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Partying & Eating Beef at a HUGE Indian Festival (Royal Enfield Rider Mania, Goa, India)

G-man and I have travelled 2000 kms from Delhi to Goa to party at the largest gathering of Royal Enfield enthusiasts in the world. And even if you are not motosexual like me and Gaurav are, keep watching because you are gonna fall in love like… that much love… So let’s go check out the food, the shopping, the music and the crazy events at this massive motorcycle Karl: You guys ready? Gaurav: Ready! Karl: Ayy! G-man! Karl: 3, 2, 1… Karl: Nice! Karl: Alright, Gaurav bro! Let’s go explore man. Let’s see what’s happening at this festival. Gaurav: Yes! I feel it already. I feel such a good vibe coming from this place. Alright guys. Let’s start off with some shopping. Shopping is not my favorite thing in the world but when it comes to motorcycle accessories.. Hell Yeah! Karl: I love your… Guy: Thank you. Karl: How many beers are you gonna drink today? Karl: Are you gonna enter the beer drinking competition? Guy: No, what I meant was whenever I think of beer, I get stuck like this so… Karl: You are in love. Karl: These are really beautiful. Artist: Thank you! Karl: They’re helmet. It’s like helmet artwork. Artist: Yes. I’m a big fan of all that truck art as well like the really colorful Indian art. Yeah it says ‘Horn Please’, just like the trucks. Karl: Oh, I see. It is so hot I’m sweating. So is Gaurav. Let’s keep going though. I want to show you guys mufflers in India. Just like overseas, everybody likes a loud bullet, a loud thumping motorcycle so.. Yeah, let’s get Gaurav to explain this to us. Gaurav, do you like it loud? Gaurav: I love it loud. Karl: Uh, get out of the way then Gaurav. I had one of these on my Himalayan and my Himalayan got impounded because it had an illegal silencer. Karl: These are legal, I hope? Gaurav: Yeah, these are. Some areas… Karl: The louder the better right? Gaurav: Yeah. Karl: Hey guys! How you guys going? Father: I’m very good. Son: We’re alright. Karl: Where are you guys from? Father: UK. Son: Redditch. Karl: UK. Whereabouts? Father: Redditch, where they make it, the original ones. Karl: Really? Where they made the original Royal Enfield.. Father: Yeah. Karl: So you guys are big Royal Enfield fans or you work there or what? Father: I work back in the UK. Karl: Okay, a really old one, heh? Father: No, 2002. Indian one. Karl: Ah! An Indian one, not an English one. Father: No, no. Before me, my father, he used to actually work in the factory in Redditch. Karl: Really? Father: In UK. Yeah. Karl: Wow. That’s so random. Wow, it’s amazing. Father: It’s the fourth time I’ve been to India. Karl: It’s like a family affair then for you. Father: Yeah Karl: Royal Enfield is part of the family for you…amazing. Karl: So why you here? Tell me. Son: My dad brought me. Karl: Wow, you got a… Son: My first time in Goa. Karl: You got a cool dad bro. Seriously. Son: I’ve always thought it. Karl: You don’t get that lucky very often. Son: Pardon? Karl: You don’t get lucky like that very often. Son: Certainly not. Certainly not. Karl: Wow. Son: It’s a whole other experience. So I’m loving it. Karl: It’s your first time in India? Did you stop in Delhi as well? Son: No, I haven’t been to Delhi. Just been here. Karl: Okay. Son: yeah, I’ve been loving it. It’s great. Karl: Awesome. Alright. You guys enjoy it. Thank you so much. Alright, let’s go and eat now guys. I’m starving. It’s 40 degrees here and like it’s all… You are not in India if there is no rajma chawal. Ad you are not near Maharashtra if there is no Pav Bhaji. This is called Misal Pav and it’s one of the most famous foods from Maharashtra. which borders on to Goa so that’s why you will find, you know a mixture of South Indian and and Maharashtrian food here. Karl: Hey! So these guys are my subscribers. I meet guys like these people every single day. Alright I’m gonna try this Misal now. And as you can see, it’s like a lot of sev mixed with curry. It’s really spicy. But then it has all this savory bits in it. So like, it’s spicy, savory and oily. It’s a really weird combination. I’ve never had anything like this before. It’s good though. It’s good. It’s different for sure. Let’s check out some of these sexy custom bikes they have here. They are beautiful Look at this. Look at this. So I still suffer from dehydration in India. When it’s really really hotand you are sweating for hours on end here in the humidity, you just start feeling not like yourself. You’ve lost all your energy and you just feel like going and lay down and not do anything and you get up all grumpy. If you get those symptoms, it’s dehydration and you need to go to the medicine store and get an ORS sachet or rehydration sachet. Drink that and in half an hour, you’ll be feeling better because the body salts that you have lost for dehydration get replenished by the sachet so.. Yeah, I’m drinking all summer when it’s like 40 degrees and I need one right now because I am feeling dead and grumpy and.. Gaurav is getting the grumpiness from me. Sorry Gaurav. Alright I’m feeling better. The color is back in my face and the ORS just saved my life. Now we are gonna go and check out Maut ka Kuaan (Well of Death). And this is basically these guys circling around.. nah, I can’t explain it. You will have to come watch it. And then, we are gonna go party! Behind me is the Maut ka Kuaan velodrome. And Maut ka Kuaan basically translates to ‘Well of Death’. So these motorcyclists are gonna spin around and around in this velodrome. Check it out. I feel the entire velodrome shaking from these motorbikes. I’m surprised this thing hasn’t fallen apart because it’s so rickety. That was awesome. It was freaking cool. Now we are gonna do something very ‘unsanskari’ (ill mannered). Operation “Eat Beef in India” is happening. Hey! Come back. Operation “Eat Beef in India” is happening right now. Gaurav: Let’s do it. Karl: They are just waiting in the comments to attack me. Go. Do your worst in the comments. I dare you! A lot of people think beef is banned in India but it’s not. It is available in a number of states and it is banned in some states so… Yeah it’s like that. You will find it in Kerala, West Bengal, Goa, the North-East… Okay. One beef sandwich, please. Shopkeeper: Beef sandwich? Karl: Yeah. This is British style or…? Shopkeeper: Yeah it’s English style, yeah. Karl: Cool. Okay this is a really British preparation of the beef. You’ve got the stuffing and you’ve got the beef and you’ve got a bunch of mustard in there as well. It’s extremely plain by Indian standards. There are no spices in this but… salt and black pepper. That’s it. Let’s give it a go. Alright. Operation Beef is complete. Now we are gonna go back to the venue and party. There’s music. Gaurav didn’t eat beef, don’t worry. Gaurav is a good boy. He had Pav Bhaji but it was rubbish. Even the sandwich that I had was rubbish like.. it’s just britty as hell. But you know, it’s good to have beef after so so long. You are the guy from Mo Vlogs? Gaurav: No. Karl: Mo Vlogs na? What are you doing in India? I’m a pruder version of him. Karl: Oh. How many Lamborghinis do you have? Gaurav: Oh the toy ones? Many. Karl: Mo Vlogs. You’ve seen it here first. There is no better way to end a night than a music festival. You guys know that I love music and that I used to work in the music industry for many years before I got into IT So yeah. There is no better way to end a festival than a party, yeah! No Bollywood here. Even though I love Bollywood and I always go to Bollywood festivals but, These are Indian alternative Indian artists that are at this festival.


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