes. Although
occasionally spotted in small groups giant growers are usually solitary and
hang around in caves or among ship wreckage. When it comes to finding a mate giant
gropers often have to travel hundreds of kilometers in search. The giant groper is not a fussy eater. It
will consume fishes of all sizes small sharks and raise young sea turtles crabs
and lobsters. Giant groupers require large home rangers to
sustain them and therefore their populations are naturally quite low.
This and other aspects of their lifestyles make giant growers vulnerable
to overfishing. Populations have become extinct in some
areas due to fishing pressure


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