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Pesca aos grandes Lucios Portugueses (4K ULTRA HD)

What attack come here this here hello everybody and welcome to another fishing video, I’m in the Sabor river trying to catch some pikes, last week ran more or less not skunk but it was nothing special, I took a single fish and even at the break of day in any case it is better than doing all these kilometers and grading today I got up at 4 in the morning after having been in a fishing holiday, the fifth fishing dinner of the fishing forum where there were more than five dozen fishermen and some women and girlfriends of these fishermen it was a very interesting conversation, I’m trying to do something different get out of my comfort zone, live more and be less bush Let’s see how it goes today, we have a Cormoran As a rule, it’s a good sign, people think that if they are there, there is no fish Let’s go there and it may be that the rule applies and there is a fish here it is first fish beautiful attack drag to sing it’s about sticks, here’s some sticks I’m watching He’s stuck but he’s also stuck on the sticks. I’ll watch what happens. I think I’m going to be without it. I think I will be able to I got pretty pretty pretty pretty… gorgeous gorgeous so beautiful look at this very heavy How much will it weigh? now let’s free already gave us what we wanted was the fight and with luck will be picked up by another person who will do the same the sample was Eel as you can see and water with it there was hit the engine It does not hurt that I hit you too. we were even It was complicated as they saw but eventually left with Eel Let’s see if we can get one more, it was good, the day is still starting. Take a good look at this forest. tell me if this is not good to have a fish here but incredibly nothing anything The point is not to give up. at any moment the luck changes is full of trees, does not give a chance we are seeing 5 meters of trees a sample that sinks more and gets stuck on here is a fish in the seven meters almost in the background, is one meter from the bottom so it is not Pike perch fish Is not it good when we’re right? ran away what a pity is not it? it seemed to be a good day I took a fish maybe about 10 minutes after you start fishing I started by Eel for a reason, there is no wind today unlike last week so I did not want a trout to hit the water to make a huge splash worked after that I had one more failed attack also at Eel and a failed hardware in Eel you see when I accused the fish now as I am in a zone of 5 meters I am using version 2 of 4Play see the background full of trees one meter and a half to two meters of trees what comes out is what comes here and then I’m wondering if there’s any fish on the top of these trees and that raises a little, just lift a meter that you can already see my sample so far unsuccessful but with these landscapes already worth I already took a fish so just being here is worth it all look at this waterfall just silence and birds, this is what we want what attack come here this here second fish if I tell you that I lost a bass guaranteed close to 2 pounds believed? it was frustrating but two later releases and I get a Lucio less bad more a good monster do not jump now I wanted to see if I was not hooked on the hook. there was no joke I completely forgot to film the release I just remembered now but it does not hurt What matters is that they saw the catch, it was a good fish quite interesting 4Play worked so let’s see if I can get any more of her out of this chaos. by now I just left that part of the trees where it had a maximum depth of five feet, the trees were under me even a meter or a meter and a half and I was using 4Play V2 And how did I get out of that part? This part has nothing. it’s five feet deep I’m going to use Trout because I want it to sink a little more so my day is over I’m almost there was what they saw was not bad at all, started very well, I thought until it was going to run better by the way it started but this is not how it starts, it’s how it ends just see last weekend I walk all morning without a fish. and only in the end did I get a fish anyway it was a lot more fun today I caught two fish debriefed another who was handsome I let a good Bass escape it is so fishing, sometimes it is won and others are lost in any way look at this whole nature well it’s well worth it being here, relaxing and throwing some samples anything goes I hope you have enjoyed the video and until the next


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