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Hello Fish Lovers…. Still with me on Raku Channel, where all your hobbies are here. This time we will discuss the causes and how to deal with a disease called White Spot. But before that please like, subscribe and share guys… I hope this video is useful for all Fish Lovers…. White Spot disease among fish lovers, often also known as White Spot or Itch. Well, White Spot disease if not taken seriously, can be one factor the biggest cause of our beloved fishes dying. White Spots are caused by a parasite called Ichthyoptirius Multifiliis. This parasite can be found in fish that live in cold water or who live in tropical water. White Spots can enter the aquarium system through infected fish or through water that contains these parasites. So…. when we buy a new fish, don’t put it directly in the aquarium guys. Quarantine the fish first to be free of White Spot parasites! In addition, aquatic plants and live feed often also become carriers of Whit Spot parasites. Fish that are exposed to white spots usually have White Spots on some or all of their bodies. Fish usually tend to be moody and are on the surface of the water because it is difficult to breathe and lack of oxygen. Stressed fish are also susceptible to this disease. And some fish that have small and delicate scales are also usually more likely to develop White Spot disease. The following is how to treat White Spot disease, this is it…. FISH SALT, pour salt into the aquarium. a. Prevention=0.1% of water level, b. Treatment=+ – 1 tea spoon of salt for 4 liters of water. METHYLENE BLUE , medicine that is often used by fish lovers is able to treat fish from attacks of protozoa, fungi and other micro-organisms. You can get it at a fish shop. Follow the instructions for use as stated behind the bottle. KETAPANG LEAVES, serves to reduce the pH of water and can inhibit and kill white spot parasites. You can dip it directly or boil it first to get brown cooking water, then put the boiled water into the aquarium. HEATER, set the temperature of the aquarium water to 30-32 degrees Celsius. High temperatures can prevent white spot parasites from developing, which eventually die before finding the host. INCREASING THE OXYGEN LEVEL IN THE WATER, fish that are attacked by white spot parasites tend to have difficulty breathing due to the gills of the affected fish. Fish usually swim on the surface of the water to make it easier to get oxygen. Use an aerotor or filter machine to increase oxygen levels in the water. REPLACE WATER 25% OF THE WATER VOLUME REGULARLY, aquariums that are affected by white spot attacks usually make the water become a bit slimy / foggy due to the large number of parasites that develop. Replace water periodically until the ecosystem in the aquarium is free of White Spot parasites. Not too often, can be 2-3 days. CLEAN AND SAFE FEEDING OF FISH, beware of the live food that we often give our favorite fish. Check carefully whether there are White Spots or not! wash it thoroughly before we give it to our fish. 3rd day of treatment. White Spots have started to disappear.


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