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PIKE FISHING: Small vs Medium vs Big Lures πŸ”₯🐊

good morning ladies and welcome back to another episode today we’re gonna put big lers versus medium loose versus smaller’s and see which one is the most effective this is up next as to the hostility here could see that’s a big fight yep big fight we’re so sorry guys this turned out to be more of a shadow base challenge but Holy Smoke [Music] [Applause] [Music] good morning ladies especially all you Pike ladies out there which is what we are looking for today and welcome to another episode hi everyone I’m Mila and today we brought our good friend Matthew Voss back along the Train yeah me and Mila we’re quite good when it comes to fishing and we don’t exaggerate now and if we combine the fishing skills of the two of us times two never have much in it yeah so we needed some backup today we’re out far out into all of our people I go yeah in pursuit of big pike and perch and Zander and Roach and freaking everything man we’re so excited to get going for this special challenge that we have going on today what are we going to do yeah we thought like we we need to do a shout-out said that always spices things up but we still want to face both pike and perch and pretty much anything so we decided to do a small please small alert here we have small and that one can be up to 10 centimeters versus medium something like 12 to 16 16 something and we have this big versus big Lewis like 20 centimeter plus and we’re gonna see already compared yeah we’re gonna catch all the pike on the smaller we’re gonna catch anything at all on the big water or it’s this one we’re gonna catch some huge perks yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if I caught the biggest Pike today on this small person or yeah we just don’t know what’s gonna happen we know that we’re on the good water we have whether I’m cleaning condition is perfect yeah yeah and if Martin says so it’s damn true that way conditions are really good yeah so now we really need to get going I’m gonna start with this medium we’re gonna start with this small and Martin is going for the big Pike Laura and as always in our challenges we’re gonna change every hour to take out the angular effect out of everything excess when you have the Mojo you have the Mojo and there’s not much to do about that and for example if Martin would use big baits for the whole day that would be unfair to the smaller and medium yeah exactly so yeah we’re basically doing this some marketing can show us which it will be the best exactly and what do you think half an hour or an hour I think one hour one hour sessions otherwise I’m gonna catch the two points on kilo perch with the two minutes to go yeah exactly okay so one hour timer starting now we’re gonna get going and in one hour we’re gonna save all right going like tough why son moving up to Bigler after this yeah yeah well it’s like the natural hierarchy yeah and I’m gonna go with the medium and we don’t have any like specific rules for this challenge except for that we’re going to consider everything yeah exactly we’ll take everything in concession I should the the one with the most like with the most fish it should be the small person or it should take all the small Pike right this one followed by that and Martin should take the and the big bait should take the the fewest amount about the biggest that’s like it let’s measure the top fish only to learn yeah and today is a special day also what day is it yeah birthday today yeah birthday number 25 yeah we don’t want you to get all nervous but he’s 25 and he’s a father of two soon to be three so don’t get don’t get on the soil yeah crazy okay I think I’m hoping for a big birthday Pike or purse today yeah we have everything raised up so I think it’s time to get this challenge going yeah boom let’s do let’s go all right so this place that we are fishing is pretty much a big shallow bay kind of closed system where are like we said in the archipelago the Baltic Sea on all an island so out here we’re like open sea deep water like no fish at all and then we’re come in here to a big nice shallow bay with the murky water slightly warmer I guess and this is where all the fish gather up during the cold water season like early spring late fall this is we’re gonna find the pike and perch in the archipelago at least here in Scandinavia but it probably applies to many other kinds of water systems as well using this net they’ll juvenile and it just looks smoking up in water okay I am the person to start with Bigler and i will start with a new bait from gunky 2020 it’s a gunky Kinsella and this one is 23 centimeter it will come in in many sizes but this is the biggest size for real a big fish it has that big fish movement according to me so I am super pumped to try this out let’s see all right Nestle me nearly on a gunky head let’s do this first cast so who catches the first fish like for sure every day of the week oh I think your mutton he’s gonna sneak out the pike before that I think oh I actually think that you Ponder’s will catch the first fish I think so yeah but I’m not sure about perks on this one what do you think my team is yeah of course for sure I mean we are in that core Capello and on the fall the big perch like to to take big loss especially in the indoor Capello go so I think you have a good chance to catch a really nice perch actually I have been catching big perch on pi clothes almost the same size and this as this one so I think you have a good chance to catch a real a big perch that’s nice that’s why yeah / – one kilo short hike over seven oh yeah should be nice like would notice Oh first fish on the council ah I saw it come from the from the from the left debate no it was quite bad take maybe three kilo Pike I guess so yeah first fish first strike so cool okay I think it was the same Pike probably three kilo maybe yeah after the regular let’s see now that’s pretty strange because I mean I see I think that’s the same Pike that hit my bait just a few minutes ago yeah first time he felt the hook so probably that’s the reason look at this guys we can see a big school of bream patrolling the shallow areas in there and they’re big Martina I think it’s your turn to I superglued the road now I also think that Martinez hope nowadays with a big there because if they’re hiking here they’re probably prime ttat’s if we catch a decent pike in there they should be fat it’s a shame we don’t know I would like yeah drop everything he has in his hands and grab a feeder rod yeah can of corn alright no fish landed the first hour Martin had a contact or two contacts to contacts yeah yeah but that’s quite cool actually because we saw this big school of bream so the fish are probably feeding dream and to only complex we have is on this big kind of bream color mean white-bellied so if the pie Kaffee being on bream that’s what they’re gonna take and now it’s time for me to head over to big I went I was talking to nurse and you medium-sized oh yeah cool it’s cool let’s get read up and my first nervous choice is gonna be this twenty centimeters short Chad put on the new treble on this one since we’re fishing a big fish places and I’ve felt the other troubles I was using we’re a little bit dull on this trailer on the stinger let’s put on the pair of you you know our caps at travel 13b alright first part comes up I could hike revels with these hooks I know that it’s not about if I lose fish now it’s not because of the hook at least my turn to start with smaller and I will actually fish with a with a shadow bait a good key boomer that’s really nice baits it has a trailer on it we’re going to be to web this is actually like a crankbait almost similar to crank bait that creates a lot of vibration it has a skirt you can fish it without a trailer but I will use a trailer almost like an upside down crack bait so while the weight will push the baits towards the bottom the spoon will push the bait upwards and create a lot of a vibration so this is really cool bait bike on the shatter Bay on the shuttle bay that’s a pretty nice pike first fish of the day is that boomer again yeah on the Boomer so on when we brought mocked into the boat I knew I was gonna see things I did not expect but using a shadow bait in freaking November with not even three degrees in water 2.60 something you and me never would do in a million years oh you see the hooks it yeah sure spike look at that okay Goom on a Boomer that’s bigger than all the pipe we called yesterday and we need to have marking the boat for one hour yeah beautiful let’s say you two quick measure because this is a top fish for small alert marking how long is 67 dip is one in the water in all that rain the whole morning I realize now you’re crazy man seventy one seventy one centimeter of for spoilers on the shadow baits let’s get it back [Music] they’re all low on a big plate oh okay quite a net the net on this is big pike it’s parked or something yeah it’s product that’s why spike no it’s not it’s it’s a nice pike want this yeah but it’s tough it’s all hooked holy smokes I thought about a new world record by Karen hook oh there it is oh look how fat it is spike though so this shark head came off in the net but it was hooked like here but I’m pretty sure Big Mike dude that’s a really big fish dude because the 10:30 count is super nice and Sankhya pipe when going into this green field base but oh that’s a big fish now 94 no 90 exactly all right so 90 cent meter we will count it in this challenge but not like in a fishing diary yeah not for your Instagram no we’re not taking any picture in this one super beautiful let’s put it back [Music] Challenge lon repeat there one more hour I’ve also been knowing but if this was the phone Charlotte because you get to change sometime some police want to kick some ass natella let the me near even the triple SG get on a success head spinning perch rod and then Michelle that makes nine real super nice combo let’s catch up big at first I’m gonna catch them on the shark chatting Jota Pike how hard was it fun – sir you have a point it has been fishing with the wrong colour all time yeah so one cast needed away the Sharks add hot pike small pike we’re not even gonna measure it 40 centimeters maybe that was the worst fight I’ve ever felt but nice to smell Park on your fingers at least and it smells like a big one oh no mrs. listed miss the small fish right away was unexpected oh I bet it was one of these that took your bait don’t you think uh I had no tooth marks at all and it actually felt like hurts I might have been but now that’s Pike number three damn big weights yeah yeah you got one nothing on medium that’s interesting we have yeah three on big zero or medium and one on small yeah so they really seem to like the big ones shark shark versus pike this also maybe 50 centimeter both Qantas and Martin have caught perch bigger than this entering a new place here looks really crazy maybe this is the place that will save us today we’ve been look going around trying different places not really finding the fish except on that first place so now we I mean this is like our last hope it’s out here we’re open see we made it with this freaking boats or well we haven’t made it yet no but I think this will hold fish I really think so you think now you see the water starts to get a little bit more murky now it’s not that clear it was outside yeah made this place be 1 meter and I think where I want one meter right now yeah no points fine it says we should stop fishing okay what’s the temp 4.5 I don’t think that this the fishing pressure is too big [Music] okay it’s changing time time for me to head over to medium-sized lair and I’m gonna use this one ineptly juvenile that I rigged on a on a mega bass while header shadow bait and I put a gator stinger small on the back here and this one is just crazy and look at this one in the water with Marty’s fish in mind look at this it’s like when I have this big trailer it doesn’t affect the movement that much it just adds some crazy vibrations holy moly this is sick okay let’s try the lowest bite I’ve ever had folks so finally a contact for me on the French creation fat boy swim lost it though and it was a small one but phone with a contact at least oh there again you see again again several every robbery I think Bremen I think it’s too big to be rod small one but still a pike oh I had grass on it and then just start reading up and then it took the bait what’s about to lift it above the water there we go on the medium small pike put the spike on this crazy burbot shadow bait why letter thing that’s so juvenile Oh missed one missed one no no no no I’m not kidding we found them like I said I was gonna wake them up with this crazy shadow baton it’s a juvenile thing and this is the first fish on medium sized air it is a lot of strike but this is the first one up look at that do you see that’s a big pike yep big pike I think that could be the one that took my bait no visual please don’t the Revenge of my penis okay I realize Conor yeah it’s like it’s a printed pike and the printer stopped working somewhere around the hair I think yeah I showed her belly muffin Bella for the camera oh really super strange like hatched yeah maybe her parents were also brother it brothers and sisters okay let’s release this one bye bye oh that’s crazy I mean don’t you think we should go straight towards that direction and see if if this yeah and then just five six Causton that one go so right now when I’m flipping and pitching this Russia worm rigged on the triple-s this real actually the rebel rocket comes very well in handy because this one takes takes in more than 1 meter of line for every time you real on the real so that’s what I like about this real it’s so fast drifting yeah especially not especially now when we’re drifting then it’s even better properly hooked yeah yes yes with the I can take it like this it’s no problem it’s not a big one yeah sorry the last went back to this big shallow bay juvenile on a mega best wine header ChatterBait and boom this take will see a little bit of revenge from the pike you Mike long the earlier exactly so nice I mean we’re on 0.3 meters 3 and 1/2 degrees in the water so at the fishes one we’re all a little bit up and yeah and I mean I mean Martin Martin here’s Marty’s bait coming up gun Silliman is a chunky big Pike lure and I’ve been just finishing that Russian worm now for a while but still on that medium sized bait here comes to help yeah she smoked his one you get a hold of it ok this one oh yeah you had that Gator stinger Oh perfect there you go and it’s sad to say but they’re by far smallest biggest Pike of the day yeah and it actually took also yeah that one’s still wet so and that’s like 74 73 23 yeah cool cool too much cold thank you Mike that might have been the last pike of the day I hope it wasn’t because now it feels really rude arts and looking this bake so cool this is the one me emelius when we did a fluorocarbon versus wire leaders challenge did you can watch off gear but it’s a mega bass white header shadow baits which you can put on any trader so we’re using this juvenile perfect medium-sized pike their little catch small fish big fish many fish you know this is a great all-round size this layer is one of many that we’re solving the canola gotta sweat shop you know at sea but they can also be found in a whole bunch of other shops around Europe I think we’ve got pretty much all of Europe covered actually we don’t have any shop in Finland so if you are a tackle shop owner in Finland or if you have a favorite fishing shop of yours you think you should be selling these lists send us an email to this address to Sara and she will take care of details and help please another one on the ChatterBait and like complete darkness but we’re so sorry guys this turned out to be more of a shadow base challenge but holy smokes we have right now three freakin degrees in the water we just see it on the hummingbirds the shadow brain which I thought was like a warm weather bait on anybody this right here is a big bream maybe one of the ones we saw earlier yeah exactly now there’s one less bring nothing nothing sticking out there in the mouth do we have the pliers should be right here it was a good idea that we went back here yeah for sure I mean wouldn’t it we knew the fish were here okay so measure quickly okay I’m gonna film somewhere around here yeah seven five biggest correctly hooked Pike of the day awesome and still I said it’s twice now but maybe this is what a special day maybe it wasn’t we’re gonna keep fishing and fight to catch one last one [Music] okay ladies gentlemen we had to call it today we lost after both and the challenge is over well results yeah we do so what’s the results we have for pike if we count pump on this foul hooked pike on big lures yeah we have a for pike on medium-sized lures or wild header with Nathalie van Dyle but we counted it as a medium-sized North but probably the biggest thing today is that we’re gonna catch one quote one on there yeah small game yeah under debate cuz usually you like you straightaway get the small pipe with with a small perch bait spots but it’s very interesting I mean we saw this big school of huge bream in this Bay this Pike we caught their dream in the belly that will really well fill up I don’t think they’re they have nothing for you know it makes no sense for them to expend energy to take a small baits yeah now before the winter you know they need to feed the need to fill up their bellies and the best way to do that is to take a big bass and also one big factory coach coach over me yeah of course the part yeah but this is the thing with this challenges they’re super interesting but that’s always the discussion can continue but today it seemed like it makes sense to have a big bass or gaff mediums medium big baits to attract this well-fed Alton pike yeah so thank you guys so much for watching the thing I’m looking forward to most right now is the sport fishing fire in Stockholm yeah it’s pretty cool yeah March 22 22nd I think we’re all gonna be here be there me and Mila will for sure are you gonna be there I think so yeah it’s like the biggest event over the year in the sport fishing Sweden so everyone’s gonna be there make up our true mom Freddie Shirley on all our friends it’s gonna be super cool yeah it’s in stuck on this year so it’s very easily easy to travel there our home waters actually it might be a good idea to combine like a fishing trip with going to the fire because Anna March that’s good time in Sweden for catching fish yeah more down south yeah so that’s really poor Stockholm yeah depending on the season but yeah I was it for today yeah thank you guys so much for watching lights out fine


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