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Onur Tuna – Turkish Actor | Mini Bio | BIO

onur Tuna was born on 2nd July 1985
in the city of technically Turkey he is a can Syrian the 32 years old actor is
195 centimeter tall his mother is retired from the land office and his
father is a teacher of math not a he started high school in borgia or quickly
sessi in 2000 and played licensed basketball and volleyball from a very
young age he was on his high school basketball team and in the school’s band
as well he began singing and playing guitar when he was only 15 he has two
songs to his credit called a Genworth a Antibes Kishin he studied economics and
completed his undergraduate from the dokas Anil University Izmir while
studying at University in Izmir he worked as a professional model for four
years he also studied theater at the mooshed at Kazan Art Centre before
moving to Istanbul he received method and on-camera training in Oz Martha and
craft theatre centres he debuted in 2011 with the TV series hiya daivam Eddie or
as the main character Suraj Becker say he has appeared in
three other TV series so far nein polenta as filling Tom Mustafa from 2014
till 2016 yuck alma as ali-han touched Amir from
2018 till 2019 and to Zurich as America Mars from 2016 to 2017 he entered the
film industry in 2014 with the movie a small September affair in which he
played the role of Othello he has not won any awards for his performances yet
but he definitely has found a place in the hearts of Turkish audiences which is
why he is one of the highest paid actors his net worth is zero point seven
million dollars he lives in a modest house equipped with the latest
technology he owns a BMW sports car and a Mercedes you


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