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Pasig River Ferry, visiting Philhealth & Philippines NBI Clearance (Part 2)

so my experience with NBI was pretty
good and my experience with phil health was pretty good I’ll outline some of the
details here because there were one or two little bumps in the road basically
you’re told that you can complete everything online however once you
complete everything online you either have to go somewhere to then
pay for it and/or go somewhere to appear and
present ID in order to pick up the documentation that you’re applying for
so applying for it online does not mean that you don’t have to schedule
somewhere and go for it and you’ll probably have a couple of days at least
three days in my case downtime – when you apply for your NBI clearance and
when you go pick it up – Live and learn learn they have payment options online
but most of the payment options just provides you a reference number for you
to go somewhere like BDO which is where I’m going today to pay for the
application fee now I suppose in some ways that is convenient, it means you don’t
have to fall online to pay for your application during your appointment at
NBI but technically you don’t really have the option to pay online either so
a little interesting alright so that only took about 20
minutes at BDO, paid for it got the receipt it’s gotta be a stamped receipt
they’re setting up the pavilions for the Filipino chariot race looking forward to
that go back to NBI today taking a ferry
again because it rocked the last time we’ll see how it goes back in this pedicab things because I walked about
eight kilometres yesterday think i’m going to again today, taking a break alright so I came down to NBI again
it’s Friday morning and it’s pretty packed here today but the releasing area
literally took 90 seconds and they gave me my
NBI Department of Justice Republic of the Philippines personal copy clearance
also really actually a fine experience here I thought it would take like all
day and two or three days and a week in between but really all in all it was a
great experience and it was only three days for them to release the paperwork NBI excellent job thank you so much the NBI clearance spot is really just a
couple of blocks from the museums and Rizal Park I apparently have a companion
today (you see my face at this time) whose king is Jeremiah? trying to tell me that the
Devils and the demons are charging five pesos for comfort room and and that’s
not kosher apparently welcome to Rizal Park what is your name well that was interesting certainly wouldn’t have had that experience if I
decided to take a taxi or one of those pedi cabs back to escolta station but I
had a good experience walking the other day and despite having walked like
eight kilometers yesterday I’m still feeling pretty good for a walk today and
of course I love the sunshine here in the Philippines and and I want to find
that that vendor that was selling the fried camote if that was friggin
delicious alright – mission accomplished found the camote guy
figured I’d get some pineapple juice while I was at it one of the things I loved about growing
up in the city of Philadelphia was fountains tons of fountains there and
you can play in them splash in them sit in them it’s something that doesn’t seem
to be encouraged here in Manila the water doesn’t look clean and he’s like
weird pipes and all kinds of crap on the bottom no fountain splashing today it’s
not always more fun in the Philippines pylons were building for the new sky way February and January are probably the
best months to be in the Philippines there’s like a constant strong breeze
that borders on cool i say bordering because because it’s never really cool
here at least in the NCR th e National Capital Region February obviously moving
into March starts to get a little hotter march is like summertime and see that
friggin Sun is starting to blaze already but it feels great really can’t beat it It’s Manila baybee you can see that super bright moon
hanging up over the city there as the Sun Goes Down you don’t get a sense on how close
that massive urban sprawl is from looking at the video here lot of places to get a good shwarma here
in población Makati but hands-down the best spot is Lebanese food joint
Yallah Yallah behind on Don Pedro Street not only is it super delicious
it’s probably the best price shwarma in Poblacion, you got to try it
oh and they’re eggplant dip is to die for also on Don Pedro Street this estee
Cafe and they do a special Monday through Thursday 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. all
you can drink shots like tequila or vodka or gin and tonic even, for a
thousand pesos four hours but that’s a heck of a deal and it’s right next to Z
hostel across from the puravida reggae lounge where the Costa Rican
reggae lounge I’m walking up back through some of the back streets here in Barangay población makati, I’m on my way up to Jupiter Avenue which is off of Makati
Avenue walking distance from that that central a venue población area and I’m
going to the Philhealth offices today which is part of the requirements for
the work visa documentation now you’re supposed to be able to do everything
online but once you submit everything online they basically tell you they only
give you a pin they do not give you access to your account
you then have to appear in person at a philhealth location to apply for
your I guess your membership card your identity card and a password that allows
you to get into the account that you registered for online so I guess it’s a
little backwards but I guess that’s their way of making sure that you are
who you say you are 20thin the Queue glad i brought a book to read I thought was pretty painless hit the philhealth office filled out a
little form waited for maybe 20 minutes showed my ID and they printed out two
documents for me one was my piece of paper that I know that they’ve been
requesting for my requirements and the second was like an ID card so I guess
some I’m good to go with Philhealth here at the corner of Jupiter and Saturn
Avenue and Jupiter is right off a Makati Avenue right up at Poblacion there a
walking distance from here it’s this corner tree cafe I noticed it because
it was on the Google Maps and as I walked by it’s a vegetarian restaurant
so so that’s always a plus these guys are on TripAdvisor
and on big dish which is that app that gives you discounts you register online
for your reservation don’t see many of these in the Philippines thanks for watching if you like this
video please hit the thumbs up and subscribe for more
it’s Manila baybee

  • The river looks so much cleaner but the squatter cant help themselves throwing their rubbish wherever they can—a little backward in the process but hey, you got good service everywhere you went—–gonna have to teach you—three wheels with a motor is a trike, if its pedal power, then its a pedicab. Does every vlogger look for shawarmas—–don't let Philo near that bike, he will drool

  • You share great information and the vids are excellent. Wish I was back there. Look forward to another blog…Thanks

  • Can you do a quick video on healthcare options for expats?
    I think that’d be of interest for most of your subscribers.
    Greetings from California 👋🏼

  • Interesting, I was born and raised in Chicago, joined the Navy at 16 in 73, Im a Vietnam Era vet. The Navy sent me to Calif. I retired and never left, I live in San Diego,Ca.

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