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Petting and feeding a friendly crocodile called Rambo

its filming now yeah i know so this…is Suse thats bloody rambo oh yeah…. Im a bit stressed right now this is actually Rambo chill out chill out thats good good rambo but Rambo is a morolets crocodile if we just lift up here then we can see this skin here thats a bit like a elephants ear and so when I put my hand in under here he warms up quicker can you stop that your not eating….well you are eating just not my hand just gonna move your hand a bit come on up do you want up up up up eejj rambo up up thats good huh bubba thats good bubba thats good so every time he turns you can feel him tensing about a second or two seconds before he turns which gives you a little head start to get your hand out of the way the more people the more stressed he is and the more likely he is to try to give me a little bight over the fingers up up up good huh buddy now just the last one up up up thats good Rambo yes bubba huh that wasn’t to bad huh buddy boy that wasn’t to bad was is buddy no it wasn’t buddy boy good now you have to go in again.. alll the way good that was rambo


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