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Poke Bowl Recipe (Spicy Ahi Tuna)

I live in beautiful Hawaii. We love spending time outside whenever the weather is good. Some of our favorite things to do here are catching waves on a paddleboard swimming and snorkeling hiking and exploring in beautiful mountains and playing with our dog, Kai. After playing hard outside We get hungry and often eat poke bowls You can find poke at any grocery stores in Hawaii. There are many different kinds of poke You can get poke by itself or you can have it as a bowl which comes with rice You can also easily make it at home. So I’ll show you how to make a poke bowl at home today. The most important thing is finding fresh fish. You can find fresh tuna usually… at Japanese or Korean grocery stores. Your neighborhood grocery stores may also have it. But just make sure to get sashimi grade. And if you’re not sure, ask someone at the store. All right, let’s get started.


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