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Good day to all again. We have another video from our fishing trip. Usually most of our catch are diamondback squid using our method but today you will see some fish caught from this squid fishing technique. It is not only the meat of the didamondback squid that is benificial to us but also its ink. This one might have lost most its ink already by ejecting it. The collected ink can be sold for about P700/liter ($16). It is used by tuna handline fishermen here as an attractant together with the bait just like we did on our videos on catching yellowfin tuna. The links are on the description below. Please don’t forget to like if you haven’t already and give us a like because it will be huge help for us handline fishermen.Thank you for watching our videos. And also checkout my brother’s channel ‘FISH BLOOD’, the link is on the descripiton below. Due to the depth where we set our fishing gears it is really hard to retrieve them manually specially if we’ve been out here in the ocean for a couple of days to more than a week. We just find some ways to ease the cramping when pulling the line maybe by changing the position specially when there’s a hook-up that are both huge. Some diamondback squid can weigh up to 12 kilos and if there’s a double hook up we’ll be pulling up to 20 kg. that are fighting from the depth of 1000-2000 feet. I was so tired retrieving this because it was a double-hookup and the other was hooked to side of the body and is being dragged perpendicularly. There are times that it is not just squids that are caught by our fishing gears but also some weird fish. These kind of fish are only found on the deep part of the sea. It is only on the depth of 1000-2000 feet where we set our gears because
it is our limit on where we can only retrieve the line manually. This fish is called an oilfish. It was not caught by the squid jigs but through the loop trap made from mono nylon line that is intended for the swordfish. Please comment down below if you know something about this fish
and if you have some questions. This one is a lancetfish. I have a video about this and the link is on the description below. Please don’t forget to subscribe and give us a LIKE if you like our video, it would be a big help for us. The reason why it is called ‘siri’ is because if you consume its meat that is conventionally cooked, the comfort room will be your bestfriend that day.
And not only that, you’ll be pooping on your pants almost unknowingly with smelly and oily poop. The word ‘siri, is derived from a Filipino word ‘sirit’ which means ‘to spit out’. If that happens you should ready a lot of spare underwears. You also have to avoid going outside or else the flies will always be at your behind. There is a way to prepare this fish to avoid having a diarrhea. It is first being preserved with salt for a few days. Then it is grilled to remove most of the oil and then boiled on water with leafy vegetables. With this process it is now safe and delicious to eat. Despite its reputation we can still sell this fish for up to P180-200 + ($3-4) per kilo. Thank you very much for watching. Please subscribe if you like this video and give us a like if you want to help us handline fishermen.


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