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Pabda Mach’er Tel Jhol | Pabda Fish Curry | Bengali Fish Recipe

Pabda Machh’er Tel Jhol | A light curry of pabda fish brinjal 100g tomato 25g coriander leaves 8g dal’er bori 10 pcs mustard oil for frying (30g), for cooking (7g), and for garnish (7g) salt 15g; turmeric 6g; atta (flour) ½ tsp green chillies 5 pcs kaalo jeere (nigella seeds) ¼ tsp pabda machh 450g (or 5 cut and cleaned fish) marinate with ¾ tsp turmeric powder ¾ tsp salt 1 tsp mustard oil divide brinjal in 5cm segments we need five pieces of brinjal—one for each fish roughly chop tomato slit green chillies to release flavour and prevent them from bursting in oil 30g mustard oil heat oil till it smokes lightly, and changes colour to a pale yellow dal’er bori fry till golden brinjal fry till golden (4 minutes) set aside fry fish in batches, for 1 minute on each side delicately flavoured, fresh padba do not
need heavy searing. fry lightly; a minute
on each side should do the job. set aside make a paste turmeric powder salt 50g water heat 7g mustard oil if not too burnt, you may use the same oil with which you fried the fish kaalo jeere tomato 3 green chillies fry on medium heat turmeric + salt mixture cook till the water dries off (4 minutes) 400g water (for the curry) just when it starts to simmer… add fried bori gently lower the fried fish don’t forget the juicy goodness bubble on medium heat for 5 minutes 2 (more) green chillies fried brinjal pick one of the softened green chillies from the curry mash with ½ tsp atta (flour) and 1 tbsp water green chilli releases heat; flour helps thicken the curry drizzle 7g raw mustard oil chopped coriander leaves bubble on medium heat for another 2 minutes


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