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#Pipwheatley-How To Make A Basic Pancake Mix Recipe-Part 1-Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday

Hi there guys it’s Pip and today
we’re just going to do a very quick pancake mix and so at the moment you know
you might be watching this and it’s January. Maybe you’re in the January
blues and a pancake is just a very quick simple way to just lighten things up or for just
a bit of a light meal and just really ad a bit of fun to this day. So I’ve got a few things ready in order to do that. I’ve got my frying pan. I’ve got my oil I’ve got
my milk. I’ve got my flour as well which is all the way down here. I’ve got 100g of flour in here and I’ve got my spatulas as well and I’ve got a plate to put it on when I’ve finished. So I’ve just looked on the BBC Good Food (website) and actually they
recommend a lot more than what I have laid out. So they recommend 200g flour and 350 ml milk they also recommend two whisked eggs and I think they
make a super huge pancake or at least several but I’m just going to make one…it’s just me here today so I’ve used
plain flour. So I’ve weighed out 100g plain flour, 150ml milk (I add more later) I’ve jsut used skimmed UHT milk because it’s cheap and only I drink milk in my household so if I you know buy normal milk it goes off very quickly. I don’t drink it enough or I don’t want
to drink it that fast! Although I do like milk. So we’re just
going to pop the pan on now so we’ve just enough (oil) just to cover the bottom. Now
you may or may not find based on where you are that the fire alarm may go off. (Check your home!)
Where I am at currently at the moment the fire alarm is very sensitive so let’s hope that
doesn’t happen. I could keep it on a very low gas. Let’s just pop that on! There we go…that sounds more like it! Yes! Keep it safe. I’ll
keep it on very very low at the moment. As I said put in some vegetable oil already
I’ve got a bit more in case it needs that. You don’t you pancake sticking to
the pan…never a good thing! You can also use a range of oil. You can use that low fat Flora spray, you can use olive oil if you really want to. I don’t really tend to use that myself
and so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna get my fork and just put the flour straight in the milk. Now I’m not going to do this all in one go because what will happen is it will go really really lumpy. Now depending on whether you’re amking a sweet or savoury pancake you might want to add a bit of sugar to make it sweet. Me, I try not to just because I’m going to be putting banana and I’ve got some Lyle’s squeezy syrup here So I’m not going to be adding anything into it because that’s me. It will be too sweet! And I’m trying to avoid using sugar at the moment. You might have Stevia. I don’t know if you can put that in. I’ve never tried it (let me know if you do!) So the first lot’s just gone in there. Add just a tiny tiny bit more, So do remember all the time this pan is
heating up so do just keep an eye on it.
A little bit more there. Still got some left. Just use a fork. When you’re whisking as well just make sure you go around the
edges so that any flour does tend to stick and lumps doesn’t get stuck to the
side. There we are! So that’s all gone in now so
right now I am actually using diet scales by the way, just because that’s all I have
and they were absolutely fine. I use of the cakes and I use it for everything
actually. I don’t have a set of maybe normal scales and these diet scales
are from…so they just go up to 450 grams and you know what? They’re fine because if you
ever need to use more what you do is you do it in two lots you know your weigh out
half say, put that in the bottom then weigh out the other half and put that in the bowl.
It’s very easy to do yeah. So put this all in. Maybe a bit too much flour…
it’s looking more like a cake consistancy. It’s not what we want! Now if this
happens to you, what you can do is you can add more milk or you can add more
water by the way. Adding water makes a lighter pancake. I’ve never tried it but you could probably use cream as well for something a bit luxurious. Bit thick for my liking so just going to pop in a bit more milk…use the rest of the milk up. That goes in recycling. Always recycle, by the way. Always, always recycle where you can. Now the way that you test whether your
pan is hot enough is you literally get a little bit of the mixture just on a fork
and just drop it in. Yeah that’s fine! That’s coming up and starting to set
straight away so I’m just gonna pour this all in. Scrape around don’t forget…it’s
not gonna cook if it’s still in the jug. You can also use a spoon out if you’re
struggling whether it’s just a normal spoon that’s fine.
Use gravity’s to help you and you’re never gonna get it all out I’m afraid
so just do the best can. There we go!

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