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Pizza With & Without Oven || Pan Pizza -Kadai Pizza || Veg & Chicken Pizza || Ep:683

Hi. Namaskar. How are you? Hope all are doing good. Here all of us are fine. All of us are fine but Nandu is having fever and didnt go to school. I had promised you that I would show you pizza today. Thats the only reason that Ive come with a video today I am showing you in 3 ways. One with kadayi, then in an oven and in a pan. You can make whichever is convenient for you.I had shown homemade pizza sauce yesterday Its that tasty. Even what you buy may not be that tasty. So dont forget to check that video and try it out. All of you do try it out and send me your feedback. Now lets see how to make tasty pizzas. Lets begin to make pizza. For that we have to first make the dough. Take a big bowl and add 1/2 glass luke warm water. If the water is very hot, the yeast will die. So make sure to use luke warm water. Now add instant yeast to this. You get to buy these. It will be writter instant yeast. You can use dry yeast if you dont get this. Usually instant yeast need not be mixed in water. You can add them directly to the powder. But I prefer doing it in water first. So add it to luke warm water. Add 1tsp sugar to the water first If its dry yeast you have to add more. Dont use table spoon, use a teaspoon. I have added 2.5tsp of yeast. Now mix this well and keep it closed for 10mts. After 10mts this would bloom up. That means the yeast is good. Else it isnt good and the pizza will be bad Lets check this out after 10mts. Now see how it has bubbled and bloomed. Some make pizzas using maida and some use aata. The authentic recipe calls for maida. I have taken 2.5cups of maida which comes to 15tbsp maida By weight it comes to 375g. We can make around 3 pizzas out of this. If you want just 1pizza, then take 1-1.5 cups of flour. I am showing you 3 ways of making pizza, so I have taken this much of maida. If you are making little or just 1 taken just 1.5 cups of flour. Now add 1/2tsp salt and mix well. Now mix the maida slowly and little water at a time. If you add lots of water it might exceed. I shall tell you how much water I used at the end. Add little maida to the yeast mix. Now mix well and add little water. Repeat till the flour is over by adding water little by little. I had taken 1/2 glass water first and now around 3/4 glass. So totally one and a quarter glass of water If you are taking less flour then take little water at the beginning. Never pour lots of water in the beginning. Mix the dough till you get a soft dough. Now this is correct. Lets mix for 10mts. I have mixed it well. Now transfer the dough to your table top or board. Now sprinkle some flour and then knead the dough for 5mts. You might feel water is more. In that case add little more flour. Your measurements might vary from mine. If you add flour and mix well, then it wont stick to the bottom. Sprinkle just little flour and not more. Now I have kneded this dough for 5mts. Lets place it in a bowl. Cover it and keep it for 1.5hrs. If its winter or cold at your place, keep for more than 2hrs or till risen. Moreover if its summer, it might rise in an hour. It should double in size. If its cold then keep it in your oven where its lightly hot. I am going to sprinkle very little olive oil over the dough You can brush any oil over the dough except coconut oil. Its for the dough not to become dry. Later cover the dough with a wet cloth. Then place a heavy lid on top of the covered dish. Keep this aside for 1.5-2 hours as per it rises. Keep it in a warm place. After that we shall do the rest of the work. Our pizza dough has rised up so much in 1.5 hours. You can see the air bubbles at the bottom of the bowl. Let me divide this to 3 parts and leave it for 30mts Sprinkle some flour on the table top or board and mix the dough again. Divide according to the size of the pan If your pan is small then take little. Let me take my pan and come. I am using these 3 pans now. Accordingly shall take the dough for it. Spread very little oil on the pan. I am using olive oil here. Cover the dough you are not using at the moment. Otherwise it will become dry. Apply oil on whichever pan you are using. You can use steel or nonstick if you want. Now spread it with your hand or use a roller. Its easy to spread with your hands. I am spreading it with my fingers. Since I am using a kadayi, I am not making it thick. I am doing a thin crust now. If you want to make it thick you may do so. Make sure to spread it evenly. The thickness should be the same all over. The edges can be thicker Only then the pizza will look good. Now lets cover and keep this aside for 30mts. Now apply olive oil or any odorless oil on the pan. Spread it well. Make sure to spread the dough thin on the pan. Otherwise it will take a long time to get cooked It will be thick but the inside portion will not get cooked. Make sure to use a thick pan for this. If you are using a non stick pan also, make sure its a thick pan. Now spread the dough in this pan. Make sure to spread it evenly. You have to knead the dough first and leave it for 30mts. Then punch it and again leave it for 30mts. Now after rolling it leave it again for 30mts covered with a wet cloth. Now lets do the dough to bake in an oven Spread some olive oil and then spread the dough in it. This is a non stick pan. These were pans I had bought long back. Now you dont need such pans to make a pizza. I am spreading this thin. I like thin pizzas. You can have them crispy. Thats how I had them from Italy. Everywhere there its thin crust. Some like it thick. It depends on your taste. The measurement I am showing is to make 3 medium pizzas. I have used 2.5cups of flour for it. Keep this for 30mts covered in a wet cloth. By then lets make the rest of the things ready. If you are using a block cheese, then grate and keep it ready. If its grated then its ok. You can keep chicken ready if using. I had already marinated the chicken here. I am going to cook it by this time. I shall post the link below. Check it out. If its normal chicken, just cook it with salt, turmeri, chilli pdr, garam masala pdr etc and then cook it dry. Its upto you. You can follow chicken tikka recipe and substitute it with paneer too. Let me cook the tikka now. Take a kadayi for that. I am doing the first one as tikka This size kadayi will do. Our pizza is also small. Heat this on high flame. Close this and heat it well. We can then place the pizza in it and cook it. Let me close and heat it on high flame Pizzas should always be baked on high flame. I havent added any salt to this pan. Never pour water to bake Many had asked this doubt of adding water in the pan. It turns out to be steaming then. I dont add salt in the pan. If you want you can do it. I feel a different smell then. Now lets heat this. Lets make our pan pizza ready by then. Its become softer after 30mts. That is why we are keeping it again for 30mts. You can spread it nicely then. Its easy to spread at this stage. Now slowly release the pizza base from the pan. Lets first heat the pan for a while and cook it little. Never do this on high flame. I am heating it on 2/6 on my stove. If its on the gas, then place it on low fire. Lets cook the bottom part this way. Only then you will get the base cooked well. We shall do it this way and check after 5mts. Then we shall turn it over and cook. I have kept the oven to preheat on 220deg C. Lets preheat it for 10mts. By then do the rest. It becomes softer after rising again. Spread the sides make it evenly shaped and flattened. If its very thick, then se a fork and prick holes on the dough. This is so that it doesnt become a thick crust. If you want it thick, then dont prick holes. I forgot to mention that when making the dough, add some oregano to the water mix. That gives a good flavour to the dough. You can do it that way to get a good flavour. I have made the sides ready and pricked holes on both now. I am going to make this pizza in a kadayi. I am going to cook this first without spreading anything over it. After that we will be spreading the pizza sauce and the rest of the items. The pizza that we are going to make in an oven will be brushed with olive oil first. If you dont have olive oil then use any oil that doesnt have any smell. Now spread some pizza sauce over this. It depends on your like on how much sauce you want. This sauce can never be compared to the store bought ones. These are awesome in taste. You might have understood how easy it is to make the sauce in my last video. Now I am going to sprinkle cheese over this. Will be putting two layers of cheese here. I am using Mozarella cheese here. I have grated and kept it ready for use. I always buy the mozzarella cheese block and then grate it and use. You even get to buy grated cheese. Spread the cheese over the sauce. Kids love cheese. Here kids make me top it with extra cheese after I bake it and make me bake it again. Now lets add the vegetables needed. I am using different colours of capsicum here. First placing the yellow capsicum. You can place it anyhow you want. Now place the green . You can use any capsicum you have. I am using 3 colours because I have all 3 with me. You can remove the seeds of a tomato and add that too. Its all upto you. Now I am adding some frozen corn to this. I had put them in water. Now strain and add. You can add mushrooms or paneer as you like. Its all upto you. You get to buy olives also which are deseeded. Now sprinkle some oregano or you get to buy Italian herbs. You can add thyme, basil etc too. I am using just oregano here. Sprinkle some over these. This gives the pizza aroma. I am sprinkling some chilli flakes too. Its optional. You can adjust according to your kids taste. I just use pizza sauce and cheese for my kids here. Its called margarita pizza. It wont have any vegetables in it. Thats what my little son likes the best. But to have the beauty n taste of a pizza it should have some of these. Lastly sprinkling some more cheese Now sprinkle some olive oil over this. Our oven would be hot by now. Lets place the pizza in the oven and bake it for 10mts and then see. Its preheated on 220deg C. If its not done in 10mts, keep it for 5 more mts. It may vary according to each pan or base. Let me cook it for 10mts now and then shall see and cook more if needed. I have cooked a base on our pan on low flame. Now its like this. It shouldnt change in colour but get cooked Now turn it back and then add the sauce and toppings and cook it again. Place the cooked part on top. We will be adding the sauce on this side. Spread the sauce on it. You can add it as per your taste Spread as you like. Now sprinkle some cheese and then add chicken over it. I had made the chicken ready. Its chicken tikka pieces. I will be mentioning the recipe link below. Kids love chicken pizza. You can add onions if you like. Here they dont like it. Adding some capsicums and cheese over the chicken. Sprinkle some oregano and olive oil over the cheese. Now transfer this pizza over the pan Lets close and cook this now. Cook it on low flame. Never keep this on medium flame too. It will burn. Now lets close and cook this on low flame. Lets make the 3rd pizza now First bake this on high flame and then we shall top it with sauce and topping. I am baking thin in the kadayi for 5mts on high flame. Dont forget to place a ring inside. Never keep it directly on the pan. Lets bake this for 5mts now. Thats for the bottom part to become golden in colour. Our pizza baked in the oven is ready. It took me 15mts to bake at 220 deg C. Its crispy and golden in colour. Lets slice it when its hot. Use a pizza cutter to do this or a knife if you dont have one. Make sure to roll it front and back. Only then you can slice it properly. Transfer it to a board and then cut it. See how good it looks. This is the pizza we made in the oven. I shall take photos and come. Look at the back side of the pizza. Its nice and golden in colour. This looks awesome. Our base in the kadayi is cooked. Now lets top it with sauce and fillings. This is also done. Now lets cook this in the kadayi on high flame for 15mts and then check and see. The lid shouldnt touch the pizza. So always use a lid with height. Lets see if our pan pizza is ready. Its awesome. After 15mts, I placed some capsicum over it. I felt it wasnt good looking at all. Thats what happens when its Chicken tikka. Only when vegetables are there it looks pretty. This is now ready. Lets take it from the heat. Its crispy and the bottom is golden in colour. Lets transfer this to a plate. Our pan pizza is ready. I would always recommend kadayi pizza. I felt thats more easier. The oven and kadayi are the best. This is for those who dont have both Lets cut and see. This is the pan pizza. Its well cooked. As I said, its best to do in a kadayi or oven. When the kadayi pizza is ready, then all 3 are done. Let me take the kadayi pizza out. It took me 30mts to cook it in a kadayi. See how this also looks. Isnt is superb? So all our 3 pizzas are ready. I have cut them and taken photos too. The oven pizza is what I prefer the most. This is the pan pizza we made. And the 3rd one we made in a kadayi. If you make it the way I say, you can make awesome pizzas. I am having one of the pizzas. Its crunchy outside and soft inside. The masalas are perfect inside. The pizza sauce is superb. Thats the best taste in this pizza. You wont get this taste if you buy the store pizza sauce. All of you do try it out and let me know your feedback. Until we meet with my next recipe, thank you.


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