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ONKIJAN AIKA | ANGLER’S TIME | karpin onginta elokuva | 🇬🇧Sub

When you sit by the lake and
everyone else is sleeping you’re in the essence of carp fishing Nothing happens and you’re cold The chilly morning fog floats on water
as lightly as the angler’s thoughts This is a wonderful moment Life is good Thoughts hardly exist All that’s present
are the waiting and the dream A calm silence that can be broken any minute ANGLER’S TIME
Carp Fishing in Finland Only a while ago I thought it was
impossible to catch a big carp in Finland There was a mystical aura above it One that I wouldn’t dare to approach Where to find a carp?
What kind of bait and tackle to use? Catching a carp seemed like a mountain
I could never conquer Like life itself
fishing is full of surprises and getting to know other carp anglers
made the face of the mountain less steep While filming our first small carps
caught from the Baltic Sea the idea of catching the biggest fish
in our fresh waters started taking over our
angling oriented minds It seems that carp originates from Asia but through stocking
it has spread all over the fishing world First stockings in Finland were done
in the 50s and since then carp has been stocked in the northern
waters from time to time There is no doubt we have carp here in suprisingly many waters but fishing carp takes time Before a carp is lying on the unhooking mat with the happy angler showing a content grin you’ve come a long way. look at this, dad! pistä mitri italicina I’ve been fishing my whole life and my passion for underwater life has only grown deeper through the decades A childhood spark has lead into a lifestyle Too often my thoughts wander under the surface It’s a whole different dimension A space that’s separate from life on land It’s peaceful there and the surface tension
keeps the everyday fuss at bay There in the midst of cool and often murky
carp has all the time in the world I wish I could dive inside this world Carp is a mystery I cannot solve I’d like to learn more Sit, fish, and through trial I’d at least understand my errors I’ve spent long hours on my computer
reading various water conservation plans searching information and
trying to get hold of areal information I’ve waded through bushy banks
with scratches on my legs only to sunk to my thighs into
a swamp full of mosquitoes I’ve swum and dived and
eventually – I’ve found Above all I’ve discovered a whole new way
of fishing and having fun for I came to the conclusion that carp
after all is just a fish and no more As time goes by, a carp trip after another,
the mystery over carp has begun to unravel The difficulty in catching a carp
is mainly due to the scarcity of the fish and the most important quality an angler
can have is to enjoy being idle By the lake time doesn’t really exist. There’s just nature, friends and a goal
– to catch a carp Often you find yourself sitting quietly
and staring at the lake You’re not thinking
instead you live the moment You observe but don’t take notice At times you cook and chat It’s living in the bubble
away from everyday life It’s wonderful to focus on the unimportant
and forget everything else This is the essence of carp fishing Evenings before a carp fishing trip are busy Feeding the fish beforehand is important
to increase the chance of catching carp Food is spread in a chosen spot in hope of
attracting some of the lake’s carp there Feeding usually takes place at dusk As you arrive by the lake with your thoughts
the sun sets and the woods quiet down Feeding strategy has been chosen
and you’re excited Feeding is not a simple task Different nuances are weighed up
never reaching a conclusion that pleases all For me,
there’s no carp fishing without pre-feeding A handful of evenings spent on
feeding trips are a part of the carp fishing journey
you have to make On feeding trips waiting turns into dreams and dreams turn into visions
brightening up the busy days at work There’s time to explore and observe change opinions and turn the focus
on the night of fishing When the bait rocket splashes into the water you know you’re going to catch a carp you think you’re perfectly prepared At best, right there
under your eyes the calm surface of the water
breaks silently This is the most magical moment in carp fishing It’s hard not to laugh out loud Part of the mystery is now solved You know you’re standing by a carp lake During the white crisp winter months
you think about your angling In the summer I sit and fish –
I fish carp like there’s no tomorrow The truth hits you during the angling season: carp fishing trips take so much time with all the preparations
and feeding included that there’s a limit to them I don’t know how to push this limit or
if it’s even necessary The small number of carp sessions
makes a fishing day a celebration day On that day nothing can go wrong: Lunch soup has an extra kick to it, heavy rains become light summer drizzles and a tangled fishing line is a blessing The sound of the second hand echoes as the last hours of the working week
turn into a weekend A fishing day Nothing beats this feeling A whole week of anticipation
accumulates in a hurry Don’t know why This moment would have
all the time in the world All that is possible is done and
the lake is waiting for the angler The carp are not going to swim away Mind rushes to the lake,
body tags along You want to enjoy this sweet moment slowly Finally you arrive by the lake One grabs the rods
the other starts feeding first Tents and hammocks are saved for last Tidy up and sit down This is the best moment A several week’s wait ends
and another begins All is set, it’s time to relax and enjoy Who knows – this time you might get lucky I believe there’s little you can do
on the day of fishing Naturally everyone tunes their gear
and prepares their swim but the real work has been done
earlier in the week If there’s no fish in the area
catching is impossible On the other hand – When feeding fish is present catching one is always likely Eyes scan the surface of water
looking for signs of fish Somewhere a waterlily might break loose Bubbles or suspiciously silent rings
might appear With any luck right there
over the baited swim a large head rises over the surface or a dorsal fin slides back into the water This is when you know the carp is there Clock is ticking but
time has no meaning Stories circle around
always coming back to the topic Where are the fish?
Why can’t we see anything? Emotions take over your mind In the far distance a swimming duck
looks like a wave A school of small fish
becomes a carp and every little splash turns the anglers’
heads like a group of meerkats The dusk falls without a notice In the darkness you hear more Early evening’s anxiety has calmed down
and a smooth chatter fills the quiet woods Bats dash over the water surface
spooking the anglers A distant thunder can be heard World is small these days In just ten hours
you’re in the midst of a different culture In a world with only traces of your own Likewise – within this time
a carp must take your bait A bear’s share of carp is caught
when the city sleeps From dusk until the warmth of dawn In this window of time
dreams are made Stars light up the sky and
a pale moon rises over the woods Without carp fishing I wouldn’t be here You see more on the fishing trips these days The cycle of day and night becomes concrete In Finland at summertime there’s only a couple of hours between
the blazing sun and the crisp morning dew and the morning fog turns into
a bright shining day all too quickly Carp fishing trips are an escape from reality A forest trek, a moment of rest
and an adventure at the same time A couple of months of overly serious being
is forgotten with a few nights of angling Tiredness is a truth you don’t want to admit It’d be wonderful to stay awake around
the clock and watch the night Live the waiting minute by minute Although I can normally sleep anywhere
carp tent is an exception The roof of the tent seems to lower down Sounds are heard louder A crack becomes a bang and
a passing airplane a nuclear explosion However, this is not the cause of insomnia Mind plays its tricks It is quiet, nobody talks Somewhere near there’s a splash An adrenaline rush makes you bounce up
as bite alarms beep A carp swimming by, swinging its fins or
feeding nearby? In the dark tent you know
that fish are present and the waiting turns into
a tormenting excitement One moment changes everything At its best sleep is cut short
like a snagged fishing line Bite alarm beeps fiercely
with no intention of stopping Fishing line is running of the spool and last nights tranquil peace has disappeared The water’s edge is full of
tired anglers in a rush Fishing rod is two-fold,
the pressure is high and the carp swims across to the margins
with no intention of slowing down In this moment you know
you have succeeded Striking the fish fulfills the dream
born out of the waiting Why on earth carp? It is easy to muse over the peace of angling Philosophize on the meaning of empty time and remind you, dear listeners, How the early hours’ pale fog floating
on the dark surface of the water makes the worries disappear
and leaves you carefree Power, adrenaline, euphoria, fury and mass There’s no denying – Part of the magic
is in the size of the fish and the raw power it creates
at the end of a fishing line Amazement on what kind of creatures
live in our familiar waters There’s a pinch of pioneering spirit There are surprisingly many carp waters
in southern Finland but the group of carp anglers
is still very small It is fascinating to walk by a new lake wondering if you’re the first one
mapping out its carp population I don’t believe carp are particularly
intelligent or good at learning We anglers make them like that
in our stories Carp is a fish that eats anything
and everything It’s not picky when it finds your baits Surely the days are different and
sometimes the fish just pass by In the end carp is just a way
of testing yourself When I caught my first carp
I was surprised how I felt: The great joy and euphoria were totally absent We’d been chasing carp
for hundreds of hours but happiness still stayed within I was silently content Even today when the carp lies
on your feet the mood remains the same You want to stay in the moment but you hurry to release the fish
back into the water Fairytale comes to an end The choice of a lake and feeding is done The waiting is over Job well done Every fish caught has its own story That story can’t be told with
a scale and a tape measure A fish caught is discussions, setbacks and
the tormenting uncertainty Of decades, years and individual fishing trips – These stories are a book That book is about fishing carp but it also includes the ups and downs
of life itself As the thick back of a carp slides back
into the water, you’re happy The fish is gone It’s quiet Your hands shake Filmed and Edited by Mitri Häkkinen Story by Teemu Heikkilä Underwater filming by Jukka Heikkilä Narrated by Jerry Tapio Narrative recorded by Pekka Rautio Flying camera materials: Koukku Films Oy & K3-ilmakuvaus Flying camera filming (shot 18:15) : Prosky Oy Thank you: Jari Käpylä More Stories: English translation and subtitles by:
Jussi Alamikkelä and Jukka Heikkilä


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