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Pike Fight 2017 – Final – Episode 6

For me Pike Fight means… means fishing for real. Can’t get more real. Fishing means so much for me… my father brought me fishing when
I was three years old. That was in Norrland where I’m born.
He took me and my brother. We went for roach and perch. That’s how it all started. For starters this was just a hobby. I don’t know if I would call it a life style,
it’s more than that. Fishing means security for me. Happiness. Creativity. And a go get mentality. All my life has been built around this since I was a kid. It is… an oasis where I build energy from the every day life. To be able to get trough tough times. It’s my all. It’s love. It’s hate too when it gets tough. An emotional rollercoaster. And it’s incredibly fun. Alright… It’s been a tough fight during five emotional episodes. The teams have fought all the way to the end… in battle of being crowned… Pike Fighters of the year. We’re still in Östhammar, and the
teams have finished half the day. The results tell of a tight match… where anything still can happen. We’ve arrived at the final, and episode six. Now we’ll settle… Pike Fight 2017. We caught ours quite early. And they might’ve stopped feeding now. Makes me wonder, why leave this place? Bigger fish here. It’s stupid to think we’ll catch fish where they’re not. There’s nothing speaking for that. We can invest our last two hours there. We’ve got tons of spots we haven’t fished here yet. Let’s finish this place in a couple of hours. According to this, if we catch a meter fish and a 90+… We’ll be all set. I know a spot… out by Tuskö… held tons of Herring, we better try that one. We’ve got time to try that too. I’d love to try that inlet down there too. What inlet? The pot… Alright, let’s take turns. Lets follow this edge all the way. Set the motor on auto and
grind spinner baits in the weed. I’ve had several meter fish up here like that. Our last spot will… dominate. Next spot will produce a few good fish.
And a few small ones. But the spot after will crush it. It’s a fact. And I mean it too. Can’t do much but race now. We’ve got an area we have confidence in. Let’s grind them up now. All morning has been transports. We’ve fished here less than an hour. Two good fish in about 30 minutes effective fishing. Small fish but… Had followers too so they’re here. Our plan is to fill the paper… and hopefully the 80+ fish will come… as we go. This afternoon will replicate our morning. The others have had a tough day, we’ve had a great one. We’ll do the same and hopefully get some luck. Please let us have a big fish now. Leaders in total, Söder Sportfiske… step away from their first plan and go for gut feeling. And now, we’ve only got five hours left… of Pike Fight 2017. The report chocked us, but it is what it is. We’ve seen it before, some days just don’t have it. Sun… and northbound wind in Östhammar. I think it will be hot in the afternoon. We’re just one bite from the lead. We’ve had a 94 and one decent bite. Look, here’s the vegetation. Should hit now! Had one now! Just a quick hit, might’ve been a zander. 2000% fish. One of my biggest strengths I’ve got… or that my boat have, that nobody else have. I’ve got litium batteries in my boat. And can go for… Five times longer with the electric
motor without running out of power. A day like this, when it’s slow. Our plan will be… Go with electric motor and smash spinner baits all day. Back and forth, back and forth on these spots. We know hold good fish. Seems like a decent tactic since we’ve caught nice fish. And it’s only possible if you’ve got… good enough batteries. And this boat got litium, so no problem here. There! Decent? Yes, nice one! Nice fish! Important! Not that big but it’s an improvement! Cast, cast, cast, cast…. Nice, 73 centimeters. A little way down the road. But I’m going for bigger. This is a decent fish. Over 70 or 80 centimeters. At least. I’ve put the Talon down and shut the motor off. Easy and calm now. Perfect competition fish. Loosen the drag. Perfect fish. I love the sight of a fish like that. Nice nice! Get him now. And now it came loose. I can still feel… the taste of the lunch we just had. Just when ABU Garcia tries to go ahead… Söder Sportfiske comes with a return ace immediately. Today no free chances to win are served. Storm who found their mojo just before lunch… have now started rolling and
are systematically fishing their new hot spot. Damn, missed one. There are some fish around. That was a small one too, saw the side of it. They’re so fast when they want to. Got a spider web right in my face. What was that? Spider web out here. Set out a line between these islands… and around the neck of a swan. So damn hard to get rid of. Sticky… And itchy. Just under my nose. Probably have the spider in my nose now. In that nose! Good one! Good One! No it isn’t? Yeah it is! Good one! Can it be a meter? No, but it’s thick. Finally an upgrade… in both Big Five and… a super fish a day like this. we’ve only started here.
If we catch five fish like this now… We’ll chock the others. Super nice, heavy fish for being so short. That one! Good choice! In this shallow water, just in the surface. Yes, quick now! Nice! Bigger fish. Saw that, nice Thomas! On the Spinner? So damn nice you switched. Good choice! Very good choice! Head over there. Keep the rod down, such a nice fish! It’s coming fast now. Get back and steer it in here. You’re the king Thomas! I’ve got a nice grip so I’ll hold it! You okay with that? Check it now. Ninety two! Not longer? So nice! Ninety two centimeters. Took a monster vipe! Actually a prototype. With a single blade. Colorado blade. 92 centimeter revenge for team Westin. And the pike seem to start feeding now. Four quick fish in the boats… and on top of that. Nice sizes. It’s nice that we… Had the report… We thought we were behind but that wasn’t the case. Now we’ll do it all to win today. Whatever you say… “I’m never upset or sad…”, but you still wanna win… It makes you worried. Feeling like you fished badly. But now when we can see that… the other teams are not immortal. I feel immortal. Right Snooki? We’ll win this now. Fish on! Nice fish! Net! I’ll turn it! Nice Tobbe! You’re smoking hot today! So damn important! It’s so damn nice to have some luck after being so unlucky two days in a row. This is an important fish. So important. Now we’ve got three nice fish. 85, 86 and 93. But we need two giants to be able to crush Söders. At this stage, we’ll end second in this competition.
And I wanna win. We’ve been fishing in… bays today. And now we’ll… fish the flat beds where we had… a few fish this morning. And Tobbe caught a 85:er. So this feels nice. On top of that the wind is coming now. And everyone who know pike know that… the wind is crucial for good results. So… things are looking bright now. What summer weather we’ve got now. Such midsummer weather. Damn it! Must’ve been a bream! Bream? Yeah must’ve been. I don’t believe you! I do… Think a pike just grabbed your tail. No! Ninety plus… Can’t be for real… That was a 90+ fish. Long fish. Cant be for real. Always outside this weed here. I’m going mad… Guaranteed the same fish you had… Same spot. On mine? Yeah you had a bite. Your bait
should’ve been somewhere here. Not a mark in my bait… He missed the bait. Cant be for real. Fish on! Classe good fish! Long one! I’m coming! Long one! But it’s almost loose! One jerk and it’s off… Come on! So nice buddy! Good that I’m a bit off today. Nice! This is the way you should do it, sleep brings bites. Sleeper pike. So nice to wake up to pike sounds. Snoken comes with that pike feeling. A fish from grinding. So bleak, it’s been in warming up in the sun. And some damage from spawning on its tail. Finally caught a 75:er. In this summer heat.
It’s so hot right now. But as soon as the wind hit… We think the last hours will be hot now. Hotter at least, easier to catch fish. Team Svartzonker fills their paper. They pick up the fight with the
other teams, and the hunt for centimeters. Team Westin can also feel the pressure,
and their efforts are finally paying off. Nice, a tad longer. I’m happy with all fish. Feels so much better right now,
especially with that 92 cm fish. Lets you know there are big fish around. And we’ve had three good fish now… in short time. And a few smaller fish too. Feels good now. If there’s one big there are more. And we’re going for those now. Another 90 fish would be so nice. Why not over 100 if we can wish for it. Such a small fish. Jumped after my bait. Saw him coming, so fast. I had already set my sight on something else,
but it doesn’t matter. Too small. Nice drift here now. Yeah super. I’m saying just a few casts and then the next stop! So we have time to fish. There too. I’d say we should go now. Spot switch for Westin. They’ve got a long transport
ahead and gotta leave now to… able to fish before days end. Just like always, they set course right at another team. God damn! So big! That pike was so big! Keep reeling, he can come back! Are you kidding, that was an enormous fish. Ten kilos! It was so big Henke. Just saw that giant tail coming. Saw a tail fin of a ten kilo fish coming up. Saw the bend on your rod too. Enormous fish… Just saw parts of the fish but… That was the sickest I’ve ever seen. For real. There! Good! It’s not the same fish! Come on an net it now buddy! Nice! Sorry man, I can see you’re all lost. That was, no joke, a ten kilo fish. Shut down the motor. I saw…
Super nice fish now Henke… I saw a head like this come and take my spinner bait. And it goes like this: And turns around down. Still nice we got a fish. I was like “Can you net this?” and you
“My pike, my pike, my pike!” I’m all thorn apart. That was a pizza showel netting. Thicker than long this one too. Might be over 70. It’s seventy… Seventy four. Well done buddy! Nicklas is somewhat upset right now. Yeah because this is food for
the pike that took my bait. We’ll have more chances, but not on a fish like that. 74 centimeters! Well done buddy! Wow, when I hit the strike I was thinking
“Did that fish really take my bait?” But it was probably ten meters off. You know what, there’s vegetation here. Look here, it’s a weed bed out here. It’s been clean bottom all over. And here it is, the weed bed. And it holds a ten kilo fish here, out to feed. And I’m… miss it. Like you say on Facebook. Hugs of strength. They’re not helping, not there nor here. Can you understand if we caught that fish… There he is, it’s on! Good one! Did you put it on? Well it’s decent at least. Well done Mathias!
It’s a long fish! It’s long and thin. RIP Roach, our fourth fish on the paper. And it’s even seventy… Seventy three. Finally our paper is filling up. Just came back to a spot that we’ve seen fish before. Look how nice this fish reflects the light. So damn beautiful. And as a bonus… it inhaled the Storm RIP Roach. A little bream imitation color. And size like a big roach. Vibrating and swims so damn beautiful. Let’s let this one go and take a couple more. Still incredibly tight… And if the two bottom team fill their paper now… the competition can go either way. No! There are more! No, again! He took it in the spin stop. And spit immediately. It’s dangerous to believe we’ll catch a
fifth even thou we’re getting bites. That’s why it hurts as long as… If we catch one now, a 68… No he came loose! Fish on now. Keep fishing Mathias. Three quick bites. Your voice broke there. Yeah I’m getting upset… There will be new chances soon. We’re in the hot spot now. And I just said “As long as you have contacts” Yeah and you asked for it. Yeah I Know! I wanna have a fish in the boat, a fish in the boat. Feeling hot right now, lots of contacts. Got our fourth fish not to long ago. One cast later we hooked our fifth and last… but we lost it. And we’ve… Lost both two and three after that too. Quite frustrated now. So close a full paper… The Knock’r Minnow has been outstanding. And there’s another one.
So big! Really? Now I better switch out the Knock’r. They’re coming like rockets. And when I lift the bait out of the water they flee. They’re not in for it. Maybe it’s the wrong bait after all. They stopped biting on this one. And it’s a lot more… interest in the RIP Roach. But the problem with RIP Roach is… they’re not fully striking that bait. There! No, lost it! Look in the surface! Yeah you see… Just missed another one. Better fish. Felt heavy. We’re in a shoal of pike now… We’ve had five contacts within ten minutes.
Two missed. Westins long transport has come to an end just
when Storm found the right spot in the bay. Damn it. Can’t be left alone, not even here. Really thought we’d be alone here,
and what do we see? Storm… That’s life, boats everywhere we fish. We’ve had our chances again.
Feels so damn… Now they’re here and… we gotta share the fish now. There’s not that much fish that is on the bite. Just now we don’t want to see… them starting to hook fish. But it will take them some time
to figure out where the fish are. They’ve started in the shallows. And that hasn’t really worked for us. A bit deeper… area over here with vegetation. If we hook something now we better be quiet. If we’ll catch something somewhere, it’s here. We will catch here. On the flat bed they’ll strike. The color of the water is perfect. Optimal. I actually had a bite just now. Just hit a bream out there. That’s nice! Good sign the bream is here. 17,5 degrees. Crazy. They’re in the middle of the weed out here. If we’re not catching anything in here it’s strange. Oh it’s a ninety plus fish. Did you see that? So nice fish! Easily over 90. Long fish. Crazy, can’t be for real. They’re around. So cautious bite. Unbelievable. Look at that pike, did you see that? Meter fish, can’t be for real. What a speed he had. Just a little nudge on the bait. Not possible. What is going on? Crazy. That was a thick fish. Let’s leave this now. Or stay. So indecisive, two contacts with better fish. Still wanna fish for that big one. So sick. That speed, with that thick back. Did you see that? That was that fish. What a strike. They’re here. That wasn’t a small fish. Exploded… That back it had, no small fish there. We gotta do the same drift again How can I miss that one. I’m almost about to cry. Interesting that it bit now.
We’ve been over it several times. And I switched to the 11cm Ticsaren. Immediately BOM! What a pike!
He got the whole bait? Can’t be real. Took it all. The whole bait? What is going on? What on earth is going on? For real? What do we do? Leave or stay here
and grind with the Squarepusher? You can say that was a good fish. Poor pike… Was it a good fish? Are you kidding me? No luck right now to say the least. This is so sick…
We’re… I don’t know what to say. Still heaps of fun. Stuff is going on. Super interesting. Such a disappointment. I feel empty now. Something is up right now. You can’t be this unlucky. We better just raise the bar. There! Fish on! Unfortunately small one. We’re drifting towards it but it’s small. Don’t know about this one. It’s sixty five? You think so? It’s short and fat. Well done buddy! I’ll keep fishing. Yeah I can promise you that. What a strike. Lots of stuff here now. Well done Snooki. Two centimeters. Skill will only take you half way. Sometimes you need some luck too. And luck is not abundant in
team Svartzonkerin right now. Söder Sportfiske have gone
through the bay they’re in right now. And are now covering the absolute last square meters. Henke, we gotta win Pike Fight now. Of course we do. It’s enough if one fish… Strike. Just what I said, “one strike is enough”. What happened there? You asked
if we’ll win and I said “no worries”. And right when I said “One bite is enough” the head came out of the water and took my bait. So damn sick. I’m glad I had the time to empty the bowel,
would’ve left marks in my underwear… It’s interesting… when you fish this intense like we do now. When I get to fish this intense in three days… I sometimes feel how I get better… at some moment in the fishing. And during my life as a fisherman… once I fished for three whole months straight. Fished pretty much every day and caught,
together with my friend, 871 pike. That was for a project at the university. It’s so fun because when you fish… intense and for a long time. You figure stuff out, and can feel stuff. That you otherwise never would. Might be small stuff like… when you should have the spin
stop to get the strike or… how you should retrieve the lure to… trigger the pike. Small differences… that you can implement in your back bone. But to be able to learn this you need to fish… intense and during long periods of time. I love this with competitions and I feel like… I learn tons during these days. And especially… Nice fish!
It’s a giant! Please get this one in the boat! It’s a giant! Lower the rod, don’t let him up in the surface! Pull him in there!
We’ve got him! Nice Tobbe! This is so nice! Nice Tobbe! Wonderful! This is so damn nice, what a fish! Cant’ fail now. What fin is the longest? The lower is longer right? If you… Stretch it out. It’s 106 centimeters now. You’ve got the length? It’s okay? What a fish!
106 centimeters. Now we’ll take one more, and pass Söder! What a dream pike. And in this though situation too! It’s not only securing their lead in todays competition… it takes ABU up to 488 centimeters in Big Five. As long as Söder Sportfiske
hits the Jackpot in the last hours… it’s enough with one big pike… for ABU to win it all. I believe they’re not on the super shallows. They seem to be on the edges. Where it gets deeper. What do you think Tobbe? I don’t know. I also believe they go a little bit deeper. But we’re casting over the deep now right? Yeah but that doesn’t matter right now. We’re… Well you never know, might be one shallow too. The king on the top. I’d say we should keep on like this. Yeah let’s go all the way with the same procedure.
Just grind on. Many pike fishermen, in my opinion,
they have too weak gear. My standard set up… Is a rod like this, 8 feet… 200 grams casting weight. Revo Toro S and 0,30 fire line. If I’d hook a nice fish like that 106… I can just pull it into the boat and catch it. On top of that, when a big one hits… That’s just holding the bait… N I can move the bait and set the hooks. If you want a great allround rod… I’d say 150-200 grams is perfect. If you fish diverse waters, from lakes to springs. It came loose. What a surge. What a surge. Wasn’t ready for it. To much instructions. That was a nice fish. Now we’re here. At our… Final spot. We’ll see…
We figured there would be some pike here… that haven’t seen spinner baits just yet. Big fish live in this area. We’re on the runway of Pike Fight 2017. The teams, have now chosen their spots… where they’ll invest their absolute last casts. Rules say, that you can fish all the way to the end. As long as you’re in port before 19:00. This means some teams
can fish on longer than others. Two teams who are far away, are
team Storm, and Westin. Our nerves are beaten now. We’re fishing back an forth in shear panic. We’re on four fish, needing a fifth. Missed many and just landed one
and felt euphoric over filling the paper. But it was too short. And on top of that team Westin… just showed up. Like thunder from clear skies. So now there are more fishermen
sharing the poor pike being around. But we’re not giving up. It’s life. Doesn’t matter. We’ll catch a few here anyway. Can’t fish for long thou. But they have no Jätte and Shallow Runner. Exactly! So we’ll take their fish. Yeah that’s the difference! Let’s switch spots. Nice Thomas! Yeah, seventy two. Just a little deeper here. This is a big one, really big! No it’s not, but it’s at least a good fish. Seventy? Increaser! Mike the Pike delivers. Just as usual! The color of the water here is
not at all what we hoped for. Not good for spinner. We’re doing a little switcharoo. Look, small follower.
No, not small at all! Looked so small at first. Thought it was a 30 centimeter fish
but then I saw the side… I saw him, he’s still there! Right there! Take it! There! Damn, felt like a nice fish! No, no, no. Cant be for real. I’ve missed seven fish now. If I miss another one, I’ll break my rod in half and run screaming up in the woods. Who said that? Mikko! What the heck… This is torture. 60 centimeters, that’s a pike this small: They don’t exist in Dalarna, they’re born like this: And we can’t even get one or two like that. You know that in any cast now, you can catch a pig. We’ve had northbound winds for a long time so they’re out there in the middle now. But I mean… All the nice action we had up there. Yesterday we had some action in the end of the day. I’m not talking about that, I mean
on the spot just over there. Oh what a pike swimming there. Did you see that? Wow, scared it with the engine. Wow, there it was, had it with me to the boat. Did you? Yeah look at the whirl. It was a big one! Cant be real. Don’t understand. Time is running out for the teams
trailing Söder Sportfiske. Right now they’re missing far to many
fish to be able to get back in the game. ABU Garcia who are doing more than great today… wouldn’t say no to some help from the others… to shorten their path to the throne. All this competition can be summed up with… our plan all days have been to… go for just one area. two tops. And we’ve kept that plan all the way. Whatever happens I’m very satisfied with our result. We’ve done our absolute best. Nice fish! Nice one! This might be the winning fish Håkan! Care the rod, I’ll pull it right into the net! Ready up now! Big one! Might be over a meter! Nice Tobbe! Didn’t I say we should stay here? I’ve got one too! Not as good as yours. What’s our smallest? This one.
85! This one is quite long. What do you believe Tobbe?
Look at it! Not over 85! Double strike! And this takes
ABU all the way up to 461 centimeters. Today… it’s time for Håkan och Tobbe to
wipe the other teams off the field. This Flex Shad is totally demolished. And this is number two today. And it’s totally crushed. I know that I said this earlier today but… this color is insane. Lets reload… take a new Flex. And god damn finish this. My plan…
We’ve got thirteen minutes left. My plan is to keep grinding until the clock hits thirty. And just… Go straight ahead and grind. I checked it up and we’ve gone about 17 nautical miles. If we average 34 knots… We’ll do it in half an hour. Dang it! Lost it! Damn! Nice? Yeah came to a full stop. Yeah better pants on. Where was it? Right over there somewhere. So hard strikes. Came to a full stop. Bam! Five minutes left. If you hook one at 29 past it’s a good fish right? Yeah we just need to be back at seven. Yeah but you also have to consider… So the ones who are close can fish to 6.45. Get your stuff together now Håkan. Yeah, last cast now. Fish on! Good one! My gosh, last damn cast! Nice, better hurry up now! To summarize, this year of
Pike Fight has been incredible. With a Mälaren pike on ten kilos… followed by so many nice fish in Furusund. And with an incredible finish here in Östhammar… We can announce that the winners of day three in Östhammar is… Team ABU! This means that Pike Fight 2017… Will be decided by Big Five. Winners of Pike Fight 2017… is… Tight against now? Eighty seven right Philip? Söder Sportfiske! Big congrats Söder Sporfiske to a well earned victory. This competitions most consistent team with
sound performances three days in a row. Well done! Let us take one last look at the
scoreboard and see the teams total points. With a crazy last day, and so close to winning this year. Second place… Team ABU Garcia! Only thing missing was a dream pike as the last catch… and the victory would’ve been yours. On a honorable third place,
after fishing on waters far from home… team Storm! Big thanks to all competitors
for a great Pike Fight season. And thanks to you all who’ve been following us… and thanks to our sponsors and collaborators. ‘Til next year,
Fight on! Can’t feel better.
So damn fun! This was thrilling all the way to the end. But we won! And it’s almost a grand slam! We were one point away from a grand slam. Our key to success… is our killer team. A super team work where no one cares who catch fish. And never giving up. We’ve done… Thousands of casts. Such a great team work, that’s why! And we’ve got a nice flow from day one and onwards. When you’re seeing this,
we’ve already recorded Perch Fight. Don’t miss it!


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