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Point Up Bleeding Surf Candy – Underwater Footage – McFly Angler Fly Tying Tutorial

The hook I am using today is a Gamakatsu SC15
in size 1 And the thread is Danvilles 210 flat waxed
in red Pull a half a pencil sized bit of Unique hair
in white Taper the ends a bit by pulling out some of
the tips. Now measure out how long you want the fiber,
generally I like them to be 3-4″ long. Then cut off one end square at the measurement. Now tie them in with the fibers facing forward. And separate the fibers a bit with your nail. Tie on a medium sized lead dumbbell eye on
top of the unique hair. Make sure you tie it in back a bit from the
hook eye. For more information on tying in dumbell eyes,
click the dumbbell link at the top of the video. Pull out a small amount of starburst dubbing,
and cut it in half. Then dub it onto your thread and tie it in
right behind the dumbbell eye. Now whip finish your fly. Be careful not to catch your fiber in the
whip finish like I just did. Use something to rough up the dubbing a bit. now start some monofilament tying thread right
in front of the eye. Prepare some light blue super hair in the
same way you did the unique hair. Unique hair could work here as well,
However I feel the stiffer fibers of the super hair for the top color are easier to work
with. Measure them out to about the same length
of the bottom fibers. Bring your thread all the way up to the hook
eye, then back a few wraps. Now push back the super hair and evenly separate
them on each side of the hook. Make a few wraps with your thread to keep
the fibers angled back. Now pull back the unique hair and tie them
in facing rearward, over the dumbbell eyes. You can now whip finish your fly. Now I will be using a UV resin called “Thin
Hard” made by Solarez. I like doing this in steps. I like adding the UV resin to the top part
of the fly It helps to spin the fly around a bit to evenly
distribute the resin around the fibers. You can also spread it around a bit with your
bodkin. Then just zap it with your UV light to harden
it, while pulling it to the shape you want. Add the resin to the bottom of the fly, but
this time make sure and cure it so its touching the blue fibers. Lets fill up the gap between the white and
blue fibers. I am now going to add another product by Solarez
called “thick hard” which will help to build up the body a bit on this fly. Squeeze on a fair amount, but not too much. Over time you will learn the right amount
to use. Use your bodkin to spread out the resin to
shape. Make sure not to have too much in the hook
bend, as it could impeed in hook set. Also I like to flatten out the top part where
the dumbbell eyes are, as it helps keep it laying well on the bottom. Spin it around for a while so it smooths out
the shape, then cure it to place. Now to finalize this fly, I like adding a
bit of “Bone Dry” also made by solarez. Liberally paint it on with the built in brush. This will cure really quickly, and leave a
shiny finish on the fly. This also cures without any tackiness, so
its not left with that gummy feel. We are curing lots of resin here, 3 layers
deep, so either cure this for a while with the light, or stick it in the sun for a few
minutes. And now the fly is finished. The fly sinks much quicker with the dumbbell
eyes. Its rather sleek so it cuts through the water
also and makes a nice quick jigging action. Being hook point up, means its much more weedless
than other surf candies. It will not snag on dabree as easily which
I have had happen on some beaches. It also swims nicely off the bottom as well. Thanks for watching! If you like this sorta thing, please subscribe! Leave your questions in the comment section. Also if you like the fly, please hit the thumb
up button, and if you don’t like it, tell me by hitting the thumb down button. As always, all the materials used today are
listed in the description section, with links to where you can get them. Thank you to all of you who have supported
me, and donate to keep the channel going. I will see you on the next video! Now you go catch some fish!


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