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Popper bad, Prawn Good Barramundi fishing Andysfishing Andy’s Fish Video EP.251

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fishing videos uploaded every week enjoy everyone I’ve just been fishing for a
bit with popper and the sun’s getting pretty high now and it’s just not
working for me again so I’m going to go back to my prawn plastic, it’s actually starting become my favorite lure at the moment say yeah I’m sure I get a few fish on
that you can get a looker on that on the popper and that was from almost dawn so
here we go the prawn oh yeah oh yeah I just let that lured
touch the surface he didn’t like that at all yes oh yes nice one Oh doesn’t that
my full shot in it not bad fish either doing. circles it’s gone yeah nice fish not really yet let’s pull the net out I
just took off again oh nice nice chrome looking Barramundi maybe guys he oughta fall not a bad fish
he is 63 centimeters beautiful cup a little mark time but these good fish you
go once again I’m looking around just
straight back into what he’s probably Oh three and a half kilos I’ll say maybe
almost four and what yeah mr. shark doesn’t get you okay he’s yes oh very nice oh Barramundi
he’s very jumpy hey nice little guy hey I’m just going
to lift this morning on it yeah okay it’s probably just under 50 there you go
48 centimeters just over 48 centimeters beautiful little fish nice little guy
and we’ll just whack it straight back in the water no mucking around off you go
see ya I’m suicide cast to be in it to win it
yes like oh we had it he had it and spat it out that was mr. barramundi a long
laying down in the war was a good spot right yes Barramundi I think it’s about
called it called the spot anymore and I think it is about all right yep
he’s a feisty little Barramundi oh cool is that much I left lift this one as well
it looks pretty good pretty well hooked there we go beautiful
needs a little bigger will be about 52 or so yeah 53 okay nice little fish so
you want that prawn lure doing the job today I never doubted it just I hear it’s
great fun to fish that lure Barramundi legal size say someone will probably eat you but hopefully with the tagging and
find it up where you go where you went and how much you grew looking at there
you go yeah oh yes oh yes oh nice fish out in the
ocean – ah yep oh no way he’s a good fish here and I think the gill rakers
that Barramundi okay not promised fell right out and he
is just over 61cm here we go Peggy never walk or throwing back
I think I mr. Barramundi I’m gonna crocodiles around and I think he’s really got yep
easy to be gay okay see ya thanks for watching if you want to see more of my
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