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Picture Yourself in a Texas State Park Photo Contest – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[Natalie Davis with friend looking at I-phone]
Where’s that at? Inks Lake State Park. Cool! [Narration]
Making memories can also make you a winner if you enter the second annual Texas State
Parks Photo contest starting March 1st. [Eddie McKenna] Spring is coming. A lot of
things are beginning to bloom and it’s a great chance to blend the natural and the digital
and really make that connection between people and state parks. [Narration]
The contest is a way to promote Texas Parks and Wildlife’s outdoor activity of the month.
For March it’s photography. [Eddie] It’s not the only month that you can
enjoy that activity but what we find is a lot of people, especially people who haven’t
come before, they’ll ask that question, what is there to do in my Texas state parks? And
it’s a way to give special attention to things they can do. [Narration]
The more than 90 state parks that are participating, often compliment the activity with workshops
or special events. The contest has three categories. One for 18 and up, one for 18 and under and
a new category for all ages. [Eddie] You can take pictures on your phone
and enter them on Instagram using the hash tag #myparkpic. (GFX- photo contest) [Eddie] The winner will get a Go Pro which
is a mountable video camera. It’s got a $300 value donated by Whole Earth Provision Company
and they’re great! (Go-Pro footage) [Eddie] You can actually mount them to your
helmet, to your bicycle, to your shoulder. ((GFX — magazine with winning pictures)) [Eddie] And you can also win the chance to
have your photo featured in Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine. [Narration]
Last year produced three winners. [Eddie] If you’re already planning on taking
some pictures, you might as well do this contest and get your name out there, get your face
out there and you never know, you might win the prize. [Narration]
For Texas Parks and Wildlife, this is Karen Loke.

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