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One Day of Small Stream Trout Fishing: 3×3 Digest

That tree isn’t helping, I must say. At least it isn’t helping me. It is helping the fish, if it’s there. Yeah, my casts are way to short. That’s because I, I’m still not used to this spinning. I use it very rarely. It’s soft and I don’t have a good feel for it. The leaders (guides), as you can see, as you can see, the first leader, it’s the most important one, is very small. And I don’t understand why are they putting in such small leaders into a rod which is supposed to be casting lures from 0 to 7 grams. These lures are very small. You must facilitate the casting instead of making it more difficult, so.. I really, really don’t get it why so many ultralight rods have these microscopic leaders. OK. So first interesting action. So, as you can see a brown trout. It’s about 32-33 centimetres. That’s, that’s like 13 inches, maybe slightly more. But it’s a pretty nice fish for this stream actually. But it’s just unfortunate that it took so long to get one. This stream, it has this tendency to lose clarity of water. What’s the English word for that? Just by itself. It’s not running too high. But there were some rains, and that’s it, it’s enough. In a shallow it seems that the water is pretty clear but obviously visibility is low. As you can see the tree that was there last autumn has been moved to the side. But it’s still there. This one. This is a first good hole. And not good signs. Water is murky but I think that if the fish were really active… Oh! Ok, so… I spoke too soon. Ahh..! Maybe I played too much with it. It looked like quite a decent trout actually. At least 35 centimetres, at least 14 inches. Maybe even more. But it took some time to take the spinner. I think it was maybe fourth or fifth cast. As you can see, this stream is very twisty. And my shadow is falling in that direction. I somehow feel it should be falling somewhere else, but… Oh! Finally. Head shaker. Let’s see… 31-32 centimetres maybe. Let’s see if this is a sign of things to come or just a lone, suicidal fish. [Thanks for watching 🙂 Become a subscriber!]


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